Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!

Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!
We are extensively traveling around...working and having a blast...Life is Grand!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Next Time We Say We Are Not Lucky,
Please Kick Us Hard!

Almost from the start I had some doubts about this tire, it looked low to me but when we put the gauge on it, it was always right on. Several times we did this procedure and every time it all checked out normal but for some reason I was not totally comfortable. There was no difference in the driving as we continued day after day of our three day journey to Minnesota.

When we arrived at the campground in Minnesota, I looked at the tire and seen the bubble which grew rapidly to the size in the photo. Then much to our surprise as Keith, owner of Keith’s Towing removed the first tire, he could see the second tire was flat. Upon removal of the second tire we seen the destruction of the inner dual tire and I cried. It had blown out. Don’t you think we would have heard the loud pop? We didn’t. There was no difference in the drive either.

We may never know just how long we were driving with the inner tire flat or when it blew but one thing I know for sure we are the most luckiest people in this world. When I imagine the many different scenarios how this could have played out, I shudder. Then I say a little prayer and thank God for once again proving to us just how very blessed we are.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Our Tile Masterpieces

It is a wonderful feeling knowing that we are leaving a part of our creativeness behind for so many to enjoy. This work we left behind will be appreciated for such a long time because tile lasts forever.

The design in the bathroom and shower area was mostly Jerry’s idea and all the work was his. The owner’s son, Jake who is the manager showed us what he had for tile and allowed us to create this masterpiece. Working here has been such a delight, the management as well as the Workampers have been marvelous. Even though it is hard work, Jerry finds this the most appealing of all work he does. He is able to be creative and the finished product is always such a great sight that it fills his palate with joy.

As for my contribution, check out the Mosaic piece, it’s my Zen, another of my passions, I love watching a piece come to life just by piecing it all together like a jigsaw puzzle. That is the trick to a great mosaic, you must treat it like a puzzle, every piece has it’s destination where it fits. Your task is to find those pieces by first breaking tiles into smaller workable pieces and laying them out and fitting them. This shower pole is special because all of the tile used was actual tile that had been used throughout the resort. Jake did do the initial drawing of the lizard since drawing is artistically challenging for me and I have not yet worked on overcoming that dilemma.

Many people have called us artists and I do believe that is rightfully so because when we are finished, we leave behind a work of art.

Here are just a few of our photos of the finished creation. There are more photos to view at http://hittheroadjack.shutterfly.com/action/ of the before, during and more of the after shots. Also, send us an email if you would like us to create something for you too!
Finally, Some Closure!

Another Easter comes and goes without contact from our grandson and daughter but the great news is the “Order of Protection” which should not have been issued at all has now expired. So now I may contact them without breaking any laws and the possibility of being arrested. I will never know how a court allows such a travesty to happen as it did a year ago.

An “Order of Protection” is suppose to protect a person from harm, there was never any danger of that at all. It seems are laws must be reexamined when the courts allow a daughter who is evidently just angry at her mom to use them as a ploy to keep her away. I was not always the best mom but I know that I always did everything I could with what I knew at the time and when I learned more, I did more.

She has always been a person that stuffed her feelings so deep within that she always had a solid brick wall around her and didn’t allow anyone into her personal life, me included. She went through so much pain when her grandmother and favorite Uncle (the only one she ever really shared time with) died and then to lose us because we chose to travel around the United States, well it was too much for her to handle. I have always understood how she allowed this to cloud her judgment but for the courts to listen to her and put a restraining order on me forbidding me from seeing or talking to her or my grandson was totally preposterous. She continues to be angry because she feels justified when the courts allowed this to happen but now that it has expired I can begin to make this right between us.

When the laws are used for purposes not intended and then when an “Order of Protection” is truly needed and ends up being just a piece of paper that allows killers to still stalk and kill their victims there is something terribly wrong with our system and needs to be readjusted.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Work In Progress

An artist, that is what several people were calling me as I worked on my mosaic piece of art yesterday. Being here in this serene place has allowed Jerry and myself to become so connected with our inner souls that it just feels so right and it is something we are able to take with us throughout our travels. While the tile work Jerry has done are masterpieces in themselves, I felt drawn to leave a part of my tile work behind too, so I began my mosaic. We should complete all projects in just a few days and we will share photos of all of these “Work of Arts” and let you decide.

This had been an original idea from the time we first ventured out into this lifestyle. Doing tile work around the country, leaving a piece of our creativeness behind at every place. We just now have to decide whether this is something we want to venture into or not. The work is hard but very rewarding, the pay is much better than most, and most importantly it will allow us to travel about. Most jobs would take a few weeks to complete depending on all that is entailed, that would give us time to explore the area. Something to definitely keep in mind, but so far we are enjoying just the way our lives are unfolding, now that we have finally allowed it to flow. As for the rest, we will take it all one-step at a time.