Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!

Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!
We are extensively traveling around...working and having a blast...Life is Grand!

Thursday, August 06, 2020

More Like Just a Relaxation Weekend…AGAIN!

For the past few weeks we have just been hanging out without any sightseeing due to the area getting crowded and the Sturgis Rally now here, we will be doing the same for the next few too. Prices are outrageous but we did find a few hotels to stay even though they were higher then we like paying, it was just great to get away and spread out.


Last week we went into Rapid City for an overnight stay. What a strange experience.


We stayed at Country Inn and that was our biggest mistake. We arrived at about 1pm and immediately we were told checkin was not until 3pm and they said there were no clean rooms…BUT for an additional $30 early checkin charge they would let us get in early…WTF…REALLY? We asked for management and she even began to state what the clerk had already said, but then changed her tune once we said we would cancel with our third party company. THEN…upon entering our room there was no chair, no ice bucket, only the minimal towels and only 3 tiny pillows. According to management it was a new policy due to COVID-19…WTF…REALLY? The only good things were the spa, the pool and the shower…we will not be staying here again.

This week we found a decent deal in Summerset at the Summerset Hotel & Suites. They didn’t mind allowing us in at 1pm since they did have a clean room available, but when we got up there it was not a suite as we had booked but they immediately fixed it and we got our correct room. Customer service was excellent and top notch. The rooms are dated but was clean and comfortable. The spa and pool was just what we needed and we were there a long time since we were by ourselves, no screaming kids. We would highly recommend it and we will use it for future stays if the price is right.

It was also nice having lunch out, it was all so yummy too...

If it wasn’t for the cold and snow, we would consider staying in South Dakota longer since they have a sensible Governor, there are no mask mandates and the numbers are really low. If you don’t agree then you are free to stay home, social distance, and/or wear a mask because we are all adults and understand when we are being bamboozoed by all the media hype and health officials who are just not listening to the science. 


We have extended our stay to the end of September due to BOA canceling this season, but we are hoping to eventually hangout in Arizona for the winter, or some place else if anything interesting comes along. We are always open to new and exciting places to go or places to work, so right now we are just waiting to see what transpires.


We hope you all are staying sane during these ridiculous events…it will be all over soon since Election Day is right around the corner. Life is Grand!

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Our Thoughts

We Americans are losing this fight…our Fall gig that we have been doing for 6 years and have truly LOVED has been canceled for this stupidity…IT’S A FLU FOLKS…AND IF YOU THINK ITS NOT POLITICAL THEN JUST WAIT TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THIS YEARS ELECTION IS OVER!


More people are losing their livelihoods…their lives…their everything at a much higher rate than the deaths from this virus…if you can even believe the numbers because they are all LIES! IT’S A FUCKING JOKE.


This week we went for our weekly shop at Walmart and they have issued a nationwide mask mandate, even though South Dakota does not have a mask mandate. The sad thing is we witnessed what to us is the worse, devastating effect it is having on the Americans. Before even entering we witnessed several loud disturbances between customers and workers with the workers being at blame. They were rude and VERY AUTHORITATIVE to all customers, acting like the Gestapo and causing even more anger and confusion. The rest of the people looked like sheep being led into the slaughter house on command, it was eerie and has left an emptiness inside our hearts. 


While shopping we noticed people once again as we noticed at the start of this Pandemic, people avoiding one another, not just physically but not even looking at one another, and the worse part just being rude to one another. Then upon exiting there were people still being confrontational to each other and one woman even flipped me off because I was walking too slow.


None of this has been the normal for us the past few months since arriving in South Dakota, because this governor had not been mandating all the bull shit as other states and it had been tolerable to live. WE HAVE CHOSEN TO BOYCOTT ALL STORES AND PLACES THAT ARE MANDATING MASKS. There is absolutely NO proven results that masks are working, they feel it might be slowing the virus, and when that said mask is making us sick, we have the right to refuse to wear one.


We cannot emphasize enough about how serious this is for us to wear these masks, we can’t breathe, we get dizzy and just about faint, we gag, we cough, we get swollen and breakout in the area where the mask is on our faces. At work we must wear them so we do, but we are allowed to take them off as often as we are able too, but on our days off we don’t wear them at all and all those symptoms disappear.


The reality is we may get the virus, we also might pass the virus to others, we may die from it, or the better chance is we may survive it. But we are tired of living in fear of something that might happen, we are rebels, we are adventurous and we want to live the few short years we have left loving and living life to the fullest. Also in reality according to “the numbers”, we have a better chance of dying from a vehicle accident, or hundreds of other ways, but that has not put our lives on hold and this will not either for us.


Now there’s a cash shortage…seriously we are about to lose it…why aren’t people speaking up about all this stupidity…instead too many Americans are following along as if they have been brainwashed. Went to several stores and there were signs that stated “NO CASH BACK” or “EXACT CHANGE ONLY”…REALLY?


Erasing history will only cause people to have to repeat it until they get it right. Why not allow our history to stay intact and learn from it? If the many conversations and/or reactions of people from our pasts were spoken today, it would probably be a different tone. Back then we didn’t know any better, but now that we are able to see these situations in a different light, we are most likely to change our dialogues, but only if we are able to look back and see those mistakes. What the hell is wrong with everyone today, get a grip on life and understand we were not perfect, but we are learning from our pasts and are making a better future because of those mistakes.


The numbers are LIES...not just by over-inflating but also by claiming other viruses as this...there are hundreds of strains that have been around for years...also if a person ever tested positive for COVID-19 and dies of a heart attack or even a car accident, they are putting cause of death as the virus. THE NUMBERS ARE LIES...we as Americans must question everything due to crooked politicians and the outrageous media frenzy!


Friends of ours went to a clinic in New York to be tested but after a few hours in line, they left without taking the test, two days later they received a call that they both tested positive for COVID-19. Another good friend of ours was battling cancer and was losing his battle, he passed away and without hesitation they said his cause of death was the virus...HE WAS DYING OF CANCER! Another friend survived the virus and a month later had a heart attack at 60, but on his death certificate it stated COVID-19 as the cause of death.  Maybe this is just a few but if this is happening to them, then how many others is this happening to?


Many states are recording positive testing but not the negatives which makes numbers totally lopsided.


How can several athletes test positive one day, then a few days later test negative several times?


Doesn’t anybody else see the destruction that all these lies are causing? It is not the virus that is killing Americans, it is the lies, the injustice, the dividing of our Country by these crooked politicians and media frenzy. It’s time we all as Americans stand tall and refuse to follow along like obedient children with no minds of our own. We need to question everything! This has to stop before we all lose our rights, our choices and our land of the free.


For all you who believe that masks are the cure or a slow down technique, here is a statistic that is not going viral, why, because it is good news NOT doing what many of you are shoving down our throats. South Dakota does not have mask mandates and there are thousands and we mean thousands of new visitors coming through daily since Memorial Weekend just in our area, some wearing, but many not wearing them. This official chart shows no spikes in cases...hmmmm...ONCE AGAIN MEDIA FRENZY HAS LED YOU ALL TO BELIEVE SOMETHING THAT ISN’T TRUE BUT YOU ALL CONTINUE TO OBEDIENTLY WEAR YOUR MASKS BECAUSE THEY TELL YOU TO...when will you all wise up and understand they are trying to divide and conquer us all! This is a political ploy...stop allowing them to take control of our rights that so many before us fought to death to keep us free! 

We refuse to allow the hatred, the greed, and the fear to rule us, as we said earlier in this post, we plan to live our lives to the fullest and not allow all this craziness to keep us from doing what we love. Peace and love to everyone, and if you don’t like what we wrote then unfriend us or move on because we don’t have time to debate your feelings, we are too busy loving and living our lives!

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Our Badlands Adventure

It was around 80 miles to our first stop at Wall Drug and it was interesting. Main Street was filled with gift shops, a few saloons, restaurants and jewelry stores where we picked up our souvenirs. 

Then just a short drive to the entrance of Badlands National Park where we paid $30 to enter. Wow, were we ever amazed, it was like a miniature Grand Canyon with nooks and crannies every turn. Breathtaking, spectacular, gorgeous, and fabulous all rolled into a great drive.

We came back to Hill City for our hotel stay once again at Comfort Inn & Suites and all of our time this time in the spa was shared with screaming kids, but it was a good soak.

We also had a wine tasing at Firehouse Winery in Hill City that we found our only favorite was Mythical Beast, as we chose a few weeks ago when we tasted it in Keystone.

We are slowly running out of things to do in the area, but we only have a little over a month left and several of those weeks we plan to stay close to home since Sturgis will be happening and we do not want to be anywhere during those times.

Tuesday, July 07, 2020

Devil’s Tower Adventure

Another check off our Life List and as we stared at it holding onto one another, the tears welled up in our eyes, but they were happy tears. It felt so peaceful to be near this magnificent wonder, knowing the story of what the Indians believe how it was created. 

The princesses were running from a ravaging bear and prayed for their safety and the Gods grew the land they were on. The claw marks up and down the tower were from the bear attempting to climb up and get them. Or, the scientific method which has something to do with a volcano theory…we will choose the Indian story.


Our drive was spectacular as always, these hills make wonderful views.

We checked into the Double Tree by Hilton in Deadwood where we had a King Bed Suite that had all the amenities we needed. The bed was so comfortable, the shower was spectacular and there was so much room.

Our work week was stressful, besides it being extremely busy because of Independence Day and Trump’s visit, but also because the winery was so hot and these masks only made us much more uncomfortable. Again, so many conversations about mask wearing has been challenging again this week, so once again…If you feel wearing your mask will protect you then wear it, but we do not feel there is any research to prove it. So us not wearing our mask should not be your concern since you are protected by wearing yours. Simply put...so let’s stop making such a big deal about wearing one or not and go about getting Americans to join together in peace and let go of all the judging. All this is doing is dividing us as a country...we all need to allow one another to do what is best for themselves or else we will continue to divide as a nation and then where will we be...a huge fact everyone seems to ignore is that the survival percentage of this virus is 99%...smaller than anything else that could kill you today...LETS KEEP THIS IN PERSPECTIVE!


We’ve had some strange weather this week…very intense storms with hail…these clouds were gorgeous until a South Dakotan claimed that they were hail clouds, and boy was she right, the hail was ferocious.

Another question from one of our readers this week was, “How do we find our Workamping jobs?” We use several different methods, one of those methods are several websites catering to working on the road, such as…


Workers On Wheels (WOW) – This is a free site with lots of jobs and lots of information, coming from a couple who is living the lifestyle.


Workamper – This is a paid site with many jobs and information.


Workamping Jobs – This is a free site with many jobs.


Working Couples – This is a $5 per month site that you can join and stop as often as you need to do with lots of jobs.