Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!

Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!
We are extensively traveling around...working and having a blast...Life is Grand!

Monday, July 17, 2017

What the HELL is Wrong with People?

There are many more for instances we could give you but this one is the most recent of how ridiculous people are becoming…

We have been working at a RV Park, me in the office and Jerry now just supposed to be escorting campers to their sites. This park is not a destination park, more of an overnight park which means we turn over a hundred of sites a night and we work the BUSY weekends and that part we love. We are happier busy than sitting around doing nothing.

This particular day within a few moments of starting our shift, a phone call came in from one of our sites that there was a sewer smell at their site. We get those all the time because dumping is a foul smell, no matter how it’s done and newbies don’t get that yet. So, I sent Jerry to investigate and what happened was their neighbor who was leaving had for some ungodly reason pulled out a 3” wide, by 3’ PVC pipe out of the ground that was clearly marked with red paint as a water shut off and then proceeded to stick their sewer hose into the ground and open their valve…yep, you read that right…they definitely had to tug at this pipe to get it out of the ground which by the way is located several feet away from the capped sewer drain and other utilities.

The photo is the proper set up on the site they were on, for most people it is obvious, would you use the red capped for your sewer?

Jerry immediately called me to shut down that site and he went to get the appropriate tools to fix the smelly issue. He rinsed, he poured Lyme on it, he covered it with dirt but according to the neighbor, nothing was ever enough. They each came over ranting about brain tumors and the smell permeating into their cupboards but were not going to move. They even wanted us to call the authorities since she said she was getting sicker by the minute. We think they seen a way to make some easy money so they called the authorities. When he showed up and seen what a little mess it was and that it was being tended too he firmly expressed to them that they absolutely went way too far for nothing.

They stayed a few more nights and continued taking photos of the ground and us driving around on the golf carts and continued to grab anybody they could that was walking by to have them smell the area and tell their story. They continued to share with us that they had never been to a place where people dumped on the ground and we agreed but they continued to blame us for the idiots that left the mess.

We were so happy to finally see them go but it was another hilarious sight to see when the man went to dump his sewer that he put on long rubber gloves that went clear up to his arm pits and a hazmat mask…funniest thing we seen. But when he was finished he took the mask off with the gloves still on and threw the mask and gloves into one of his bins where he stored his water hose.

Not sure what this world is coming to when people just do not take responsibility for their errors and when it seems that every event warrants a lawsuit. Just the life of a full time traveler I guess…keeps it exciting and give me loads of writing material.