Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!

Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!
We are extensively traveling around...working and having a blast...Life is Grand!

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

240 N Riggles Avenue
Quartzsite, AZ 85346
March 2019

All the crowds were gone and we were just passing through and since we love trying new places, and always looking for a bargain we chose this place for an overnight during non-peak time. With our Passport America 50% membership discount we paid $14 for a water, 30/50 amp electric, sewer hookup on a not totally level, long and wide gravel site.

Everything was in pristine condition and we would highly recommend this place, but there are only 27 sites, so during peak times you will need a reservation.

Learning something new everyday, today I learned…

Monday, March 18, 2019

Our Negative Work Experience

We worked for Tiffany & Tim Mathison who are the on-site managers at Las Casitas Mobile Home Park in Casa Grande, Arizona. Discover Properties LLC are the property management company and the owner Stuart is somewhere in California, we never dealt with neither of them, only the on-site managers.

We accepted the offer to work for a mobile home park that is in major renovation. Jerry was supposed to be doing piece work in renovating the mobile homes, while I was supposed to work in the office with some other projects, but things did not work out. The managers are newbies to this lifestyle and need to take some classes to get better skills in managing so, unfortunately, we were only there a few weeks when we left for several reasons…

There was disorganization in every aspect of the job, nothing was ever completed on time due to lack of leadership. Management was unprofessional regarding the “Peyton Place” atmosphere. If you were not in the office, they were gossiping about you, but when you walked in, conversation would cease, and they would be all smiles and phony, very back stabbing attitudes. The language that spewed from their mouths constantly was improper in the office environment. Taking all business calls over the speaker for all to hear, including calls with their attorney about current litigations, calls with tenants having difficulty paying or complaining about the shoddy work that they did on their trailers, and/or never completed. During several conversations it was brought to our attention by the manager that anyone who lived there was “trailer trash” and then she referred to us as “white trash” …we took offense. We are full time travelers that do it in an older rig, but to say those words directly to us casually in conversation and think it’s okay is beyond our comprehension.

She never took the time to begin to train me, several times I was told a time to come in and I would show, and she would forget or have some other excuse to not be in the office. She had someone working in the office who the boss told her to fire, but she never did so she continued to have her work because as she said, she just didn’t have the time to train me. It was annoying showing up just to sit and listen to the gossip, I charged her for all those hours, and she didn’t want to pay me, but if you tell me a time and I show and you don’t give me any work, that’s on you.

Jerry’s was constantly redoing their errors, given incorrect paint colors several times insisting it was the right color, only to have to repaint again and again. Being pulled from his piece work due to tenants move in deadlines not being ready and him having to jump in and help. It was annoying but we wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt since they were newbies.

Our site was a dump, broken glass everywhere and not at all level, beyond anything we have ever seen. A huge hole dug up next to the water and sewer connections that we had to fix ourselves before we could have any water or sewer. None of that time was ever paid to us.

The final straw was when our payday passed without a check and excuses and finger pointing in every direction but their own. We got bad vibes because we witnessed several conversations about declined company charge cards and the boss telling them they were way over budget. We went through hell pushing to get our check and we felt that it would only get worse and we are not willing to work for free. Once we finally got our check, we went to the bank and cashed it with some hesitation from the bank, but once we finally had cash in hand, we let them know we were leaving and left.

There were hours Jerry worked that were not included in our last paycheck, so I sent her an email, and this was the response.

Wow, how petty, especially knowing he did this work! No wonder why they can’t hold onto any help and that they are getting sued by several people. The good thing we now know is we did do the right thing by leaving and what goes around will come around and they will get theirs from their own karma. We are good with us and how we handled it, they, well not so much.

It’s all about accepting the outcome of the choices you make, we choose to see the light.

Learning something new everyday, today I learned…