Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!

Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!
Traveling...Resting...Relaxing...Working...On Our Way Somewhere...Where We Land Nobody Knows...

Thursday, September 21, 2017

BOA Begins…

Well it has been an eventful few weeks, it is always the longest drive for us from Cedar Hill to our first event and this year we had to keep an eye out for Irma so we stretched our route to navigate around her instead of right into her or her aftermath.

We left Amarillo and headed for Cedar Hill to get the truck and the trailer and drop off Maggie for a few months. We finally got the go ahead at the meeting on Saturday that we could leave on Sunday so we could get ahead of Irma, which is exactly what we did.

We got a little road weary but we drove 1400 miles in just 4 days, we drove 200 one day, 500 the next, then 200 the next, then 500 the last so we could get out of her way and we made it Canton, Ohio and worked our first event at the Hall of Fame.

We had a few nice hotel stays along our route…

Our first stay was at the Horseshoe Casino Hotel in Bossier City, Louisiana, not our first time here but will probably be our last. Check in was a breeze but the entire place just somehow seems outdated but we had a few hours of playtime.

We stopped at Buc-ee’s (our first time), we had seen advertisement for many years but never stopped but we wanted some good jerky for our driving days ahead and we were not disappointed. Amazing how huge the store is and they have EVERYTHING!

We have had some great food already...

A Red Lobster stop in Canton, Ohio, the Scallops were so succulent with a scrumptious wood burnt taste to them and the Lobster Mash Potatoes was like nothing we had ever had before but want again and again.

We ordered in while we were in Canton, Ohio and the salad was cold, refreshing and the best tasting salad, Jerry loved the Woogie, me not so much, sort of like a Calzone but for me it was not that great.

Now that the long driving days are over for a few weeks, we can now settle down and do some vacationing during our down times since our work day is over 18 hours but that is only one day a week and the rest is short travel days.

We took a few days after our first show to relax in Huron, Ohio. Our hotel was on the channel and the view was great. 

We ate next door at the Harbor House and the food was spectacular. Since we were not driving we chose to have a La Casa Sangria which definitely hit the spot. Just a nice fruity taste.

Something we have noticed a lot once we made it back east was Mac & Cheese Bites so we had to try them and they were soooooo good, these were made with Gouda...the comfort of Mac & Cheese with a slight crunch from the coating was amazing. 

Jerry did his best and actually finished all of his Monster Mac and it was loaded with 4 burger patties, American, Pepper Jack, Cheddar, and Swiss Cheeses with Bacon, Ham, Mushroom, Lettuce, Tomato and topped off with an Onion Ring...he was a happy camper...

I had the Bang Bang Shrimp Basket...Corona beer battered shrimp tossed in a sweet and spicy sauce which was so tasty, not too spicy but it did have a light creamy bite to it. The Rosemary French Fries were so delightful, crunchy on the outside and the good taste of potatoes on the inside.

We tried staying here last year but they closed for the season so we were disappointed, but this year they are going to see if they can stay open all season, they asked us to come visit them in December, we both agreed NOT! We do not want to be anywhere near the Great Lakes in December, November is rough enough in Indianapolis, last year we missed the snow only by one week, hopefully we are as lucky this year as well.

Monday, July 17, 2017

What the HELL is Wrong with People?

There are many more for instances we could give you but this one is the most recent of how ridiculous people are becoming…

We have been working at a RV Park, me in the office and Jerry now just supposed to be escorting campers to their sites. This park is not a destination park, more of an overnight park which means we turn over a hundred of sites a night and we work the BUSY weekends and that part we love. We are happier busy than sitting around doing nothing.

This particular day within a few moments of starting our shift, a phone call came in from one of our sites that there was a sewer smell at their site. We get those all the time because dumping is a foul smell, no matter how it’s done and newbies don’t get that yet. So, I sent Jerry to investigate and what happened was their neighbor who was leaving had for some ungodly reason pulled out a 3” wide, by 3’ PVC pipe out of the ground that was clearly marked with red paint as a water shut off and then proceeded to stick their sewer hose into the ground and open their valve…yep, you read that right…they definitely had to tug at this pipe to get it out of the ground which by the way is located several feet away from the capped sewer drain and other utilities.

The photo is the proper set up on the site they were on, for most people it is obvious, would you use the red capped for your sewer?

Jerry immediately called me to shut down that site and he went to get the appropriate tools to fix the smelly issue. He rinsed, he poured Lyme on it, he covered it with dirt but according to the neighbor, nothing was ever enough. They each came over ranting about brain tumors and the smell permeating into their cupboards but were not going to move. They even wanted us to call the authorities since she said she was getting sicker by the minute. We think they seen a way to make some easy money so they called the authorities. When he showed up and seen what a little mess it was and that it was being tended too he firmly expressed to them that they absolutely went way too far for nothing.

They stayed a few more nights and continued taking photos of the ground and us driving around on the golf carts and continued to grab anybody they could that was walking by to have them smell the area and tell their story. They continued to share with us that they had never been to a place where people dumped on the ground and we agreed but they continued to blame us for the idiots that left the mess.

We were so happy to finally see them go but it was another hilarious sight to see when the man went to dump his sewer that he put on long rubber gloves that went clear up to his arm pits and a hazmat mask…funniest thing we seen. But when he was finished he took the mask off with the gloves still on and threw the mask and gloves into one of his bins where he stored his water hose.

Not sure what this world is coming to when people just do not take responsibility for their errors and when it seems that every event warrants a lawsuit. Just the life of a full time traveler I guess…keeps it exciting and give me loads of writing material.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Maggie Had Major Surgery

Maggie had to have her lung replaced, aka air conditioner unit and because she is so old, they had to give her an entirely updated complete unit. Yes, our bank account took a huge hit but we have been in worse predicaments and we will once again work through this one.

For the past few months, the unit had been having a difficult time coming on but then would work fine and since we really didn’t have the funds we just lived with it. Then the past few weeks, it didn’t seem to be cooling as well as it had been for the past 13 years and then the unit just died during 100+ temperatures we have been having here in Amarillo. As bad as that sounds, at least we could hang out in the clubhouse. We are also grateful that the temperatures at night are usually in the 60’s so we only hung out in the clubhouse until about midnight then with windows open we were able to come home and sleep. But then back to the clubhouse around 10am since Maggie began getting hot again.

For a temporary fix, we bought one of those portable units which was totally useless. Hopefully we can return this unit and get a total refund. It was keeping it at 92/94 and would not get any cooler which made it unbearable for us. Then due to the humidity we were dumping the water every hour…ugh!

Waiting for repairs on Maggie felt as if we were in the hospital waiting room, waiting for a loved one to have surgery and in a way, that is true. She is our loved one and it was absolutely saving not only her life, but ours too! Now we can plan to have a cool...cool...summer!

Friday, June 16, 2017

I Was Thinking…

Scary words for Jerry to hear from me, but he has learned to pay attention when I say them since they usually mean I have an idea that we will be pursuing and doing it without a net or cushion. Those are the words that brought us out here, those are also the words that have also got us into some tough situations, but they are also the words that have brought us some very memorable adventures.

We are grateful we found a place to hang out and make some money here in Amarillo, but at the same time I am already looking for an escape and we have about 10 weeks to go. We love working independently, but working at most RV Parks that is not the case. It’s usually dozens of personalities all thrashed into an environment that eventually gets to a boiling point and people begin to implode. We just do not do the drama but at the same time, we know the best choice for us at this point is to stay put and suck it up and that is probably what will happen but that is not always what goes on in my head. What constantly goes on in there is traveling and working together, just the two of us. We do it so well that when others are brought into the mix, though we can play nice with others, it seems others can’t play nice with us.

We just want to find that perfect work for us where we can travel and make a good income. Why is that so hard to find? We have been searching for the same thing for all these years, and we see others doing it but for us it just seems to get further from our reach.

As much as we thought we were not making enough money doing the Lieutenant Blender thing we liked it a lot better than staying in one area for months at a time. But we also know that we must get a vehicle for Maggie to tow so we do not have to drive her to work every day. It will also give us more freedom for other types of jobs so we are in the process of finding a tow vehicle, decision made.

We have also decided that we will not give up on our dream, as much as it hurts us every time we go after that elusive dream of ours of finding the right work to keep us traveling, we will not give up. We can’t since that is all we have at moments like these to keep us going, to keep us alive, to keep us believing in our lives, we will not give up.

We are so grateful that our health issues are behind us and now we are just as hopeful that our financial issues will also work themselves out so we will once again be able to get back on the road and travel. We are still a few years away from retirement age to where will have a steady monthly income so we continue to look for traveling jobs to keep us afloat until then. We believe we can do this, no matter how many times life knocks us down, we are certain we will always pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and get back in the race…That’s Life!

Friday, June 09, 2017

Why has it been so long since our last real update on our lives?

Mostly because we had high hopes for 2017 and thus far it has been the roughest year yet for us. We continued to do our reviews of the places we have stayed and things we have done but as far as our lives, we wrote articles but just couldn’t find a positive way to say the things that were happening to us and we just wouldn’t do it negatively but that has taken a toll on me since I miss writing…

Our dreams were ripped out from under us several times already without any sort of warning. We have felt like there would be no way to come out from under some of our adventures, so we thought we would just sink deep into our hole of despair and just not share with our friends and readers.

2017 has been filled with one hardship after another and it has taken quite a toll on us. We had some great jobs lined up and then either breakdowns of Maggie or Jerry and I having some terribly scary health issues that made it impossible for us to do the things we love. We traveled thousands of miles to a job, only to get a very discriminatory unwelcoming…we have had jobs contact us and make us offers that were outstanding and then as quickly as they came the contact ceased…there have been so many issues that we felt we just would not be able to get through but we have and we are now attempting to get back on the right track because these past 6 months have been excruciatingly painful for us and we just want to get back to living our lives the best we know how.

It started the end of January when we wrote this blog but never shared it –

Our Outstanding News

Most of you who know us know that we are great people who just do not get the big breaks happening in our lives…we get little pieces but never the whole pie…well that is all about to change.

We still must work since we are still not old enough to retire and we always look for not only exciting and fun work but that allows us to travel and then of course that pays well. So far that has all been difficult to find, at least until now.

In the past 13 years, we have found bits and pieces but never the entire fulfillment of our needs all in one package. We have worked for several companies that we love but they just don’t have enough work for us to travel with them full time. Jobs that have been a blast but either keeps us in one location or the pay is awful.

But, we have continued to believe that maybe, just maybe there is that perfect company that could give us all of that and more and finally we found them, or I could say they found us.

We will be full time employees with full benefits and a weekly paycheck that is PHENOMENAL. There will be times when we store Maggie and stay in hotels and others we will be staying in Maggie and driving either a rental car or our own car to and from the locations, depending on their locations.

All of this happened in an instant and without any stress, it just came into our lives, it is what it is and it is what we have always wanted. We will be working only 4 days per week with a week off every 4 to 6 weeks in a fun environment in different locations and each making an outstanding paycheck. We will no longer be stressing over our finances, we will be able to get Maggie either fixed or exchanged whichever we choose because we will have the funds to do this.

Then the first of March we wrote this one - WTF… (We all know what this means)

Not sure why our dreams always end up closer to a nightmare but this crap continues and it gets harder every time to pull ourselves up and out of this frame of mind. The terrible feelings of lack…

This lifestyle is NOT for the weak!

We thought by now we would be sharing the greatest news of our lives but once again we were just shown a glimpse and then it was ripped from us just as quickly. The huge difference this time was we were not the pursuers, they pursued us and we interviewed, then we talked, we negotiated we worked out some of the kinks and then all we were waiting on was the official final paperwork…then all the sudden out of nowhere…NOTHING. Finally, after weeks of trying to get some answers, we were informed that there was some sort of major delay within the company that will put our hiring on hold and they would have to withdraw their outstanding offer. ARE YOU KIDDING? Nope, that was for real…story of our lives…so close, yet so far away. This is the closest that we have ever got to our dream lifestyle and it has taken a hard toll on our belief systems and our attitudes.

Yes, we know that we have so much to be grateful for and we are, that is what keeps our heads above the total breaking point but at the same time we wonder…

We wonder why even now being almost 60 that life chooses to send us lessons to be learned. Why can’t we just have a wonderful life without all the struggles and life lessons? We see others doing it all the time, well maybe, since we do not see their lives behind closed doors as we see our own lives playing out. Even so, our lives could be a whole lot easier if money would continue to flow instead of always being the reason we do or do not have or do things. That offer would have solved all those issues.

We’re just tired, disappointed, and as usual we know that we will come out of this funk. We also know that at any moment the phone could ring again and it be an even better opportunity that will go through but as we said, that faith is getting harder as each year passes and we are not truly living the life we always thought we would be by now…

It’s a new day and new possibilities for us and we will do our best to hold onto the positive thoughts so that we do not dive into that dark hole of despair as we have so many times in our lives before.

This year just has not been kind but we are working hard at getting through the funk, but we have lost out on so many opportunities that we may never get a chance to have again. What ever happened to the old saying, when one door closes another one opens or something better will come along…so far that is such a huge stretch from how our lives are going and gets harder for us to believe but we know that without hopes and dreams our lives are just too hard, so we will hold on once again and reach deep inside to maintain the hope and believe that our dreams will come.

For now, we have landed in Amarillo for a few months until we once again begin the PepWear work in September and all we can hope for is that our lives take that well needed and well-deserved switch to the good times once again, so far, we are barely holding on but we will...

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

4341 Canyon E-Way
Amarillo, TX 79110


Not only is there a museum at this location, but they have all you need for your RV, much better than Camping World. They have loads of parts, essentials, gadgets and so much more. They do service on your RV, not sure if they are good or not and we hope at this time we do not find out.

But the museum is cool too, not just older RV's, trailers, and campers but also some nostalgic items everywhere you look...

 Definitely worth the stop, especially if you need to pick up any supplies while in the Amarillo area, they have it all!

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

7701 Interstate 40 Access Road
Amarillo, TX 79118

While we are working at Amarillo Ranch RV Park we will be receiving a free meal every month at the Big Texan Steak Ranch so this was our first meal and our first time at the steak house. They offer a free limo ride there and we took advantage...

The atmosphere is so cool, especially if someone's trying the 72 ounce challenge, which at this visit there were two who failed...

We both started with Margarita's which were so yummy and Fried Mushrooms that had a wonderfully tasting coating.

I had the Chicken Fried Steak with salad and mashed potatoes...the steak had a delightful taste to it and was so tender, the gravy was a little blah but was a good meal...

Jerry had the Prime Rib with a loaded baked potato and cowboy beans...the prime rib was succulent, tender and flavorful, the beans were cooked to perfection with chunks of meat and tender beans that just sort of melted in your mouth...

As you can see, we cleaned our plates...

Before we got our limo ride back we stopped at the gift shop and found some interesting items...

How you like my cowboy? Before we began traveling full time, he very often wore cowboy hats, tight jeans and cowboy boots, looks like he may be looking at doing it again...hmmmm, I could live with that!

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Bar J Hitchin’ Post RV
50 Hopkins Road
Sweetwater, TX 79556

We paid $36.00 for a water, electric, sewer site on gravel that was fairly level.

The lady in the office was accommodating and friendly and the office had a western look to it but this was part of our nightmare adventure so we did not venture out to check it out and didn’t even take a photo.

It seemed like a decent place to stop for the night and if we are ever in the area again, we would stay here.

Monday, May 01, 2017

13550 Donop Road
Elmendorf, TX 78112
4/26, 4/29-4/30/2017

We paid $26.00 using our Passport America 50% discount membership for a water, electric, sewer, fairy level site on a concrete slab. They offer free cable and WiFi but ours worked just fine.

Good service from the front desk and our escort was very helpful.

We did laundry but they were about to upgrade the laundry area in just a few days so they will have brand new machines.

We hadn’t planned to stay here twice in such a short time but after the nightmare we encountered on Port Aransas we chose to return to a place we felt comfortable at so we chose this park. We didn’t do too much exploring due to our moods but it looks like a nice place to hang out for a night or longer.

If we are ever in the area again we would stay here and we would recommend it to others.

Friday, April 28, 2017

1717 Waldron Road
Corpus Christi, TX 78418

We paid $40.50 using our Good Sam 10% discount membership for a water, electric, sewer site on a concrete slab with a picnic table, and offered free cable and WiFi. Our Verizon worked good so we did not use their WiFi.

The folks in the office were polite and friendly.

It was a rough time in our travels so we didn’t do much venturing out to check out the park but it was NOT what we had expected. The sites were crammed next to each other and many people walking through your site or driving through the empty sites because of the layout of the park, it was exceptionally small.

If we are ever in the area again, we will check out another park to stay.