Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!

Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!
We are extensively traveling around...working and having a blast...Life is Grand!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Feeling Like Children Again…

Wish it were that easy!

Well our time at the Fountain of Youth RV Resort is over and we are back in the desert for only a few weeks more…we leave the day after Easter and slowly begin our way to Bryce Canyon where we will be going from extreme heat to the cold again.

We enjoyed our time at the Fountain of Youth and took full advantage of the pools and even though we do not feel like we are in our 20’s, we do feel the difference those soaking did for our tired and sore bodies. 

We also spoke to several of the workers who were of course happy that their season was coming to an end but most of them really enjoy working there and many return year after year.  Once we heard that and looked around the place and even though it is in the middle of the desert it feels like a community within itself, we decided to put in our resume so we might be able to spend next winter working there.

As for the desert, it is getting hotter every day and suppose to reach the 3 digits for the next few days then back into the 90’s afterward.  Compounded with the heat from the grill in the kitchen, they have no sort of air or swamp cooler working in the CafĂ©, there are only a few fans with the doors and windows opened if the wind does not warrant them to be closed.  Not a fun time at this point but we will muddle through as we always do.

The good news is once the sun goes down we are able to sit out on our patio and enjoy the stars and the temps drop to the lower 60’s and if the wind does not blow too hard we are able to sleep with our windows opened with the fan, otherwise most of the day the air conditioner is running full blast.

All of that will change in just a few short weeks since up in Bryce Canyon the temps at night are barely above freezing and the day highs are 60’s and 70’s.  A bit on the brisk side but after having this extreme heat for the past few weeks it sounds very inviting.

I never thought I would say this but I miss working.  There it is, in print so there is no taking it back.  We are both looking forward to be out of the kitchen and once again working together all hours in a store with no worry about weather conditions.  Running registers, stocking shelves, assisting customers and best of all working together.  Both of us working full time and getting paid for all hours worked, being in an area where we can explore and see the magnificence.  We are so excited and plan to embrace the time we are there for all it is worth.

For now we will enjoy the 10 days left in the desert the best we can and look forward to safe travels to our next adventure.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Never Give Up

We love this lifestyle and lately we have been reading from many of our followers that they are giving up the wheels.  With as many obstacles that we encounter almost daily we never even consider giving them up.  We will fight with our dying breaths to stay mobile and continue traveling around this beautiful country of ours.  Would we like a little easier time with it all?  Absolutely, don’t we all, but the alternative of giving up the wheels is never even an option for us.

We had another thought for our travels again that would include spending next winter in Florida.  Yea, I know we said we would not go east again but we have so many items we need to cross off our list and the time is just a wasting.  Also, we never give up and this may be the best time of our lives to travel back east and enjoy it without all the mishaps or possibly in spite of all the mishaps that may or may not happen this time.

Or, maybe a summer in Alaska, another opportunity that was offered to us but we are still thinking Bryce Canyon is where we want to spend our summer.

We know in our guts when it’s right and all we have to do is to just listen to it.  Last year we had a gut wrenching feeling after we made all the plans that we should not go east but instead of listening to it, we pushed and we pushed so hard until now looking back we can see how we were given sign after sign not to head in that direction but we didn’t listen and as you all know it was a disaster.

It seems because of it our lives once again became numb to all the new possibilities because of our fears…well that needs to cease immediately.  When this journey first began for us we loved the unknown but because we got 10 years of experiences behind us we allow that fear to dictate what might happen.

When we first came out here we never made any irreversible plans, we just went with the flow and that is exactly where we need to be once again.  Sure we will research things but never make that final decision until we are absolutely on our way or feel it in our guts without a doubt that it is the right direction we are heading.

We continuously get new offers from some really interesting places but at this point our plan is to work at Ruby’s in Bryce Canyon for the summer.  Even though we spent our first year in that area and took thousands of photos, unfortunately most of them were lost when my computer crashed.  We love that area and there is so much to revisit and we will most likely find places we missed on our first visit so we plan to take thousands of photos and will have many stories to share with you all.

Sunday, March 08, 2015

Beactive Wrap Review

We had been researching this product for a few months now but the Walmart’s we went to did not have them in stock so we waited.  We could have ordered them on the Beactive Website but as good of a deal as it sounded was not that good after all.  They advertise it for $19.99 and will send you a second one free, all you have to do is pay for the shipping $7.95 each making a grand total of $35.89 or you could buy one at Walmart for $14.99.  We chose to purchase it at Walmart to see if it would fit since it only fits calf circumference sizes 12.5” to 18”, mine are a bit larger and Jerry’s is exactly 18” so we wanted to try it on before we purchased it.  It fits Jerry’s snugly and mine…not so much!

Jerry has been using it now for the past few weeks and claims it has made a huge difference in his lower back pain.  When he cooks over the weekends he is on his feet 8 to 12 hours per day and it was causing his back to really hurt but now…no added pain.

We would highly recommend the Beactive Wrap if you are suffering from pain in the sciatic nerve that begins in the lower back and makes its way down the hip through the buttocks to the leg and that always is a bit indifferent on where exactly to focus on to stop the pain.  Mine really hurts in the back of the leg area especially around the knees and the hips with twinging pains in the lower back but sometimes the back pain is so insignificant I feel it’s not my sciatic nerve but it always is. 

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Our Tryouts for Wheel of Fortune

For over 30 years I have dreamed of being on the Wheel of Fortune show and have sent hundreds of letters and signed up on their website so many times but nothing has ever happened.  When I heard they were going to be in the Wheel of Fortune Mobile and doing tryouts at the Morongo Casino I knew it was my time finally.

We made a reservation for the night at the hotel and once we were checked in we went to get signed up for the tryouts.  Being early in line does not help at all since the procedure is to fill out the form upon your arrival and then they put it in the big golden barrel. 

Pat and Vanna are not there but instead there are the traveling hosts who then draw 5 names at a time to come up to the stage for a tryout.  Once your name is called you come to the stage and get your photo taken and then in groups of 5 you get interviewed by the host, spin a wheel for a prize, no cash, just things like hats, t-shirts, flashing pins and so much more.  One by one each person calls out a letter, including vowels and then you have 3 seconds to try to solve a puzzle.  From the moment your name is called they are watching for enthusiast players and good puzzle solvers so everyone should be at their best.

Getting called up to the stage and even solving the puzzle does NOT guarantee a spot on the show but it does get you a step further then all the others like ourselves who did not get called up at all.  They will keep everyone’s forms and within the next few months may be randomly chosen along with any of the contestants that did get to play to come to Los Angeles for yet another tryout, this time on the real set.

So even though we did not get to experience the fun of being on the stage and winning some pretty cool stuff, we may still have a chance and hopefully they will call us so I can cross it off our life list.