Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!

Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!
Traveling...Resting...Relaxing...On Our Way Out West Somewhere...Where We Land Nobody Knows...

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Lake Havasu City, AZ 86404
1/5-1/12/2010, 3/19-3/26/2012, 1/6-1/8/2014, 4/7/2015, 12/1-12/5/2015,

What a difference great office personnel does for the entire stay. We were greeted with a smile, and apology for not being at the office when we arrived so that we had to radio her to come check us in. Trust us, it was not an inconvenience waiting the few moments for her to make her way to the office. She then asked us...we have NEVER been asked and they have made it perfectly clear to us that as C2C members and not CRA members that we get what we get. We were given a spectacular site across the street in as how we put it, in hotzy totzy area of the park and we LOVED it. It felt as if we were in an entirely different park. It really didn't take much for her to make us feel like a millions dollars and that is all we ever ask for, just some common courtesy.

Not much has changed...unfortunately the people at the main office of Colorado River Adventures are the same nasty people whenever we attempt to change our reservation within that 72 hour period.  They should all take notes from the people who are actually at the parks since they are usually very nice and accommodating.

In December we had a little run in with the lady in the office about our site...she put us in a site right next to another site that was occupied and overlapping onto our site with stuff and vehicles when there were many other sites available. We asked to be moved and she was outright rude but finally Jerry calmly convinced her to move us. As far as customer service at the Colorado River Adventures locations we are NOT happy with it but the price and location is right so we tolerate the incompetence of the individuals who seems are just unhappy with life itself.

We stayed all times using our Coast to Coast for $10 per night without any additional charges for a water, electric, sewer, flat, graveled fairly good size site. Our Verizon MiFi and phones roamed the entire time we were here but we were able to get our computer work completed without too much inconvenience.

This park is very well maintained with security everywhere, quiet, dark and very peaceful which made it great for a good night sleep. The staff and the guests were very friendly with loads of activities for one and all. We attended a few and had a blast, we even hit a few big jackpots at Bingo.

This park is separated into two parts across the road from one another, the east and the west. Both have restrooms, recreation areas and pools that can be used by all guests.

The laundry was on the main road and was actually used for the general public and only had 6 washers and 6 dryers which made it really inconvenient for us having to wait for availability. We remembered this from our first visit and did not plan to do any laundry on this visit.

If we are ever in the area again, we would definitely stay here again and highly recommend it but you have to be a member of Coast to Coast or CRA.

Sunday, December 04, 2016

1258 N Central Blvd
Quartzsite, AZ 85346

Using our Passport America 50% off membership we stayed 2 nights for the price of 1, a mandatory minimum stay required. We paid $12.50 per night for a flat, level, water, electric and sewer pull through site on gravel that included free WiFi.

It was a typical park in Quartzsite, no frills but the hosts were very accommodating and they did have laundry facilities. 

The road noise was apparent as it is in most of the parks here since they are mostly on the main highway in town. This one is the first one when you arrive in town on the right coming from Lake Havasu.

When passing through, we would stay again.

Friday, December 02, 2016

1511 E Florence Blvd
Casa Grande, AZ 85222
11/26-11/30/2015, 11/25-12/2/2016

2016 UPDATE - We paid $21.05 for the same site as last year using our Coast to Coast Membership, only this year we took a walk and took pictures.

We paid $19.87 using our Coast to Coast Membership, resort fees and taxes per night for a level pull through site on gravel with water, electric and sewer that included cable.

This is your typical Encore RV Resort with all the amenities and plenty of activities. There are many permanent sites that are very well maintained and they do not have that discriminating 10 year older policy but there were not any eyesores throughout the over 700 sites either, so they are doing something right.

Again, no photos due to us just not having the strength to take a walk because of my continuous knee pain but it is getting better day by day.

We would highly recommend this resort and if we plan to stay in Casa Grande again we would definitely try to get in here with our membership.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Valley Vista RV Resort
1060 S Highway 80
Benson, AZ  85602
2/11-2/18/2014, 11/24/2016

2016 UPDATE - We paid $14.46 using our Coast to Coast and additional taxes and resort fees for the same site as we had back in 2014. It was Thanksgiving Day so the office was closed but they left an envelope with our information. Customer service was fabulous over the phone since we just made the reservation the day before due to the windy weather which usually with Coast to Coast is unheard of but they made our reservation without any hassles. 

This is an Encore Resort where we used our Coast to Coast membership and we paid $13.32 which included a resort fee and taxes for a water, electric, and sewer on a fairly level gravel site.  It was nice not to be on top of our neighbor, some of the sites were a bit closer together but ours was wide and long.  They offered WiFi and cable with an additional charge, our Verizon phones and MiFi worked great so we did not need to pay the extra charge.

The landscaping was desert and well maintained.

The restrooms and laundry area was kept sparkly clean.

They had loads of activities since it is still snowbird time in this area but we like that we were still able to take advantage of our Coast to Coast membership.  The pool and spa was inviting but it was still a bit chilly for us to partake in the activity.

We would definitely stay here again if we are passing through but to stay for a long stay like a week there is not much to do in the area and there are no bike paths and the highway is too busy to feel safe.

Very rarely and especially in the middle of the night we could hear a faint noise coming from the highway and the train tracks, otherwise it was really quiet and dark.  The weather was perfect, warm days and cool nights, who could ask for anything more?

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

740 Stern Drive
Las Cruces, NM 88005
11/25/2015, 11/23/16

We paid $44.82, a little more than we usually like to spend for a spacious pull through site on a concrete slab with water, electric and sewer that included free WiFi and cable.

We didn’t get out to explore due to our circumstances but we are confident that all the amenities which are plenty are all very well maintained as was the manicured landscaping.

No photos due to our extensive travel, my knee injury and the consistent rain but our plan is to revisit for a few nights on our next travel through this area. There were lots of interesting places in the area we want to see, including a winery a block away and this place even though a little expensive is where we will stay and we highly recommend it to others.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Tra-Park RV Park
3100 Moore Street
Pecos, TX  79772
2/25/2014, 11/22/2016

2016 UPDATE - It's as if 2 years never passed, everything was the same...EXCEPT the price. We paid $28 for the exact same site as we had two years ago. Customer service was exceptional once again but the only reason we stopped here was the wind was awful and we were not making it another mile so we pulled off and found this place and then realized we stayed here a few years ago.

We paid $20.50 using our EscapeesRV Club Membership for a pull through/back in water, electric, sewer site on level gravel with a concrete pad.  The sites were really close to one another and were set up a bit strange.

They do have laundry facilities that are located in the office area and look as if they were maintained.  We did not check out the restrooms but they were available with a combination lock given to guests at check in time.

This area of Texas has been taken over by oil workers and this park is no different.  The area is a bit rundown and they have no amenities to offer. They only thing they were at the top was their customer service.  We were treated wonderfully and we felt safe but that alone would not be enough to bring us back to this park again.

Midland RV Campground
2134 S Midland Drive
Midland, TX  79703
2/25/2014, 11/21/2016

2016 - We stopped in for just one night while traveling through Texas and things remained the same at this campground, no upgrades but just maintained. The entire area seems even more run down then it was a few years ago when we passed through then. The host was friendly and this time we actually got into the pull through sites but the way the posts are setup you are sharing so you are right next to your neighbor which we do not care for that type of setup. We paid $31.50 using our 10% Good Sam discount for a water, electric, sewer site on fairly level gravel.

2014 - The weather took a huge turn for us and it was frigid, wet and icy so unfortunately we did not take any photos…we were just relieved that they were able to squeeze us into a site.

We paid $27.20 using our Escapees RV Club Membership 15% discount for an electric, water, sewer, (which we did not hook up either due to freezing temperatures) back in site on a fairly level gravel surface.  Sites were backed into one another but were fairly wide so it did not feel like we were on top of one another.

This area as well is inundated with oil workers but we felt safe and were so relieved that they were able to find us a site since when we first walked in they said they were booked but this site was reserved for a long termer who just had not made it in yet.

The only amenities they have were laundry and restrooms that we did not take the time to check out at all.

We were greeted by very accommodating hosts that helped us to our site and were just as nice as could be.  But again this alone would not be enough of a reason for us to return again but if we were to find ourselves in the area again we would stay here.

Sunday, October 09, 2016

Let Our VACATION Begin…

Not as if this all doesn’t feel all like a vacation already, we get a week off in between Toledo, Ohio and heading to Newark, Delaware where we plan to do much more sight-seeing.

For now, let us share with you the past week…

We were hoping to spend some down time on Lake Erie and the plan was to first visit, Huron, Ohio. A very small town located on the channel where ships go in and out of but that did not happen. We made our reservation to hang out at the Comfort Inn River’s Edge for two nights but when we arrived on Monday afternoon we seen that the place was locked up tight. They are closed for the season during the week but our reservation went through…since we were only 25 miles from our next location right on Lake Erie we were able to change up our reservation to Monday and Tuesday instead of Wednesday and Thursday, thank goodness. The strange thing is that when I attempted to cancel the original one where they were closed we were within the 24 cancellation policy and they were charging us…so I got all the information and sent it to our main office and letting them handle it. How crazy is that?

Instead we stayed at the Quality Inn in Port Clinton right on Lake Erie for two nights and had some great needed R&R. The water is our sanctuary and puts us into our happy places so it was great. 

They even gave us a room with a Jacuzzi, but it had a strange setup…no privacy and even after over 20 years of marriage, there are a few things we just do not do in front of one another so it was a bit uncomfortable.

The early morning as we were leaving Port Clinton, as I went to check the trailer lights lo and behold they were not working so we tried troubleshooting them ourselves checking connections, fuses and wires but found nothing so we checked around and there are only a few shops in this area and the first few we called were not taking any more business until early next week…ugh! We did not want to drive without our trailer lights since first it was raining and then to complicate the matter our trailer plates are expired, they are current but the tag was not put on the plate and we are waiting for it to be shipped to us by the main office. We finally found a place that would take us now but it definitely cost us but they were able to find the issue in just over an hour and we were once again on our way.

We stopped at the Hollywood Casino in Toledo and hit all sorts of jackpots, one major one so we are doing well. 

Life is grand and things are falling into place for us and all we hope is it continues so we can make our next phase in our lives a smooth one, whatever that next transition turns out to be...we still have no clue.

We had a GREAT event in Toledo, not only surpassing our goal but by bunches…KACHING!

Left Toledo and made it to Geneva on the Lake in Ohio for a few days of rest and adventures. We had such a marvelous time, hanging out on our patio meditating on Lake Erie, taking a Wine Tour and had a blast, we will write a separate blog on the wineries and our stay at the Lodge.

Things were going so well and we were really enjoying ourselves, all awhile we were keeping an eye on Matthew who if predictions were correct was going to be in our path for our upcoming adventures. Unfortunately, we listened to the initial predictions and began to change and even cancel some of our plans and that is when all hell began breaking loose for us. It always seems to happen to us that when we make decisions out of fear the Universe kicks us around, so it’s time to get back into the flow of our lives and get back on the happy train!

Thursday, October 06, 2016

Lodge at Geneva Lake & Our Wine Tour

Lodge at Geneva on the Lake
4800 North Broadway
Geneva-on-the-Lake, OH 44041

Our original plan was to just stay and relax for 2 days but added an extra night while we readjusted our plans to head to the east coast since the uncertainty of Matthew still existed. Could not have picked a better place to stay. A bit costly but thank goodness the company picked up more than half of our costs or it would have been about $200 per night which is definitely out of our budget range.

Our view was spectacular and we were up on the 3rd floor so we slept with our sliding glass door open all night so we could hear the sounds of the water, the wind and the geese…it was glorious.

We ate a few meals at Horizon’s which is located in the hotel…

Since we were not driving we chose to have some wine, one Sangria and a nice, sweet, fresh Riesling from the local wineries...

We started with Popcorn Walleye...How we missed good Walleye...

For dinner Jerry had the Beer Battered Fish & Chips…

And I ate the Asparagus Ravioli…

Both were good but neither were spectacular, but the Popcorn Walleye was fabulous.

We also had the Breakfast Buffet one morning that had some good choices, especially the Potato Pancakes and the French Toast…

We took the Wine Tour which Frank, our shuttle driver and guide picked us up at the hotel and we went to several wineries, Jerry was patiently waiting to load the shuttle...

Our first stop was at Kosicek Vineyards, where we tasted the best Slushy Wines, one was a Riesling and the other was Dam Red, both had the uniqueness of being frozen but they both had a sweet and yummy frozen delight to them. 

We also tasted several others, including a Vidal Blanc, Niagara, 534, Blush, and El Nino’ Concord Iced Wine. Most were good but we didn’t purchase any bottles but would have if the slushies could be bottled.

Our next stop was at Ferrante Winery, since coming into the area we had already purchased a few bottles of their brand at local stores. They have Flights which gives you several tastes for a reasonable price…our Flight included Riesling American, Riesling Finger Lakes Signature Series, Vidal Blanc, Bianco, Rosato, Jester’s Blush, Rosso, White and Pink Catawba’s. We enjoyed many of the tastes but since we had already bought the Catawba’s before we bought the Vidal Blanc to take home. I also purchased a grape necklace that I fell in love with.

By this time the shuttle bus had become a singing, laughing ride while Frank took us through some of the great scenic roads, including over a few of the covered bridges in the area.

When we arrived at Debonne Vineyards we were all ready for more shopping and tastings which we did…this time our Flight included, Vidal Blanc and Iced Wine, White and Pink Catawba’s, Moscato-Riesling, Classic Rose and 3 very fruity, very sweet wines…Peach Tree Grigio, Strawberry Rose, Blueberry Noir. They all were good, some better than others but the one that stood out and was worthy of a bottle purchase was the Moscato-Riesling and I also purchased earrings and a ring to go with the necklace we purchased at the last stop.

Our final stop was at church, the South River Vineyard where they were working on the steeple. This was the most unique place of all, it had been years since I have sat in a pew and the years of Catholic school returned to me immediately when I sat on that most uncomfortable pew ever. At the same time, we loved the place and its uniqueness…our Flight included Creation, Temptation, Riesling Reserve and the Blush Ice Wine. They were good blends but nothing stood out for us so we finished our flight and walked the grounds which were so inviting and comforting.

The drive back was much calmer than the other drives, we all seemed to have had enough tastes and we all had bottles to take back with us.

Our stay here was FANTASTIC and we would highly recommend it to everyone and if we ever have the opportunity again, we would definitely stay here and do another wine tour.