Where We've Been (45 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!

Where We've Been (45 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!
Currently we are hanging out in Ocotillo Wells, California for a few months dishing up some scrumptious food at the Blu In Cafe...come see us if you are in the neighborhood...there are wide open spaces every place you look!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Annoyances Along the Way

For the past few days I have been doing a lot of whining, the wind has been awful and still continues to come and go but at least now there are intervals of none.  It began at 5pm on Saturday and did not stop until sometime late Monday evening.  We (I) finally got a good night’s after two very long and sleepless nights.  I say we but it was me who was not sleeping, Jerry can sleep through anything and he would if it wasn’t for me getting up and either having the TV on or the watching the weather warnings when we are back east where the really wicked stuff happens.  Here for the past few nights we have had some pretty wicked wind, lots of it and pretty strong for my taste so I kept the TV on to avoid hearing the gusts but we still feel them.  For some reason I feel safer up, instead of in bed where all of the sudden it wakes me from a sound sleep.  I worry about the wind blowing us over, or blowing us apart, or blowing something into us.  What ever happened to the days of no worries, it seems they are gone and I truly want them back.  I need to find my Hakuna Matata place in life again.

We still have about a month left here and I continue to get annoyed over such trivial things.  The plan was to open our windows for the first time since Saturday and dust off the inside and the outside but then the wind started to blow again and I find myself once again doing some stinking thinking.  I don’t want to be here anyway, I would rather be traveling and doing other things in different areas but life has put us here and I have to just suck it up…

Things had not worked out as we planned last year and so far this year we are not where we want to be either but we need to get back up and just enjoy what we have and STOP whining about what we don’t have.  This is getting harder every time our life takes another turn in the opposite direction of our dreams.

The dream was to be working out west full time for Scootaround by now and that is no longer even a blip on our radar.  Another part of the plan was to find some work to supplement our time here and to keep me busy but that has fallen flat.  I am not sure how others find legitimate online work that can be done from home but for me it has been unsuccessful too many times and believe me it is NOT from lack of trying.  Every day from the time we were told we would not be returning to the Christmas tree lot I have been sending out my resume, testing and finding more sites to put my resume out there but NOTHING ever comes of it.  I barely get any responses, except I have noticed a huge increase of new junk emails that offer me all sorts of things I don’t need nor do I want.  I have ideas of branching out and doing other things I love from our RV but they also never quite take off in the right direction and honestly I can’t understand what I am doing so wrong while others are successful in making it happen and I can’t even get it off the ground.  The one thing I know is that I will never give up but it is also getting harder to say that and to truly believe it.

Being positive and upbeat is a huge undertaking for me lately and being negative is just not a good feeling to experience either so I continue to see the bright side since the dark side is too ugly for me to want to hold onto.  But, when do you finally say enough is enough and just give up?

We had jobs lined up working at Phoenix International Raceway and Las Vegas Motor Speedway to work the upcoming NASCAR races but we had to take this job to keep us afloat until then and now we won’t leave because these people are really great people.  We were hoping it would not work out here and we would be able to work for a short time and then do the races but our plans never seem to work out the way we plan.  How strange is that?  Wishing our plan would NOT work out so that we can go to Plan B since it was something we really enjoyed doing, instead Plan A worked out too well and now we can’t go to Plan B because we really like these people and do not want to leave them without any help and it is too late in the season for them to find anyone in the kitchen to replace Jerry.

Again, what are we doing wrong?  How hard can it be to find work that allows us to travel continuously, to be able to pay the bills with what we make and to have it be a fun job that we enjoy?  Apparently, pretty hard for us since we have been searching for over 10 years now and are no further in finding it then we were back then.  The only thing we now know are the things that do not work for us, we are still waiting for the things that do work for us.  

It is a brand new day and I am working hard at getting out of my “poor me pity party” attitude and get back to not taking our lives for granted, enjoying what we have, living life to the fullest and trying hard to get back to believing that it can and it will happen for us! 

Friday, February 13, 2015

Getting Too Old For Some Places

Never thought we would ever feel this way…

Maggie has always passed the 10 year rule whenever they have enforced it because she always looked good even though she is much older but that has all changed now that our quick, cheap fixes of her dry rot expansions are now showing her age.

We were having a really hard time making reservations for our upcoming commitment with Scootaround and were getting really concerned about things falling into place but as usual we persevered.  Even though we live by the saying that if it don’t come easy let it go, there is always those exceptions.  Also, we were not sure exactly what we needed to let go of but we now know it was not the entire event but just the place we should stay.  Not sure exactly why we were not intended to stay there but we have learned we do not argue too much with the Universe when it is clearly making a statement. Unfortunately many times as we are being pig headed and do not listen and continue to force the issue, we eventually get it.  This time took way too much time for us to finally get it and understand that we were not meant to stay at Surf and Turf RV Park in Del Mar, California while we worked the event.

About a month ago, we began attempting to make reservations there and thought that we were in even though my calls and emails were no longer being answered I just assumed it would be all right.  The week prior to us arriving I needed to give them the company credit card information to be charged and when she finally got back to me the day before we were leaving she said she was out of town for a family funeral and her assistant messed up the reservations and she no longer had a spot available at the weekly price but would set us up paying the daily rate which had doubled since she now said we would need to pay for two sites…OMG we are only 28’ long.  Anyway we agreed and then began to look elsewhere and everything else by then was booked except one which was further away in the opposite direction so we just decided we would just suck it up and allow her to swindle us.

We pulled into the RV Park which was just a gravel parking lot with water and electric, no sewer, no clubhouse, no facilities and were immediately approached by an elderly lady with broken English who asked very curtly what we were doing there.  I explained we were the Peterson’s and had a reservation which she immediately stated that she could not, would not allow us to stay because of the condition of our rig.  While coming into the parking lot we drove by several older and rugged looking trailers and she had the nerve to state this and then we noticed all the sites were filled.  She was rude and snooty and even though we were upset knowing we may not have a place to stay, I had this calming about me that I could not explain but now know that it was the Universe telling me that this is NOT where we are supposed to stay.  So I said to her, “Karma will come back and bite you in the ass because you were so nasty to us, have a nice day.” And we drove away!

We called the park that was further away from the event in the opposite direction and they had a vacancy so we drove there and hooked up.  Then what happened was exactly why I was calmed the day before…

As it turned out the bike trail from this park to the event was excellent and to top it off it ended up being 2 miles closer since where our booth was located was actually at a different location then the front gate. 

We are learning that if you just allow things to come a bit easier to you that it will all work out instead of constantly forcing things that are not falling into place.

We have also learned that we really do not want to be anywhere that is not receptive to our appearances.  We are who we are and even though Maggie is looking a bit tattered and torn we are still the same people and to be treated as if we are old and worn out is just wrong.  We may not have the funds to replace her and a total repair is not in our budget either, but if people look down on us because of it then we now understand, it is their issue not ours.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Ma-Tar-Awa RV Camper Park

25 Browns Road
Alpine, CA  91901

After working the event in San Diego a little play time was well deserved so instead of taking the same route back to the Blu In Café we chose to take the roundabout way.

We paid $35 for a water, electric, sewer, grassy site that was not level at all and even using all of our blocks we could not get level but it was just for one night so we dealt with it.

The layout of the sites were confusing and when the very accommodating, extremely friendly, pleasant girl at the desk highlighted the available sites and said to choose any of them we thought it was a nice gesture.  Since our main objective was to enjoy some playtime at the Casino we chose the one closest to the office since that is where the shuttle picks us up.

Most of the sites were permanents that had plenty of barking dogs that continued at all hours of the night. The roads were all dirt and it was hard in many areas to establish the road from a site.  The only way we could tell where a site was by the hookup posts and that was not always clear.

The pool was well maintained but the restrooms and laundry facility is located in the gated area where we could not enter.

There was a small store that carried many of the essentials, and a game area for the kids to play.

They did give us coupons for 50% off of any of the restaurants at the Casino and other coupons for the outlets but we only used the restaurant coupon.

This park is more for the camping folks and we prefer resorts so we would not consider staying here again.  If we want to play at the Casino in the future we will boondock as we have in the past.

For more photos, check out our Google + Web Albums.

Monday, February 09, 2015

Santa Fe Park

Santa Fe Park
5707 Santa Fe Street
San Diego, CA  92109
858-272-4051 or 800-959-3787

While working at the golf course we had other reservations lined up but at the last minute they fell through so we remembered this place on our research and they happened to have availability for the time we needed.

We got the weekly rate, but could have also used our Passport America to save 50% but because we forgot to mention it at check in we were unable to use it.  Since our company was paying the bill we decided not to push the issue in fear of them turning us away like the last park due to Maggie’s age and condition.

We paid $442 for the week which equals out to $63.15 per day for a water, electric, and sewer, semi level site on a slab with some grass, a picnic table and barbeque pit.  Our site was located directly under some pretty old and very tall trees that did drop little seeds on our roof but was not bad enough to keep us awake or startle us too much.

The sites were so close together and because of the humongous tree over us we were unable to find our satellite connection so we hooked up their free cable.  We had initially set up our dish about a foot onto our neighbors site where there was clearing from the tree but that was short lived since the neighbor asked us to move it since it made it more difficult for him to pull his truck in and out.  His truck was almost touching our rig once he was parked.  As stated above the sites were so very close together.

The park is located on a dead end road with only one way in or out with the freeway right in the front of the park and the Coaster at the rear which really made for a noisy time to sleep but after sleeping in complete silence in the desert this was a nice change except for one night that the train conductor decided to honk and honk and honk in the wee hours of the night.  Thank goodness that just happened one night.

They have a nice pool and spa area that was well maintained.

The laundry room has plenty of washer and dryers and it was connected to the game area which would be nice to pass the time while doing the laundry.

As far as recommending this place, well the manager and workers were kind, nothing over the top and borderline rude at times but at least they allowed us to stay.  The location was so convenient for us, especially because the bike trail was located just down the dead end road and that was our transportation to and from the golf course every day for that week.

We would stay here if we are ever in the area again for work or site seeing, but we would not go out of our way to recommend or stay unless location was our main reason.

For more photos, check out our Google + Web Albums.

Sunday, February 08, 2015

Scootaround Work at Torrey Pines Golf Course

We took a weekend off working at the Blu In Café to head out of the desert and to the coast.  That in itself was exciting but working with Scootaround was the icing on the cake.  Still wish they would get more events out west where we could make it work all year for us, even the ones back east are not enough to keep our funds growing but we are not giving up on that dream just yet.

Back to this event, we were here for a week, working the event Wednesday through Sunday renting out scooters at the Farmers Insurance Open, we did have to unload the scooters and set up the booth on Tuesday but that was only a few hours, the same with Wednesday, but Thursday through Sunday we worked all day.

This has not been one of the busier events with only 20 scooters and just Jerry and myself working the booth, but no matter we are still having a great time.

Torrey Pines Golf Course is located in La Jolla, California, a subsidiary of San Diego and located right on the Pacific Ocean.  The views are spectacular and the weather is perfect, highs upper 60’s to lower 70’s and lows in the 50’s with foggy mornings which makes it feel a bit chilly but perfect none the less.

The bike rides uphill were a bit challenging but all downhill home was fun and the entire trip was on bike routes which made it so nice.  We got to watch some golf but we could not take any photos during play.  It was a really good group of folks working at this event and most of the customers were great to work with as well.  We did have a few not so nice folks but that is their issue not ours, and we refused to allow their cloudy dispositions to block our sunny days.  Life is way too short to worry about them instead we enjoyed ourselves and called it our work vacation, since working for Scootaround is so easy, then we will take a few days for a play vacation before we need to head back to the desert back to the real work.

For more photos, check out our Google + Web Albums.

Sunday, February 01, 2015

Ten Years Ago It All Began…

Even though the research began so many years prior, this is the actual day we had it all sold and we were “homeless” and so many dreams in our hearts.

We have to go back a little bit…

We both had this dream to travel from the time we were very young and when we married we shared those thoughts with one another but as life sometimes goes, it got in our way and we put that dream on the back burner…again!

We had a successful tile installation company, we were blessed with a grandson and we had a 4 bedroom, 2 ½ car garage that was packed with “stuff” and we were living the “American Dream”. 

But it was not our dream and then significant changes began to happen in our lives, we lost my baby brother, Jeff who hid his sadness behind a bottle as many people do but he died at forty taking all of his dreams with him.  A short year later my mother passed, then Jerry’s dad passed, then we lost our daughter and grandson a year into living this lifestyle.  We now consider ourselves orphans with no family, just each other and we are happy with it.

Our initial dream was to travel the NASCAR circuit but just a few weeks prior to us adventuring out the floor dropped out from under us and our dream took a very nasty turn.  We lost our RV, we lost set jobs along the way, we had nothing but a dream.  Jerry wanted to get our stationary lives back and me, well, being the dreamer I am, I talked him into staying in the mobile lifestyle and came up with a marvelous idea…so I thought.  We would find work that included housing, and/or tenting along the way.

It was rough, it was scary and I silently cried very often but I could not let Jerry see that because he just wanted to hang up the keys and get back to the stationary lifestyle where he had security.  Me, I knew if we went back, we would never come out again and I could not allow our dream to go under again.  So we fought, and we fought hard to stay afloat.  We found ourselves several times in the middle of nowhere with nothing, but we persevered and we made it to another state, another job, and many more items on our bucket list to cross off.  Not the way we had it planned but truly exciting none the less. 

Not always the way Jerry seen it, but then after about 3 years of continuous struggling, he came around and knew that this is our lives and he needed to jump on board and just live it.  That is the way we have been doing it now for 10 years…

“Living on a wing and a prayer.”  “Living by the seat of our pants.”  No bank account, no safety net, no idea at times where are next meal will come from or if we will make it to our next destination.  But, you know what, we would not trade the wonderful memories for anything.  We have been able to see the United States in depth and enjoy places we would have never been able to see if we were not traveling full time.

Would we like to have it differently?  Of course, nobody likes living by the seat of their pants, not even us who make it look good, but the alternative is just not an option.  Being in a stationary home lifestyle, working the same job, seeing the same scenery with only a few weeks for vacation is just not the life we want for ourselves.  So we continue to struggle, but through each struggle we learn a life lesson and we grow.

Our relationship was strong prior to us coming out here, but now it is so much stronger and the love between us is so deep and the respect for one another is absolutely the greatest is could ever be.  We would not trade any of this for anything, but if the Universe could make things easier, we would not complain.  But if not we will continue to live this lifestyle with all we got or don’t have and enjoy every moment of it.

Life is Good!

Friday, January 30, 2015

Shifting Focus…AGAIN!

It feels like whenever I stop dreaming and believing that we will someday have the things we desire that I get into a slump.

We do not ask for much, what we want is our Bigfoot 29G motorhome and a bank balance that does not consistently reach zero.  Otherwise our lives are perfect.

When I constantly dwell on the things we do not have instead of all the good things we do have I find myself feeling less of who I am, then there is always that big BUT…

But, Maggie is falling apart and each time we take a ride, we fear the worst.  Yes, she is a tough gal but even us tough ones have breaking points and we just hope she holds on a bit longer until we get this all figured out and I hope I hang in there too.

I have not been able to find any online work that is paying so that leaves me with loads of time to think…Being left alone with my thoughts is not always a good thing, plus this is the time of the year of anniversaries, not just the good ones of our wedding but the deaths and birthdays of loved ones we have lost which makes me sad and I do not like being sad.

There was a time many years ago that I was a very negative and sad person all the time but now I love being positive, upbeat, happy and very grateful to be alive every moment of every day.

Our new plan is to settle in somewhere for a few months with us both working so that we can think about our next step which has to be a new rig.  We do not want to carry a note but we also do not have $50,000 to purchase our next rig.  So, that being said we will have to go to Plan B…settle for something else since the Bigfoot 29G motorhomes are far and few between and they do not make them any longer. 

Dreams do not always come true and there are times that reality is so far from your dreams that it makes you wonder if dreaming is a good thing or a curse after all…see too much time on my hands to be thinking all the time.

The problem is…I am a dreamer…always have been and always need and want to be.  Without my dreams my life is just not worth living.  Not everyone always gets what they go after, even if they believe and work hard for it.  Others get it handed to them, then others work hard and get nothing.  Unfortunately the latter is me and always has been.

This blog should be titled whining since I am doing a lot of it, but I need to express myself or it will continue to fester inside and wreak havoc on my health. 

We have confirmation on work once this one ends…we will be staying out west in the Bryce Canyon area.  Yes, we spent the first year of this lifestyle in that area but our computer crashed at the end and we lost most if not all of our photos.  And, since it is such a picturesque area we decided to spend a summer at Ruby’s Inn working in the General Store as cashiers, both of us working 40+ hours.  We will be there from May until October and hopefully the weekly side trips to the marvelous surrounding areas will ease my hitch itch, if not I will just have to suck it up.

Our ideal way to live this lifestyle is to be on the move consistently but enough jobs are not coming to us to make it work financially for us so we have to go to the next plan.  Since we love this area, need photos, great work reviews and our interview with them went so well we decided that the Universe was telling us to take it, and we did.

Finally…after a 2 week delay we received our package from FedEx.  Now they are claiming that there was the first attempt where the driver claimed the address could not be located and SOMEONE changed the city to Ramona, which is 80 miles from our location.  Anyway they will be looking into who and why the change was made and apologized.  But what matters is we finally got our package and lesson learned we will not be sending our snail mail or any other package to us while we are still located here in the middle of the desert.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Today I Whine and, Not the Good Wine

We are in the middle of nowhere and it is hard enough with limited, very limited cell phone coverage.  Enough so that we do not make or receive any calls because they all drop sometime during the call.  So we have reverted to emails and/or texts for all of our contacts.

Well, yesterday we were expecting a package from FedEx and I am a follower of my packages.  Ever since they began offering tracking on packages I have been a stalker of my package.  For some reason I love watching them travel, the roundabout way they go just to get to us, it always amazes me the path they take and this route was no exception.

On Friday, January 16, 2015 - It was picked up from Pensacola, Florida and sent to FedEx location in Crestview, Florida (53 miles).

On Saturday, January 17, 2015 - It arrived and departed FedEx location in Ellenwood, Georgia (340 miles)

On Sunday, January 18, 2015 – It was in transit to Las Cruces, New Mexico (1500 miles) and then to Desert Center, California (650 miles) by that evening.

Then it sat for 3 days in Desert Center, California just 103 miles north of our location.

Finally on Wednesday, January 21, 2015 it arrived and departed to Bloomington, California a 125 mile drive west past us and then made its way to the San Diego FedEx location, another 104 miles south before then getting on a delivery truck to us 100 miles east.  But then…

I usually watch to see it change to the “Delivered” status then look for a signature and then go retrieve our package.  Exciting life…right?  When you only receive mail about once every 4 or 5 months it is a big event.

Yesterday afternoon we had still not received our package by 3pm so we poured a glass of wine and sat out on our patio to watch for the truck.  We can see the road for miles, as I said we are in the middle of the desert.  We watched all vehicles and had a few possibilities but none were a FedEx truck or van.  Around 4:20pm I once again checked our status and it said “Delivery Exception” for incorrect address, zip/postal code.  It was a bit confusing to me since there is only one Blu-In Café/RV Park on Highway 78 in Ocotillo Wells, California BUT then I noticed it also is listed on some of the paperwork as Borrego Springs as the city with the same zip code...NOT GOOD! 
I attempted to call several times and the calls all dropped so I emailed them with the new city of Borrego Springs to use hoping this will get it to us today.  The tracking today does say that it is once again out for delivery but will our package ever get here?  The representative I spoke to said the address was corrected and it was on the truck for delivery today but the call was dropped before it could all be confirmed.  Only time will tell. 
It traveled over 2900 miles, not counting the back and forth yesterday which would add another 200+ miles if it makes it here today.  If you travel straight from our location to Pensacola it is just about 2000 miles…Wow what an adventure those packages go through.
This is just another inconvenience of staying in the middle of nowhere but it will just be a little while longer before we head out and if nothing else our next location will be amongst the civilization and not so desolated.  We have a few offers but at this time we are still waiting for confirmations to see where we end up next, we have our favorites picked out but we will wait and see before we announce anything.
Here’s hoping that all your calls get through and your packages get delivered in a timely manner, as for ours, well keep your fingers crossed.
For more photos, check out our Google + Web Albums.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Me And You

Our wedding song…something we do every year on our anniversary is we play our song and feel that love well up inside each other and every year we shed some tears.  Mostly tears of love that we have for one another that continues to grow stronger each and every year.  There are some tears of sadness for some of the choices we made that did not turn out exactly how we had planned but at the same time we know without those tough decisions we would not be who we are today.  Then we cuddle into the moment and share a special bond that nobody else has ever shared with either one of us, and deep down we understand no one else will ever replace in our hearts. 

This love is what gets us through the rough times in our lives, this love gets us through the lean times in our lives and this love we share gets us through each and every heartache and pain we encounter.  And, for that we are both so very appreciative and fortunate.  It is at those times that we understand we may not be those chosen ones to have richness in money, but we have something no amount of money could ever buy.  We have the love of each other that many others can only dream about, but both of our dreams came true 18 years ago when we both married our best friends.  Life is the best it could ever be when you have someone that wonderful to share it with, loneliness is a feeling that either one of us ever want to feel again and our hope is that each and every person on this earth has that opportunity to have their hearts so filled that it feels as if it will burst at any moment.  That each person can feel what it is like to love someone just the way they are and not ever need to change them, not need to make them into something they are not, and to only want what is best for the other.  To know what it feels like to accept them with all their short comings and love them even more because of their imperfections.  To laugh their way through times of trouble and to never make the other feel inadequate for any reason.  And, most importantly to be so grateful for that someone to love you for exactly who you are, flaws and all.

We are so grateful every day for finding one another and being able to share our own dreams with one another and we are so thankful that those dreams are parallel with one another.  We are without a doubt the most luckiest people in the world.

"Me And You"
Ordinary, no
Really don't think so
Not a love this true
Common destiny
We were meant to be
Me and you

Like a perfect scene
From a movie screen
We're a dream come true
Suited perfectly
For eternity
Me and you

Everyday, I need you even more
And the nighttime too
There's no way I could ever let you go
Even if I wanted to

Everyday I live
Try my best to give
All I have to you
Thank the stars above
That we share this love
Me and you

Everyday, I need you even more
And the nighttime too
There's no way I could ever let you go
Even if I wanted to

Ordinary, no
Really don't think so
Just a precious few
Ever make it last
Get as lucky as
Me and you
Me and you

We wish we still had our wedding video...we danced to this song and you could see the strong bond that we had back then that has only grown.  We see it in our minds all the time but wish we could share it with you all!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Jack of All Trades

Jerry is working in the Café.  And me?  Well I am just filling in wherever I am needed.  The first week I started off cleaning the restrooms at the RV Park which is not my favorite thing to do, as a matter of fact it is the worst case scenario I could have imagined.  It’s very physical and just a thankless job, plus I enjoy being around people and socializing which does not happen in the restrooms, or at least I hope it doesn’t.

The second long week I worked in the Café assisting Jerry in the kitchen.  Hard work but it was fun, I was able to socialize and spend time with Jerry so it was a win, win situation.

The third week, my latest adventure was selling T-Shirts at the Blu-In Café…now we are talking!  Hopefully this stays my job for the rest of the season, or at least not send me back to the cleaning of the restrooms.

This is right at the top of the list of some of my favorite things to do and I have fun doing it but I just got the word that I will be back in the kitchen this weekend since it is a holiday weekend.  I am good with that, just as long as it’s not back to the restroom duties.

We have a few feelers out there for work once we are done here and we so hope to find work that we can travel with and have fun doing it.  We love working with Scootaround but the work on the west coast did not go through so we are looking for other work along those lines.  We will work a golf event the first of February for Scootaround at the Torrey Pines Golf Course in San Diego but so far not too much more from them.

We thought we found something that would have been interesting, it would be selling cheese at shows, fairs and other venues which is something we love to do but it is only in Texas and we really do not feel like spending the summer there so we continue to look.  We are looking into the Yellowstone area, Montana, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Nevada and Northern California just to name a few ideally located areas.  We would prefer not to commit for the summer but in some of those areas it might be nice to explore so we are keeping our minds open for all possibilities.

As for our current location, even though it has its disadvantages, we have not had such a connection in such a long time and we feel at home.  We are in the middle of the desert and we get a lot of sand blowing which we have to dust the home all the time.  We are a little over 50 miles away from what we consider civilization that we took full advantage of this past week on our days off.  But all in all it is a good fit for us at this time in our lives.

We left Monday and got a hotel room in Indio at the FantasySprings Resort Casino for our 18th year anniversary celebration.  Then we had to do our big shopping at Walmart, but also shopped for the first time at a WinCo Foods and was very happy at some great meat deals but we will probably stick with Walmart since they have it all there.  We shopped so much that we decided not to make the drive back on Tuesday and instead stayed at the Indian Waters RV Resort located in Indio.  Both those reviews can be found in separate blogs we posted.

The sunsets and sunrises here are spectacular...

For more photos, check out our Google + Web Albums.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Indian Waters RV Resort

47202 Jackson Street
Indio, CA  92201
1/27/2010 & 1/14/2015

Update 2015 – It is no longer a Coast to Coast or Western Horizon Resort and all sites are full hook ups.

We paid $44.01 using our Good Sam 15% discount for a water, electric, sewer back in level site on gravel.  The sites are a good size and have an additional slab for your tow vehicle but we used it for our chairs for sitting outside.

Not sure how recent the sewers in this area were added but the stench was intolerable.  We could not sit outside and we even had to close our windows for most of the time we were there.

They still do not offer cable but they do offer free WiFi that we did not use since our Verizon worked perfectly.

If we are ever in the area we would stay here and we would recommend it for an overnight or longer visit.

Written 1/27/2010 - This is a membership park, we stayed with our Coast to Coast (C2C) membership for $10 per night. Upon checking in, we were informed that we would be in a water and electric site only, with a dump station nearby. This was not conveyed to us when we made the reservation, via the C2C online website. Apparently, only Western Horizon Resorts (WHR) members stay in the full hookups close to the pools, spas, and clubhouse area. Normally we would not be concerned since we were only staying for a few days, but we had just come off of a two week stay in the desert boondocking and really wanted to take long showers and give the rig a thorough cleaning. Many of our C2C choices have stipulations that are becoming annoying.

The park was clean and very well maintained. The sites were a good size with a slab that only fit your RV, no patio, just rocks where you set out your chairs. The views of the snow covered mountains were spectacular. Cable was not available, but for an additional cost they did offer WiFi.

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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Fantasy Springs Resort Casino

84-245 Indio Springs Pkwy
Indio, CA  92203

Since our 18th Wedding Anniversary is the 18th of January and will land on a Sunday and we will be working we decided to celebrate early by getting a room on our days off. 

We had been to the casino two other times and were not impressed but it had been years since our last visit so we thought we would give it another chance and get a room.  We are so elated that we did, what a difference a few years can make on our opinion.

They allowed us to check in early, it was 10:30am.  We have always felt that if there is a room available why should we have to wait until 3pm to check in and they have the same attitude and we were pleased.  I had also requested as we do often to be on the lower floors and they accommodated our request by putting us in a King-Size Non Smoking on the 3rd floor.  This was one of those times we would have like a higher floor due to the spectacular view.

The room was nice even though it was on the small side but a lot larger than our home so we were still good with it.  The bed and pillows were so awesome, we both had such a nice sleep.

They did have free coffee but for the first time there would have been a $3 charge for a bottle of water, thank goodness we seen that before we opened them to use in our coffee maker.

We played awhile in the casino and had lunch at the buffet and didn’t break the bank, which is always a nice way to spend our day.

The staff was exceptional in every area of our stay.  From the very accommodating check in, to the quick and smiling buffet staff, all the way to the highly attentive casino floor staff, we were well taken care of at all times.

Now that we have revisited we will certainly return and will recommend it to others.

For more photos, check out our Google + Web Albums.