Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!

Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!
We are extensively traveling around...working and having a blast...Life is Grand!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Indian Creek Camping Resort

4710 Lake Road East
Geneva on the Lake, OH  44041

We had a hard time finding it since they were reconstructing the road that our GPS sent us to the resort and no sort of signs to where we could or could not go.  We pulled to the side and was going to go back out the same way we came in but one of the construction guys advised us not to and then told us we were able to drive straight through that the other construction guys would get out of the way once we got to them.  We continued and we were able to go through and reach it on the other side.

This place has it all, a huge Laundromat (which we didn’t use but should have)...

A convenient store, gas station, a restaurant that is open until 1am, a Miniature Golf Course, Ice Cream Stand, Golf Carts Rental, and so much more.

All located right across the road from Lake Erie...

This is a Sun RV Resorts property and it is so well maintained in every aspect.  Check in was quick and smiles from all staff.  Our water, electric, sewer site was level on gravel with so much room in between that we paid $29 per night using our Passport America membership.

Restrooms were clean and we took advantage of them but if you plan to do your laundry do yourself a favor and do it at the Coin Laundry in the front, not the 2 washers and dryers located at the rear of the resort.  They did not work very well and it took us 3 times to dry our loads which ended up being $3.75 to dry each load.

We did not unload our bikes and decided to take a walk to the view Lake Erie but ended up hitching a ride from a seasonal who was heading up front on her golf cart.  That was good since it really is a long way. 

We enjoyed the lake view…

Checking out the convenient store and its wonderful supply of wines…

No luck with an Ohio Lottery Book…

We had dinner at the Loft…

They were having an all you can eat Chicken Wings and we tried them all and enjoyed them all too…

 It is by far one of the nicest resorts that we have visited and with so much to offer we would highly recommend and would love to return someday for a longer period of time.

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Villages at Turning Stone RV Park

5065 State Road 365
Verona, NY  13478
7/26-29, 2014

We drove over 300 miles, paid tons of tolls to drive this beautiful, very hilly and scenic route through Massachusetts into New York only to arrive at our destination.  We originally planned to stay only 2 nights but due to the weather we stayed for an extra night which really put us behind our drive schedule.

We were not happy with the first site they gave to us since it was totally covered with trees so close that when the wind blew we heard the branches touching.  But when we asked to be moved they said that all sites were reserved but several sites around us went empty for the first two nights and when we asked to stay one more night they told us we had to move because they had someone coming in that day on that site.  It worked out perfectly for us since they moved us to the site we wanted and the site we left stayed open again all day and night.

We paid just under $50 per night which is about par for the area during this time of the year.  It included water, electric, sewer, cable, and WiFi and it was on a really unleveled slab surrounded by trees and green grass that we backed into our site which was adjacent to a small fishing pond. 

They had great amenities but the weather was stormy and rainy the entire time we were there so we could not enjoy any of them.  Each time we tried to venture out to take photos the rain began to pour so we pretty much stayed indoors the entire time.  We did call for a shuttle to the casino and they explained that they do not come to the site that we would have to meet them at the end of our row.  As we ventured out and before we could get to the end of the row the shuttle passed us by so we waited over 20 minutes and several calls to get us one back.  The casino was huge but the prices were outrageous for eating, the buffet was over $25 per person so we ate at the food court for under $20 for both of us.

Most of the people we came across were rude, staff included.  If we are ever in the area again we would not stay here and would not recommend either the casino or the RV Park to anyone.

For more photos, check out our Google + Web Albums.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Saco/Old Orchard Beach KOA

814 Portland Road
Saco, Maine 04072
June-July 2014

This is another of our experiences where we stayed on site while we worked there, Jerry worked at the Merry Moose, I worked in the store and we both did security after hours.

We also spot checked the restrooms and showers but since their cleaning crew was so great we did not have much to do.

Most sites were very rustic and under trees, finding satellite for us was impossible but they did offer cable so that is what we used while parked here.  Most sites had a heavy cover of trees and we missed the sunshine and the mold had some great time to fester and grow more inside our rig.

Prices were high but this area has only a few short months to make money due to weather and they were the same as others in the area.  They also did NOT offer any sort of weekly, monthly or seasonal rates it was always by the daily rate only no matter how long you stayed which will probably change due to the new owners.

Workers and management were very good folks to work with but since Sun Communities just bought the place there was a lot of miscommunication and procedures that were not in place that should have been. 

The hiring process was a nightmare.  The corporate office does not understand that this was a short season and when it takes weeks to finally make it through the process then usually folks like us have already found other work and have already made a paycheck and moved on by the time they have completed all the nonsense.  We stuck it out but lost weeks of pay.  Because of this process they were understaffed and it started to show on the workers they had and we were there only for a month to help alleviate this so they could find more help.  That never happened by the time we left but they knew we were only there for a short time but we did feel bad leaving them without any replacement or additional help that they so needed. 

Rowdiness was not tolerated, we know since we did security at night and were informed to shut it down quick since it was a very family oriented campground and unruliness was unacceptable.

There will be major changes in the next few years so this review will be obsolete because Sun Communities has some major renovations and changes planned to be completed by next season.

For more photos, check out our Google + Web Albums.