Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!

Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!
We are extensively traveling around...working and having a blast...Life is Grand!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Good Resolution

We came into this position as we always do, with a positive, fun attitude. Usually, people do not bother us to the point of possibly leaving a position but this night cook drove us to just about ending our commitment. Staying someplace where we are not happy has always been something we had discussed that we would never ever again do, especially after that first year from hell.

We also are not the type of people to give an ultimatum, “either him or us”, so we proceeded to resolve the issues with him but instead he began to “sabotage” everything we did. At first, I thought Jerry was being a bit dramatic to use that term for what he was doing but once he quit, the owners used that term about how they could see what he was doing to us.

His personality was so strong and he had to be in charge of everything and everyone, including us. From the beginning this did not sit well with us since the owners were our boss and he was telling us things totally the opposite from what they were asking from us. It was such a big turmoil and as said earlier, we are not in this lifestyle to live under those stressful conditions.

This job is suppose to be fun, yes there was a learning curve but we surpassed that curve very quickly. The fun never began, the stress became higher and we made other arrangements to move on. Even though the other arrangements were working the way we absolutely love with so much travel, we were not financially ready to make that move but were ready to do it since we could not live with this stress any longer. Then fate stepped in. Just a few days prior to us giving our notice, he did instead. He has left and all is well.

Life doesn’t always go as planned but what it does give you is exactly what you need at that moment. Now, we can get that needed work on our rig and put away some extra cash for our future endeavors and my knee will have plenty of time to heal to it‘s fullest.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

My Knee Is Better

Not yet at 100%, but pretty darn close. At least I can walk on it without my walking stick or any sort of real pain. It still aches, mostly after a day on my feet baking, but for the most part the knee is back to normal…yea!

Got through another work week and things just are not getting any better but we know it will all work out, it always does. Life is too short for things to stay in the muck for too long, we will find a way to make it fun or we will…

We did get away this weekend, but unfortunately we can never go too far since we really only get Sunday’s off, it’s a short day on Saturday but this week there were thunderstorms all around us and forecasted for more most of the next two days.

We did make a Wal-Mart stop and then to the Casino and had a play day…no big jackpot wins but we played for awhile and as usual had some fun and it’s always good to get away and just be us!

Sunday, June 06, 2010

What a First Week

Working within the very structured regimen has been…well…challenging to say the least…but the worst is the constant changes. At one time we are told to be creative and then are told to do a certain thing and do not waiver. Those sentences are as confusing as our work here has been. The owners have a certain criteria they want to follow, but they are not sure exactly what that is, which is fine because after all they are the bosses and we can adjust. Unfortunately, they asked the night cook to “ASSIST” us so we can learn how to do things their way, but he doesn’t do it their way and the confusion goes on and on. Finally, they seen that he had taken control and things were going downhill fast and they asked him to back off, which did not sit well with him and things continue to be a bit tense but we made it through our first week with guests.

There were not many guests at the Ranch this week but it was nice to be able to see how things were going to be for the season with just the guest list and amount of guests to change, otherwise the menu will remain the same. I am doing most of the baking, Jerry does most of the cooking of breakfast and lunch but we help each other out all the time. We are doing a great job, we now, just have to work on our portion control. This too has been challenging because we have been told two very different sides of the spectrum, one we are not to run out of food and then another that if we do run out, oh well it’s their loss, actually another term was used but I cleaned it up.

Some of the other challenges have been improving, baking in the altitude is getting better, learning to adjust the recipes has not been that hard to do, but the equipment is still a tough one to deal with. The mixers are older than we are and not doing a good enough job blending the ingredients which makes it hard for recipes to turn out right. Don’t even talk to me about the ancient ovens, they all have a mind of their own and at times, one half of the oven doesn’t agree with the other half. This in some instances has been great, such as making cookies. Half of the tray is overly done and crunchy and the other half is still soft and gooey which satisfies many different types of cookie lovers. I kid you not, there were two guests eating from the same batch of cookies that complimented me on my cookies, one said, “These cookies are fabulous, nice and crunchy, just like I like them.“ And, the other guest stated, “These taste marvelous, and they are so chewy, just like I love them.“

There was one incident that I could have lived without. A plank in the walk-in cooler floor fell through and when I walked on it, my right knee twisted a bit but it was just a little pain and then I just made sure to be careful for the next few days. Then on Saturday we had some “Honey Do’s” to take care of around the rig and as I hoisted myself into the drivers seat to move the rig so we could cut the jungle we were surrounded by, my knee totally gave out, the pain was excruciating. I cried and I couldn’t put any weight on it at all. What a sight that has been bouncing around the rig, not pretty. Anyway, I am NOT a doctor person but it may come to that if it does not improve before work on Monday. Until then, I continue to put Icy Hot on it, wrapping it, taking plenty of Advil and am resting it. Which meant Jerry had to finish the “Honey Do” list and I have been stuck inside the rig for the weekend, but it’s now NASCAR Sunday and it is feeling a tiny bit better. It still hurts but I am no longer screaming in agony each time I put any weight on it, now there is just a cringe of pain. It is what it is!