Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!

Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!
We are extensively traveling around...working and having a blast...Life is Grand!

Sunday, September 30, 2018

BOA Continues…

Monday’s after the events our vacation begins for the week and usually after a few errands we try to find fun things to do. Our drive was cloudy and rainy but was only 215 miles to the water, Lake Erie to be exact where we spent 3 days relaxing and checking out the area.

We are once again staying at the Quality Inn right on Lake Erie with a fantastic view...

This time we were upgraded to the King bed right on the lake with a Jacuzzi...

 and living room area...now we're talking.

Our first day we went to dinner on Lake Erie at Dock’s BeachHouse Restaurant, 252 W Lakeshore Drive in Port Clinton, Ohio. 

We both had the Perch Basket and Fried Mushrooms and it was delicious. Perch here in the east is how I like, not like out west where they serve sunfish and call it perch, which is a huge difference. 

We also had a Raspberry Lemonade Sangria which was yummy too!

On our second day, we were going to explore the area but the rain was continuous so we just hung out and enjoyed our view. We are getting our Perch fix by eating more today but this time we got our perch at Jolly Roger Seafood House in Port Clinton, Ohio. Located right next to our hotel. Everything they serve tastes so fresh, as if they just caught it, cut it and served it.

After a night of some severe storms around the area, nothing near us but they kept interrupting the TV station to give us updates on the tornadoes which was nerve wracking. We awoke to a beautiful morning with no rain, just chilly but we took advantage and went exploring. The winds were high and the waves have been crashing all day which is a wonderful sound for me and it made the drive around Lake Erie breathtaking.

We stopped at Marblehead Lighthouse during our drive. Absolutely LOVE Lighthouses!


We are still on the hunt for my Faygo Rock & Rye but so far no luck, but we are finding some special bottles of wines, more on those tastes much later.

On Friday we dropped off the trailer at the event and ran some errands. We stopped for lunch at Applebee’s and since it was right next door we had cocktails and it was delightful.

Our second event was not as successful as the first, we didn’t quite make our goal, but we made it through without too much pain. Now we head to Alabama, but we have a few fun things planned for us before we get there.

Why don’t they make “Do Not Disturb” signs that stay on the frigging doorknobs?

We never have any housekeeping come in our rooms so our sign is always on the knob and it never fails, on Sunday especially, when we are in pain and recuperating and anytime we go in and out the door the sign falls off and it is not pretty when either one of us have to pick it up…ugh!

Now that all our errands are done today, the rest of our day will be spent in bed watching NASCAR and napping.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

BOA 2018 Adventures Begins...

This year because we had an extra week between the annual meeting and before we began our travels we helped build our store. We finished and were loaded and on our journey around 4 pm on Friday, so we chose just to get out of the Dallas area. We drove only 37 miles and stopped at Best Western in Forney, Texas. We took the time to get totally organized and rested. Our first hotel was almost perfect. we asked that our room NOT be on the first floor and even though they were not full, the guy at the front desk flatly refused to even look. Otherwise our stay was great, comfy bed, lots of room, a fantastic shower, and a great breakfast included.

We ordered in and tried the local Mr Jim’s Pizza and was not too impressed. We thought we ordered a pizza and breadsticks but we got a thin crusted pizza with nacho stuff on it and it was not good. The regular pizza was good but not great!

There was no need for an early start in the morning since we plan to only drive around 200 miles per day and checking into hotels is much later than it is into RV Parks. We stopped at Buccee’s, so Jerry could visit with his pal and get some great jerky!

Our next day drive was 170 miles to Diamond Jack’s Casino in Bossier City, Louisiana. It was just what the doctor ordered…a room with a jetted tub to soak and enjoy, we opted for two nights for relaxation and fun times!

Rooms are a bit tattered, frayed furniture and carpet but housekeeping was thorough. Customer service was exceptional, very accommodating and helpful. We had buffet meals both nights…nothing outstanding but being in this area there were loads of Cajun foods which are always good!

Our next day travel was slightly over 300 miles but they were all on the interstates so not so bad, we prefer the roads less traveled but we do what we have to do! We stopped in Meridian, Mississippi at Tru by Hilton…Our room was small, the shower stall was fabulous with lots of pressure and hot water and the TV was huge. Breakfast was interesting, some strange choices, like chicken sausage, not our favorite.

Only 230 miles to Decatur, Alabama where we stayed at the Baymont and as always we asked NOT to be on the first floor but were told they were sold out and had nowhere else to put us. Then parking our trailer was an issue due to construction in the parking lot and were instructed to park it way in the back where no security cameras were, we chose to stay where we were and were finally told it would be fine. It was an uncomfortable night for us and we should have done what we first thought about and that was to move on, but we settled, but that is the last time.

Weather has been so cooperative so far and we love it. We drove around 200 miles through the Tennessee hills which was a gorgeous drive and a “Life List” stop at the International Corvette Museum. We have passed through this area several times and always wanted to stop but never did…we are so glad we did. It was a bit eerie since they now rebuilt an area where it had collapsed and it felt strange standing on the exact spot that was the sink hole. We always love looking at cars and this stop was well worth it.

Customer service is always high on our lists and lately it’s been non existent...until this stop...Leonard aka Lee was great! Our type of room was not ready for an early arrival but instead of just dismissing our request, he gave us options and then was funny and friendly. The room was as perfect as they get and we had the best stay so far in our journey! We would highly recommend this place whenever in this area!

Our last day of travel to our first event location was filled with adventure, we witnessed a truck pulled over on the side of the road and a woman was out on the passenger side and the truck that was pulled over deliberately hit her and knocked her down the ditch. We immediately called 911 and reported it but we did not stop, we continued to drive since it was safer for all for us to do so. We immediately seen a police car with sirens heading towards the incident, we hope all was well. Crazy drivers, coming to a complete stop in front of us while trying to pull over to the shoulder, thankful for great brakes that kept us safe.

On Friday we dropped off the trailer at the event and did some errands and stopped for good meal since on Saturday’s we bring a lot of protein with us to get us through a grueling day of work. We stopped for steak at Longhorn’s Steakhouse and it hit the spot, Jerry is never too patient waiting for his food, actually he is just unwinding from the over 1,000 miles we drove to get here and he was relieved we were finally here.

Our weekend hotel was nice, plenty of room and a fantastic shower head that was so massaging for these aching areas that is caused from an 21 hour one day event. We were even given a perfect view of a fabulous sunset on our first night and Jerry just being Jerry...I so love that man! The Comfort Suites at 1234 Omniplex Drive in Cincinnati had the best outstanding customer service, not just the front desk but housekeeping were so accommodating. The room was clean, spacious and the bed was so comfortable.

Our first event had its issues but all in all it wasn’t too bad. A long day of course, beginning at a 3am wake up call, followed by setting up the store and then selling all day and then packing it all back again, finally arriving back to our room at 1am, long day for sure! It rained a few hours in the late afternoon but we surpassed our goal so we will be seeing a bonus in addition to our pay. Our event took place at the Yager Stadium on the campus of the Miami University in Oxford, Ohio and it was a fabulous setting.

Miami University is one of the oldest and Oxford, Ohio is a college town with nothing but old, well maintained buildings with a wonderful atmosphere about it.

Our Sunday's we sleep a little, nourish ourselves with food and loads of water to make up for the loss from Saturday. We chose to fill ourselves with hotel breakfast and then some burgers, fries and a nice thick shake from Steak 'n Shake.

Then on Monday we vacation for a few days before it starts all over again next Saturday. Some folks may find this excruciating, but it works for us and we look forward to this time all year long.