Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!

Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!
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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Storms All Around Us

Whatever happened to correctly predicting the weather? I could be a weather person for all the good they do for us nowadays! They are crying “wolf” way too often that we have become desensitized about many of their warnings.

We remember the times many years ago when a storm approaching was something to watch and enjoy but now the media has put this terrible fear factor in every one of them that it is hard to just sit back and watch it approach. In addition, for whoever has been in their rig during any storm, you know how much the sounds emphasize even a tiny storm to the extreme. Now you have a scenario that is no longer welcoming but instead fearing the worse, then it passes and we are only left with regret that we did not take the moment to enjoy it.

We stopped listening to the news long ago for this exact reason, they inundate you with all the bad in life, well dang it, for all the bad things that happened in a day there were just as many good things. However, the media chooses not to emphasize the good, instead embellish repeatedly all the bad things. So we feel that if it’s important enough we will hear about it soon enough through our blogs and Facebook.

We do need to watch the weather while we are traveling and in new areas, but the media has moved into this territory and is making it difficult for us to just hear the facts. Too many times recently the weather folks did not predict a flood or like correctly, so now it is as if they are predicting a catastrophe in every storm.

The storms that blew by us yesterday were strong at times, the rain was hard, the lightening was intense a few times and the thunder was loud but was it as terrible as the media once again made it out to be? Absolutely not.

There has to be some sort of solution that can be reached without all this drama added to the weather reports. We use The Weather Channel online to get all we need to know about the upcoming approaching storms which helps eliminate some of the local additions of drama. We made a mistake yesterday and tuned into a local station regarding the impending storm because we had been listening to the scuttlebutt around the park. They are going to continue to cry wolf way too often and people will just stop listening and we all know what will happen then.

We turned off the TV, left the rig to do what we had planned. It began to sprinkle but we made the short walk to have the best Fried Chicken Dinner we have had.

The chicken was juicy and tender, the white gravy over the mash potatoes had just enough spice to be very tasty, the biscuit was warm and soft.

Then went to the Bee Hive and played Bingo and even won a jackpot. As for the storm, well it continued to rain, thunder, lightning and even some wind but we all continued to have a good time even though the weather persons continued to warn us about this threatening storm that passed us by without any damages.


Janie and John said...

When you are in tornado areas a weather radio is a good investment. Instead of watching the TV coverage you can get the warnings. It is especially important at night. You do not want to be in your rig during a tornado. I do agree with all the drama on TV coverage, it is just a little much.

Wayne and Maureen said...

We do not watch the news either....its all about ratings and creating drama. I think the news has replaced soap operas..but, have fun out there! That chicken dinner looks great.

Judy and Emma said...

Wow! What a dinner. I know I couldn't eat it all. :)

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

I aree with you about all the sensationalism in the news today. I'm sure you used common sense and you had a great time that you would have missed if you believed everything you heard.

I wonder how much the hype is to prevent a lawsuit in today's society, the news outlets are play CYA.

Sherry said...

Am with you all the way on both the bingo and the news. Love the former, HATE the latter.which is all about ratings.

Wonder if the fear mongering, which is what it all seems to be to me, is because we all flock to horror movies? Or do we just behave better if we are afraid?

I remember when I was in the Earthquake out in LA and my mother was nearly hysterical by the time I called her because of all the totally untrue hipe on the news.

You've got a good attitude....enjoy your good times including bingo and skip the news. If you're like me, you always seem to know anything important somehow anyway.


Terria Fleming said...

I am in total agreement, I never listen to the so-called "news" either. It's all about fear/drama/ratings, just as you say.
I like a good storm myself. We used to have wonderful thunder and lightning storms in the Blue Mountains of NE Oregon where I grew up. I miss them.


Rick and Paulette said...

I prefer to get weather news off Wunderground on the Internet as it seems pretty reliable. While TV was forecasting huge wind storms last night, Wunderground was forecasting light to moderate winds and they were correct. TV weather news is useless, we're all better off just looking out the window to see what's going on.