Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!

Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!
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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Arizona Oasis RV Resort
Formerly Colorado River Oasis
50238 Ehrenberg-Parker Highway
Ehrenberg, AZ 85334
4/2008, 11/16/2009, 3/12-3/19/2012, 2/5-2/7/2014, 9/18/2014, 11/30/2014, 4/6/2016, 2/14-2/19/2018

2018 Update - Major renovations but also they are no longer technically Coast to Coast members, they now belong to the new program through C2C as GNP (Good Neighbor Parks) that now do not use our C2C points and cannot be reserved online anymore. You have to call them and they give you a discount price, we paid a little over $25 per night.

2016 Update - The resort is now a non-member park but still accepts our Coast to Coast membership, now charging $15 per night with NO additional charges. In November 2013 the Manthei family purchased the park, they own Sky Valley and Caliente Springs in the Desert Hot Springs area.  There does not seem to be many changes, still maintained well kept with lots of activities going on.  The staff is priceless and we would still highly recommend it and we would stay here again if we are ever in the area.

They now have a new restaurant, the River Shack located in the clubhouse where we had the Blue Moon Burger that was awesome and the fries were fabulous. They make everything by scratch and it shows in the great taste.

Our first visit in 2008 was a complimentary 4 night stay with a 90-minute tour scheduled during our stay. This is part of the WHR private membership and we are now able to utilize our Coast to Coast membership for our stays.

In 2012 we paid $10 per night with no additional 50amp or cable charges for a water, electric, sewer, flat, gravel, back in site with a concrete pad patio. The sites were a good size for us. On our first visit we had our Jeep which took some manipulating to make it all fit. We noticed many other toad vehicles parked on empty sites which could cause complications of incoming guests.

Our Verizon phones and MiFi worked great here.

Very well maintained park right on the Colorado River which on this visit did not have much activity on it, during our visit in 2008 it was noisy all day with constant watercraft noise.

The pool and spa was fabulous, clean and the perfect temperature.

Doing laundry was nice because they had a lounge area with puzzles and a television. The only issue was there were several out of order machines which made our chore more time consuming.

They had lots of activities which we did partake in a few and had a blast. This is one of those parks where there is a lot of participation in the activities and we can see why. We attended Bingo and Karaoke and fun was had by one and all.

If we are ever in the area again, we will definitely stay here as long as they continue honoring Coast to Coast.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Havasu Falls RV Resort

3493 State Route 95 North
Lake Havasu City, AZ  86404
877-843-3255 or 928-764-0050
3/1/2013, 4/5-4/7/2015, 12/7/2015, 5/2/2016, 2/13/2018

2016 UPDATE - Not much has changed, price was the same except Passport America rate was only good for one night, otherwise the place looks the same, well maintained.

In December, January and February, Passport America is not honored, we paid $53 for our site.

We paid $23.49 using our Passport America 50% membership for water, electric, sewer, fairly level site on a slab with a picnic table on gravel.  The sites seemed long enough but not too wide.  We had great reception for our phones and MiFi and they offered free cable TV.

The landscaping was well manicured and other areas were clean and well maintained.  The views of Lake Havasu were spectacular.

If we are ever in the area again, we would definitely stay here.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Ridgeview RV Resort

Ridgeview RV Resort
775 Bullhead Parkway
Bullhead City, AZ  86429
3/19-26/2010,1/2-16/2012, 2/5-19/2012, 12/6-11/2014, 3/25-4/6/2016, 5/3-5/17/2016, 
12/6-12/20/2016, 3/1-3/15/2017, 2/6-2/13/2018

2018 Update - They are now part of the Colorado River Adventures which now limit our stay to 1 week with resort fees and we can no longer go right to the other locations without staying out for 7 days in between. The good news is the same guy is working but there are things like drive ups that he can no longer do as they did in the past. C2C has too many changes and all of them are for the worse for us so we will be reconsidering renewing our membership come August of 2018.

2016 Update – We could repeat ourselves totally as previous posts. Checking in is always a breeze with wonderful customer service. The wind is still frightful at times but how glorious it is to be so warm during the day and no sweater at night while enjoying the stars under clear skies. We just love it here. Even in May the pool was frigid but due to the 100 degree temps it felt wonderful, December...not so much.

2014 Update – We paid 1,000 points and then an additional $3 resort fee plus taxes per night but our Verizon was perfect and worked wonderfully.  The wind was still an ongoing issue but not as bad as in the Desert Hot Springs area.

Using our Coast to Coast membership for water, electric and sewer, fairly level gravel site that includes cable and a patio slab.  The last time we were here they did not have any extra charges, but they now added a resort fee and tax to their price as many others do but for a nice resort in a wonderful area is not so bad.  Our phones and MiFi worked fairly well, but they continued to switch from Arizona to Nevada time regularly, they offer Tengo Internet for a small charge but we just moved our MiFi around and it worked.

The laundry room has 10 washers & dryers and seems to be a very busy place but we found the time to use them.  The restrooms were well maintained but as usual we did not use them.

It was quiet and peaceful at night, but during the day every once in a while a loud plane would take off from the small airport that would shake the ground. 

The swimming pool and Jacuzzi was kept up well, even though we did not use them due to the weather. 

The people are very friendly, both the workers and the guests and it looked as if their rules were enforced, we never seen a dog without a leash and owners were picking up after them.

We will definitely stay here whenever we come through this area again and would highly recommend it to others.

For more photos, check out our Google + Web Albums.

Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Don Laughlin's Riverside RV Park

1650 Casino Drive
Laughlin, Nevada
3/2007, 1/2008, 1/2012, 1/31-2/6/2018

2018 UPDATE: We were desperate due to our issues with the park we had reserved in advance so we finally found a vacancy here but was informed it was in the overflow area. WARNING...if you ever stay here and they say all they have left is the overflow area, run away fast. They pack you in like sardines, no place for your patio since you are touching one person on one side and you share a small area for your patio with your neighbor on the other side, not an ideal situation but as we said we were desperate. Our tow vehicle hardly fit onto our very unlevel site right behind our RV, we stayed 6 nights calling everyday to be moved but finally found a better place to go for our last 7 nights.

We had a water, sewer, and electric back in site with free cable. The sites are on pavement and gravel and were fairly level. We fit in fine this time, but when we had our Jeep; it hung out on the road which we noticed was the norm for most sites.

Our Verizon phones and MiFi worked great so we did not have to pay extra for their WiFi. Our phones and any clocks that automatically set themselves continuously roamed back and forth from the different time zone across the Colorado River into Arizona.

They had clean showers/restrooms and laundry facilities and the grounds were well maintained. They offered free shuttle service to the casino across the street which we preferred to walk. At check in we have always been greeted graciously and this time was no different, very friendly and accommodating.

There was no big bang, just an ordinary park! We started staying at Casino RV Parks because of the great deals they usually offer, not only the price of the park but also for deal on meals, definitely not the case with this park.

We would not go out of our way to stay here again, but if we are ever in the area, we would come back for another visit.

Pet Policy – Guests are responsible for their pets: Keep your pet on a leash; clean up after your pet. Pets left outside the RV unattended may be removed by animal control.

For some reason we thought we had photos...we do not but we will surely take photos on our next visit.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

1501 Goldrush Road (GPS)
Bullhead City, AZ 86442
12/20/2016-1/3/2017, 3/15-3/20/2017, 1/30/2018

2018 UPDATE: WARNING: UNTIL THEY GET THE VICIOUS DOG ISSUE UNDER CONTROL WE WILL NOT BE BACK. But, are very grateful they gave us a full refund after we went to the office the next day and explained what happened.

We were sitting out on our patio and noticed the neighbors dog was tethered on a tiny little chain, it was a huge German Shepard that made its way to our site just enough to stare and growl at us. I was not comfortable, so we went inside and called the office, they were closed with no mention of any emergency number, only the Deli who took no responsibility to resolve our issue but told us to call the office and leave our complaint on the answering machine…REALLY? We would have told our neighbor ourselves, but we could not get to their door. A short time later our neighbor took their 2 dogs to the dog park, so we went back out and planned to ask him not to tether his dogs outside when they are not out with them as stated in the rules. Instead what happened was enough to send us packing. As the neighbor was returning with his 2 big dogs, another vicious dog (it was huge and mean looking) came out from the permanent residents chasing him and his dogs into their RV and as the neighbor slammed the door, the vicious dog took his sights on us, we barely made it into our RV.

The next morning, we went to the office and they had yet to retrieve our message, so we explained what happened and she claimed that it was a neighbor’s dog that they had called the police and dog catcher on almost a dozen times but have not been able to find the dog. So, at that point since it was apparent we would not be comfortable we asked for a refund and without any hesitation she gave us a full refund. That is really a shame because we did like the place but with all the trashy permanents getting worse and now the vicious dogs we will not be returning.

We have been invited to stay here many times throughout our years of coming to this area but we just never did, but now that they offer Coast to Coast, we are taking full advantage.

We paid in points with our Coast to Coast membership for a wide and long gravel site that included water, 50/30 electric, sewer, and cable. They also offered WiFi for a price. They did not add any resort fees, taxes or anything else to our total so all we paid was with our points which has become a rare find but a welcoming practice. 2018 UPDATE: They now add on an additional $5 daily fee.

This resort is huge and has a spectacular view from high atop this hill. Where our site was located, we did not have any views but we were nestled in so we hardly felt the wind that is very usual for this area and had been frightful many of those days, and the temperatures were frigid most of our stay so even the pool and spa were not inviting at all.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Lake Havasu City, AZ 86404
1/5-1/12/2010, 3/19-3/26/2012, 1/6-1/8/2014, 4/7/2015, 12/1-12/5/2015,
12/4-12/6/2016, 1/25-1/29/2018

Same new wonderful management and our stay was just wonderful!

What a difference great office personnel does for the entire stay. We were greeted with a smile, and apology for not being at the office when we arrived so that we had to radio her to come check us in. Trust us, it was not an inconvenience waiting the few moments for her to make her way to the office. She then asked us...we have NEVER been asked and they have made it perfectly clear to us that as C2C members and not CRA members that we get what we get. We were given a spectacular site across the street in as how we put it, in hotzy totzy area of the park and we LOVED it. It felt as if we were in an entirely different park. It really didn't take much for her to make us feel like a millions dollars and that is all we ever ask for, just some common courtesy.

Not much has changed...unfortunately the people at the main office of Colorado River Adventures are the same nasty people whenever we attempt to change our reservation within that 72 hour period.  They should all take notes from the people who are actually at the parks since they are usually very nice and accommodating.

In December we had a little run in with the lady in the office about our site...she put us in a site right next to another site that was occupied and overlapping onto our site with stuff and vehicles when there were many other sites available. We asked to be moved and she was outright rude but finally Jerry calmly convinced her to move us. As far as customer service at the Colorado River Adventures locations we are NOT happy with it but the price and location is right so we tolerate the incompetence of the individuals who seems are just unhappy with life itself.

We stayed all times using our Coast to Coast for $10 per night without any additional charges for a water, electric, sewer, flat, graveled fairly good size site. Our Verizon MiFi and phones roamed the entire time we were here but we were able to get our computer work completed without too much inconvenience.

This park is very well maintained with security everywhere, quiet, dark and very peaceful which made it great for a good night sleep. The staff and the guests were very friendly with loads of activities for one and all. We attended a few and had a blast, we even hit a few big jackpots at Bingo.

This park is separated into two parts across the road from one another, the east and the west. Both have restrooms, recreation areas and pools that can be used by all guests.

The laundry was on the main road and was actually used for the general public and only had 6 washers and 6 dryers which made it really inconvenient for us having to wait for availability. We remembered this from our first visit and did not plan to do any laundry on this visit.

If we are ever in the area again, we would definitely stay here again and highly recommend it but you have to be a member of Coast to Coast or CRA.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

10537 S. Avenue 9E
Yuma, AZ 85365
2/1-2/14/2017, 1/9-1/22/2018

2018 UPDATE - There were so many open sites this year and we actually stayed in the same area all by our lonesomes, just like we like it. The weather was so nice in the evenings but they were doing some construction and the trains were louder than we remembered them from before that it was difficult to sleep with the windows opened so we opted for the fan noise.

All of the sites are back in with water, electric and sewer on fairly level gravel. We chose our site mainly so not to disturb others because we would be taking our rig back and forth to work every day. It ended up being a perfect choice, we were not squished in like the rest of the sites because we did not have neighbors except for two nights during some sort of a rally they had going on.

The resort is well maintained and manicured, the staff was wonderful and there were lots of activities that we did not partake in since it was a work trip for us. But the area was peaceful and we enjoyed several nights out on our patio with our fire.

It is an Encore resort which is included in our Thousand Trails membership with an additional Max Pass included in our package. If we are ever in the area again, we would choose this place again.

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Yuma Lakes RV Resort
6275 S Avenue 8 ½ E
Yuma, AZ 85365
3/9-3/12/2012, 1/3-1/8/18

2018 UPDATE - They are still accepting Coast to Coast Membership and now that we have May it was nice staying way out in the middle of nowhere.

This is a Colorado River Adventures park which is a membership park that we used our Coast to Coast membership. We paid $10 with no additional charges for a water, electric, sewer, back-in, level, gravel site with free WiFi. Our Verizon MiFi worked exceptionally so we did not even log onto theirs.

We were greeted very nicely, even though it was early in the morning of our check in day, not a problem they escorted us to our site. Included with their brochure, they gave us a book that had information about the area and coupons from local area establishments to use during our stay, very welcoming.

They have all sorts of activities throughout the resort, shuffleboard, horseshoes, Bingo, pool and spa, and so much more.

There is a lake for fishing, but we were told we would need an Arizona Fishing License to partake. They even have a restaurant open all week long that serves some pretty good choices at a great price.

They have several laundry facilities and the one we were closest to was small, only a half a dozen washer and dryers and each time we came by there were people waiting. Thank goodness we were able to wait and do it at our next location.

The resort is old, but they maintain it well, several restrooms and showers were located throughout the resort, that were kept clean. If we are ever in the area again we would most certainly stay here.

Back when we were in our stationary lifestyle our home was decorated in the southwestern motif and since we had our own tile installation business, my favorite thing to do with tile was and still is mosaic. We created so many items with this design and for me it was like therapy and knowing just how time consuming it can be, it is appreciated when we see other creations. Here are just a few of the southwestern and other artwork that you will find throughout the resort.

Wednesday, January 03, 2018

860 S John Wayne Parkway
Maricopa, AZ 85139

It’s hard to rate this one since we only were there a few moments. We had a reservation at Harrah’s AK Chin at the hotel but read about all the construction and how they no longer allow parking for RV’s so we opted to find a place to basically store Maggie and then drive May to the hotel.

She let us check in before noon and we paid $30 for the night for a pull through site on gravel that was fairly level. We only plugged into the power so we have no idea about the amenities but it seemed like a nice place that we would return to if we are ever in the area again, but it is in the middle of nowhere so we probably wouldn’t come this far out again.

Come to find out, we could have stayed either in Maggie at the hotel or parked her even with all the construction. We are going to try to stay in hotels at least once a month just so we can stretch out and enjoy so this was our hotel stay for January with many more to come. It was a nice room with all the conveniences like long, hot showers, stretching in bed and not having to crawl over each other to get out especially in the middle of the night. Oh, and did we mention...FREE...our free nights from our hotel stays during our BOA Adventure. Life is pretty terrific and we look forward to a great year with new and exciting adventures.

Tuesday, January 02, 2018

1511 E Florence Blvd
Casa Grande, AZ 85222
11/26-11/30/2015, 11/25-12/2/2016, 12/19-1/2/18

2018 UPDATE - They are no longer taking Coast to Coast Membership but they are now taking Thousand Trails.

2016 UPDATE - We paid $21.05 for the same site as last year using our Coast to Coast Membership, only this year we took a walk and took pictures.

We paid $19.87 using our Coast to Coast Membership, resort fees and taxes per night for a level pull through site on gravel with water, electric and sewer that included cable.

This is your typical Encore RV Resort with all the amenities and plenty of activities. There are many permanent sites that are very well maintained and they do not have that discriminating 10 year older policy but there were not any eyesores throughout the over 700 sites either, so they are doing something right.

Again, no photos due to us just not having the strength to take a walk because of my continuous knee pain but it is getting better day by day.

We would highly recommend this resort and if we plan to stay in Casa Grande again we would definitely try to get in here with our membership.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

3241 S Montgomery Road
Casa Grande, AZ 85193

We paid $96.03 + electricity for a back in, water, electric, sewer site on gravel with a patio. It was their weekly special rate which included 3 extra nights but we only used 2 of those extra nights.

The location is actually in the middle of nowhere with nothing around for miles and about 10 miles from the city of Casa Grande so you would think there would not be any traffic noise and you would be wrong. Montgomery is a road in which traffic is doing 55 mph and the sound of vehicles screaming by happens all the time but no trains.

Laundry and other facilities are kept up nicely throughout the park.

Loads of activities too...

You have to be a member and they do not take reservations, so first come first serve. We would highly recommend becoming either Escapees or Exscapers prior to coming by, they must have your membership number and will not be able to join you up at the office. It's a great savings and so far the few parks we have been to are very nice.