Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!

Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!
We are extensively traveling around...working and having a blast...Life is Grand!

Monday, July 29, 2019

Paso Robles, California Mid State Fair Experience

The area is “Wine Country”, the Fair is quaint and seemed busy and they had some great entertainment. We worked long hours, but it’s really easy work and the weather for the most part was wonderful. A few days it hit over 100 during the day but cooled off quickly when the sun went down.

We tasted a few Fair delights, but our all time favorite was the Lobster Mac n Cheese…noodles cooked to perfection…spicy sriracha sauce was a nice touch to finish it off.

Monday, July 01, 2019

35250 Outer Highway 15 North 
Yermo, CA 92398 
800-KOA-0059 / 760-904-3069 
12/08, 2/10, 5/23/12, 12/24/13, 3/24/16, 5/19/16, 7/16/16, 3/20/2017, 3/28/2018

2019 UPDATE - We have stayed a few times a year at this location and each time it has progressively gotten worse and we always say we will not return, but unfortunate circumstances made us have to stay here again. Customer service is nonexistent from the phone calls to checkin desk, the only nice folks are the grounds people. We have put up with a lot of nonsense here at this location only, but today’s incident was by far the worst.

We came in to add another night but we wanted to move to another site, one that was shady due to the extreme temperatures. She reluctantly and not so friendly looked to see what was available, she gave me the new site number and upon moving to the new site we noticed no shade and the location of the sewer was not usable (all the way in the front), so we went back in and still not greeted with smiles. We explained the situation and she immediately became grumpier, refused to move us because she claimed the other sites still had people in them and we assured her they did not. She then told us that she couldn’t move us because the site we mentioned was not a shade site and we assured her it was by seeing it with our own eyes the day before. She said her system would not allow her to move us and I informed her that I had worked at several KOA’s and it could be done. She then began to raise her voice at me and told me not to tell her what to do and then the F bomb came out several times. I immediately took out my video phone and she walked away and would not come back out from the office area she yelled at us to just take number 37, so we did.

The unprofessionalism is appalling, especially since we work in the customer service industry and know that is not acceptable behavior and should never be tolerated. When we asked Amanda to speak to the manager, she said she was the manager.

Now after that encounter, we had to stay several more days due to our motorhome having issues and we got lucky and Lacy was at the desk all other times and she had excellent customer service.

2018 UPDATE - We paid $44 for a back-in water and electric, no sewer site but was upgraded to a FHU pull through by the supervisor when we checked in. The prices are still high but it is the best park in the area which is our halfway point of driving from different areas so now that they have much better customer service we will be continuing our stops here as we travel.

2016 UPDATE - We paid $48.50 for a full hookup in an entirely different area we had never been in and we enjoyed ourselves. It was during our trek across the desert so we wanted to be by the pool and our site was level, our electricity was perfect and the gal that checked us in was wonderful. Now the price is still on the high side but we are okay with that when we checked out the other options in the area and found this one to be the better of them all.

2016 UPDATE - NEVER AGAIN...We paid $48.89 for a water and electric only and our electric was questionable...it was dark by the time we realized just how questionable it was. The person in the office would not allow us to just move into the space in front of us since it was a full hookup. We explained we would just be plugging in the electric, then she claimed it was taken but nobody used it all night. Rates are rising and even though they are adding tent sites and updating the grounds this place will not be on our agenda in our upcoming travels. We have been stopping here since 2008 but we will no longer use this as an overnight stop and we will be attempting to contact someone who is in charge to place a formal complaint. On the website it does not have a manager/owner contact person so we are not sure how to start but we will find a way to get our complaint in the right hands so that this sort of treatment does not continue to happen. Until then we will avoid this place!

2016 Update - We paid $44 with our KOA discount for a site with only water and electric since the full hookups were even higher priced. When we were hooking up our water spigot it bursted and Jerry got soaked, so we moved sites and they fixed it immediately.

2013 UPDATE - We paid $36 with our KOA discount for the same site as before...price is rising and the place just remains the same, no better but no worse.  We would still stay here again if we are ever in the area but may also look into some of the other parks in the area.

We paid $26.00 with our KOA discount and points for a water, electric, sewer, fairly level gravel site. It also included cable, WiFi and shuttle service to Calico Ghost Town which we took advantage of on our first visit. It is definitely overpriced, as most KOA’s are but we always come back. The sites were wide and were private with the way the landscaping was created around them.  

We noticed a decline in the appearance of the park, especially in the laundry room. On our first visits the laundry facilities were one of the best we have seen on the road, there were many washer and dryers, even an extra big washer for rugs, which we needed to wash but this time we found there were more out of order than working machines. They had clean individual showers that were being remodeled on our first visit, but have been kept up in the years passing.

The staff has always been the friendliest and accommodating and the store carried many convenient supplies and souvenirs. In our future stays we may check out some of the other parks in the area since this one seems to be going downhill and the price has not.