Where We've Been (45 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!

Where We've Been (45 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!
Currently roaming in the west and not sure where we will end up!

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Emerald Cove Resort

2715 Parker Dam Road
Earp, CA  92242
April 2013, 12/11-12/17/2014

2014 Update - Still no additional charges and they continue to treat us so wonderful here...it's amazing how the customer service here is so much better then many of their other properties since this too is associated with Colorado River Adventures.  The main company should have this manager train the others...

We had water issues several times during our stay and were told by neighbors that it has been going on for the few weeks they were here prior too.  While hooking up, Jerry ran the water as he always does and it began to come out like black soot...the maintenance man immediately came when we called and said they had been working on the water and will blow out the lines, he did and it fixed that issue.  A few days later while I was in the shower the water stopped and was off for about 10 minutes, I had to finish with our pump.

We paid $10 per night with our Coast to Coast membership, no additional charges for water, electric and sewer site on level gravel with a picnic table and barbecue.  Our Verizon MiFi and phones had great reception and for an additional charge they offered cable.

Our first visit we were crammed into a site on the second row from the lake where our neighbor’s awning was touching our rig and the other neighbor was using our picnic table to sit on while he washed his dog on our site.  We were not happy campers but it was convenient for us while we worked nearby and spent our days off here.

The cleaning people must have had the day or maybe the week off because the restrooms and laundry area were dirty and wreaked of a sour smell.  The smell is the water and even in 2014 it still has that smell.

The store carried all the conveniences including beer, wine, ice and even lottery tickets.  The Emerald Tiki Bar served breakfast, lunch and dinner with phenomenal pricing.  They also offered Karaoke and Happy Hour Specials on some refreshing alcoholic beverages.

We stayed here several times while we were working in the area during a slow time in between the winter and summer seasons.  Otherwise we believe this park will be packed with kids, toys and lots of activities in the River Rat’s Kid’s Club, more like a KOA on steroids.

If we are ever in the area we would stay here again, the location is great and being on the water is surreal but we would avoid it during peak seasons. 

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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Writing for Examiner...Again!

We are once again writing and making some extra money from it and since we had already established ourselves with Examiner we chose to once again write for them.  We hope we can get more visitors this time around and maybe get some bigger royalty checks.  One can only hope!

Check out our recent article about our visit to the Cabot's Pueblo Museum while we were in Desert Hot Springs,  titled "The Father of Desert Hot Springs Built the Only Museum in the Area"and check out all the other older entries too while you are there!

As usual for more photos, check out our Google + Web Albums.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Still Wandering…

With no particular place to go! 

This is why we began living this lifestyle, no set plans and just sort of winging it.  It has always worked for us but the main ingredient is faith, something we lack at times but for now we are hanging on and just enjoying the moment.

We left Vegas and made a short drive to Bullhead City, Arizona just across the Colorado River from Laughlin, Nevada where we stayed for a week.  The weather there is fantastic, highs in the 70’s and lows in the 50’s, clear skies with wind periodically breezing through.  Not the forceful winds we dealt with in Desert Hot Springs but the kind that blows through and makes a quiet statement to let us know it is there.  It catches our attention, especially in the middle of the night but we are still able to sleep with our window open.  How nice is that?

We took a bike ride over the river to Laughlin so Jerry could purchase me my diamond ring.  We usually replace it every year but it has been a lot longer this time and the other one tarnished and I threw it away a few months back so it really needed to be replaced.  You see when we were in the stationary lifestyle we agreed for our 10th wedding anniversary we would get me a diamond ring to go with my wedding band but living this lifestyle changed all of those high finance options.  We are both good with that but instead we found this little shop in Don Laughlin’s Riverside Casino that sells them for $10 and we have been doing it since our 10th anniversary.  The nice thing about it is that they look real, I get hundreds of compliments and I am able to change the style all the time.  Now how many other woman can make that same claim?  A new diamond almost every year, I am a lucky woman!

We left that area and headed to our next destination in Earp, California at the Emerald Cove RV Resort where the plan was for us to stay for 2 weeks but our “no particular place to go” changed.  We had been actively looking for work, not just the online work but other types of work and lo and behold we found what we feel will be a fun couple of months beginning next week. 

Working in Borrego Springs, California at a CafĂ© with a RVResort next to it for a few months.  Jerry will be the cook and I will be filling in whenever needed but we will only be working weekends, we will have Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday off for the most part.  There will be a few holiday weeks we will both be working 10 days straight with 12 hour days but all hours over 8 are overtime.

Having those 3 days off we will still be able to visit the area where we wanted to check out for some time now.  The Salton Sea, the Fountain of Youth RVResort and we will even be able to visit the Quartzsite RV Show in January for a few days to shop and visit, how perfect is this?  A really good find especially when we really were not looking.  Best times in life are when we just go with what feels right and not because we have to do it.  Life is pretty damn good!

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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Ridgeview RV Resort

775 Bullhead Parkway
Bullhead City, AZ  86429
3/19-26/2010,1/2-16/2012, 2/5-19/2012 &12/6-11/2014

2014 Update – We paid $10 in points and then an additional $3 resort fee plus taxes per night but our Verizon was perfect and worked wonderfully.  The wind was still an ongoing issue but not as bad as in the Desert Hot Springs area.

With our Coast to Coast membership we paid a little over $13 per night for water, electric and sewer, fairly level gravel site that includes cable and a patio slab.  The last time we were here they did not have any extra charges, but they now added a resort fee and tax to their price as many others do.  Even with that, $13 per night for a nice resort in a wonderful area is not so bad.  Our phones and MiFi worked fairly well, but they continued to switch from Arizona to Nevada time regularly, they offer Tengo Internet for a small charge but we just moved our MiFi around and it worked.

The laundry room has 10 washers & dryers and seems to be a very busy place but we found the time to use them.  The restrooms were well maintained but as usual we did not use them.

It was quiet and peaceful at night, but during the day every once in a while a loud plane would take off from the small airport that would shake the ground. 

The swimming pool and Jacuzzi was kept up well, even though we did not use them due to the weather. 

The people are very friendly, both the workers and the guests and it looked as if their rules were enforced, we never seen a dog without a leash and owners were picking up after them.

We will definitely stay here whenever we come through this area again and would highly recommend it to others.

For more photos, check out our Google + Web Albums.

Saturday, December 06, 2014

Las Vegas KOA at Sam’s Town

5225 Boulder Highway
Las Vegas, NV  89122

Even though we have stayed here a half dozen times we have never reviewed it or took any photos but we corrected that this time.  KOA just took it over and even though no improvements had been made the nightly charge went up a few dollars.

We paid $26.21 using our KOA 10% discount membership per night for a water, electric, sewer, back-in site that was not very level on gravel that we shared our utility pole with another RV located within arm’s length from our rig.  They really do cram you into the sites.

The neighborhood is not the greatest but we have always felt safe in the resort, day or night and though the sirens are plenty and there is some road noise we still are able to get a good night’s sleep.

The facilities are always well maintained and clean, we have done our laundry several times during our many visits and even used the showers on occasion.

The biggest convenience for us and the reason we stay here is because they offer a free shuttle bus to the Strip and another one to Fremont Street and we would stay here again if we are ever in the area.  When they ran the RV Resort on the Strip at Circus Circus, it was double the charge they are currently charging at this location and we hope they do not raise their rates any more than they already have or we will be looking elsewhere when we visit the Las Vegas area in the future.

For more photos, check out our Google + Web Albums.

Friday, December 05, 2014

Las Vegas NASCAR Adventures

Even though Vegas was not on our original plan we added it once we realized we could.  We wanted to attend the NASCAR Champions Events for years now but were always working at the tree lots so we never even considered it before but were thrilled that we could check it out this year.

It was a perfect travel day, cool day with nice smooth roads.  Apparently they have done some great paving of many of the roads especially I-40.  The road was so smooth it felt as if we were gliding instead of the treacherous bumps and holes there had been there for years, wow what a fabulous difference.

We stayed at Sam’s Town RV Park, (now managed by KOA – check out our separate review) and took a shuttle to Fremont Street and to the Strip for the events.

The Red Carpet event was on Wednesday and we got to Fremont Street very early and checked out the Red Carpet where the event was going to take place, even got a photo of Jerry on it.  We were so early we could have been in the front row but we did not want to sit around for hours and crowds are not our favorite thing so instead we checked out a few of the casinos and had some lunch.  After lunch, we found an area at the beginning where the drivers get out of the Limo Bus to walk down the Red Carpet.  It was pretty cool and I got a few good photos from the many I took, check them all out at our photo gallery.  They look so different in their street clothes since we are so used to seeing them in their race gear.

On Thursday we took the shuttle to the Strip where we met a couple, Tom & Cindy from Canada.  They were on the bus the day before with us and we decided to hang out with them on the Strip to show them some of the transportation options since it had been over 20 years since their last visit.  They are a fun couple that we teased that they were our stalkers since on the first day we ran into them several times on Fremont Street and now they were going to follow us around.  There were several times we took separate avenues but always seemed to meet up again with them and even caught the same bus back to the resort…stalkers indeed!

We checked out many of the casinos on the Strip and utilized many of the modes of transportation, both free and the one that still charges $5 per ride or $12 for an all-day ride.  With all the free trams becoming more and more available, they are going to have to rethink charging so much per ride on the Las Vegas Monorail

We found a great spot without too much of a crowd on one of the overpasses to watch the Victory Lap.  The area was great to take photos and some of the guys even did some burnouts right in front of us.  It was really cool to see them driving down Las Vegas Boulevard in their race cars.

We are not sure if we would attend again, Race Weeks are much more exciting but we do recommend it for NASCAR fans to experience at least once.

For more photos, check out our Google + Web Albums.