Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!

Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!
We are extensively traveling around...working and having a blast...Life is Grand!

Friday, September 13, 2019

Another Year at BOA

Our travel to Cedar Hill, Texas was “adventurous”. Our motorhome’s heating issues are still overshadowing our travels which made for a very stressful 1500 mile adventure. Even after spending 30 days in Barstow and thousands of dollars, she’s still overheating, so much so that we had to become night drivers, something we really don’t like doing, but we did what had to be done. But, once daylight hit and the sun beat down on her, up went her temperature, almost immediately and just about to the boiling point. We can’t count how many times we had to pull over and let her cool down, which was a task because we were in extremely hot weather, so it took awhile for her to cool down.

Have you all noticed that we are now calling Maggie, our motorhome? The reason for this is that it is time to let it go, and if we continue to define it as she it becomes personal, this is not a personal matter, it is a decision we have to make without emotions. It’s a thing, not a part of the family, not a friend, an object that needs to be replaced so we can enjoy our traveling once again. Still not sure what we are going to get, but whatever it is we sure do hope it is as reliable as this one WAS for so many years.

We worked a few weeks at the shop before we began our travels and the heat was excruciating, we have become such fair weather people that it doesn’t take much. The humidity is not “as bad” as it usually is at this time of year, but the temperatures were hitting 100+…definitely too hot for us.

We stayed at Texan RV Ranch the first two weeks, but then had to begin our hotel stays since we couldn’t take the heat anymore in our motorhome. We stayed at Best Western Plus in Mansfield, Texas for 5 nights. The room was clean, roomy with microwave, refrigerator, couch, chair and a King bed. They offered RV/Truck parking, but we couldn’t find it, unless they meant at the Walmart behind it, but that didn’t seem right, so we were lucky we didn’t have the trailer yet. We took full advantage of the pool and spa during our stay and had it to ourselves, just like we like it.

Our travel began on Friday the 13th, but all went as well as we could expect. We usually book a hotel nearby since we usually do not get out until late afternoon and this year was no different. We stayed at  LaQuinta In Forest Hill, Texas and it was perfect. Plenty of parking for the truck and trailer, good customer service and the best bed we have slept in for a long time.

Our first event is next Saturday in Toledo, Ohio, so we have time to travel and plenty of rest, which is really needed at this time for both of us.

Sunday, August 25, 2019

7652 W I-20
Weatherford, TX 76088
9/2016, 9/2017, 11/2017, 9/2018, 8/2019

2019 UPDATE - Customer service is top of the line, we were having issues overheating so we were nighttime traveling and arrived around 9am and they were able to get us right into our site. We paid $40 using our Good Sam 10% discount for the same site. There are several improvements and the pool is still fantastic.

2018 UPDATE - We paid $220 for a week stay and everything was kept in great shape through the years.

We paid $36 using our Good Sam 10% discount for a long pull through site with water, 50/30amp electric, sewer on a concrete pad with a patio, they offered free cable and WiFi that worked fairly well.

This was a gem of a place and we did major researching for the area and decided to stay 3 days once we arrived on a holiday weekend.

The pool and spa were amazingly refreshing...

The laundry facilities that we took full advantage of were located in the same area where they had several private restrooms that were always clean...

We would highly recommend this place and if we are in the area again we most certainly will stay here. It works out to be our stopping place before and after our BOA Adventure for the past few years.

Friday, August 23, 2019

Amarillo Ranch RV Park & Big Texan Steak Ranch

Amarillo Ranch RV Park
Now known as The Big Texan RV Ranch
1414 Sunrise Drive
Amarillo, TX 79104
May – September 2017, 11/2018, 5/2019, 8/2019

7701 Interstate 40 Access Road
Amarillo, TX 79118

These two places for us went hand and hand for many reasons so we decided to join our two reviews about them both, not just as customers but as workers too.

They charge $39.00 with no discounts but they accept Good Sam, AAA for 10% off or Military for 15% off the nightly charge. They offer full hookups only, water, electric 30 or 50 amps, and sewer and the nightly sites are pull through on gravel with a picnic table and most sites are level.

They have an indoor pool and spa...

The showers and restrooms were kept immaculately clean and were designed nice...

They have two fenced in pet areas, grassy areas to hangout and a playground...

We found this place during a rough patch in our lives and it was heaven sent. We learned that we could once again trust people with their words and not believe that all people are critically prejudice against the age of Maggie.

We worked here for several months and of course there were personalities to deal with but we made it through and even had some fun times through it all.

This is a busy overnight park, not the typical destination park so we had a nightly turnover of RV’s which made it very exciting for us, we love busy and this place definitely fits that profile.

Our manager, Bill is not a hands on, micro-manageable type of person which was a definite plus for us, we love taking reign of our situation and just having a blast. He was also a man of his word, what we discussed in the interviewing stages, he stood by it all.

We worked only about 30 hours each per week, which was unfortunate for us but that is what we agreed to and when he could offer us more he did, but it didn’t happen too often.

We received several free meals at the Big Texan Steak Ranch since they now owned the RV Park and that was a nice perk. Free limo rides there was also a good perk to have given to us.

We would highly recommend staying at this RV Park, since it is very clean, the staff is very friendly and even though the sites are a nightmare to situate campers it still is a great place to stay for a night or longer.

As for the Big Texan Steak Ranch, it’s one of those places that is a must see at least once. The food is good and at times it’s not but the atmosphere is outstanding.

They have a stage where at most times there is at least one person attempting the 72oz challenge and it’s fun to watch.

They have a gift shop with some pretty cool items for sale. Then if you go to the back, and we mean the very back of the place there is an area that is the Brewery and even though we are not beer drinkers the atmosphere back there is where the fun is at and there are so many Kodak moments.

The free limo/shuttle ride there and back is just a complete package to the things they offer. The limo’s have horns as do the golf carts they use to escort you to your site at the RV Park, just a very cool place to hang out.

Thursday, August 22, 2019

2500 East Route 66 Blvd
Tucumcari, New Mexico 88401
(575) 815-4085
5/2019, 8/2019

Our first year traveling we stayed here and was so disappointed we have avoided this place for years. The alternatives were not that great in the area until we seen in our Passport America advertising this park. We read the reviews about new management and decided to give it another try, and we are so happy we did.

We paid $15.50 using our 50% Passport America membership for a water, electric, sewer on level flat gravel pull through site

The new owners are doing all sorts of updates to the place and it’s looking good, but they told us the power would be off in the morning at 9am but instead at 6am when we woke we had no power for coffee...ugh!

We will definitely put this one on our list to revisit when coming this way, and we would highly recommend for an overnight stop.

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

13000 Frontage Road SW
Albuquerque, NM 87121

Since we were having more issues with our motorhome, after visiting Camping World for more parts, we chose to try someplace new in Albuquerque.

We paid $30.95 using Good Sam 10% discount for a water, 30amp electric, sewer on flat gravel, pull through site.

A small park with great customer service, nice quick and early check in without a fuss.

Jerry loved the setup...

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

14500 Central Avenue SW
I-40 & Exit 140
Albuquerque, NM 87121

Paid $50 for a water, 30 amp electric, sewer on a concrete slab, back in site.

The resort is located behind the Hotel/Casino, just keep following the signs.

We were going to stay the second night so we could do laundry and take showers, but were disappointed in what they had to offer, small and cramped.

Not really worth the price they charge…

Monday, August 19, 2019

2925 W Highway 66
Gallup, NM 87301
8/2015, 8/2016, 5/2019, 8/2019

We had passed through this area several times but never could find a decent park but now that we have we will be checking this place out in the future and we highly recommend it to others.

We paid $32.58 using our Good Sam 10% discount for a flat pull through site on gravel with 50/30 electric, water, sewer and free WiFi with a patio and picnic table.

The area was well manicured and very uniquely designed.

The restrooms and laundry area were kept clean and well maintained.

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