Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!

Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!
Working at 3 Rivers Resort in Almont, Colorado until the end of August!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Flag City RV Resort

6120 W Banner Road
Lodi, CA 95242
3/14-3/18/2016, 5/26-5/31/2016, 6/21-6/29/2016

JUNE 2016 UPDATE – Whatever you do, DO NOT ask to be moved to another site especially when you deal with, as we were told by the manager, the young mother of two that has been working for them for over 5 years. He then claimed that she treats people the way she is being treated…wrong…she has an attitude that is not right for customer service. On our LAST visit and it will be our last time visiting this place, we were put in a site that had electrical issues that burnt up our 50/30-amp plug. It was scorching hot and we knew it would take a few hours to get it fixed so I went to the office after Jerry talking with her several times claiming we could not be moved. When I walked in, she was on her cell phone and when I asked if she might be able to help us, she let out this growling sigh and curtly put her phone down. I then smiled and asked her if she could move us for the rest of our 8 day stay and she was so rude and even though we noticed that there were many sites available our entire stay she claimed they were full and it would be impossible to move us. I then very calmly told her that I had been in her shoes many times before and even though it may be difficult, it could be done. She replied very abruptly that she WOULD not do it then she dismissed me by saying she was done with the conversation and for me to get out. I took a few more deep breaths and asked her to tell the manager and/or assistant manager that I needed to speak with them and I left. Three days passed and no word from anyone so I sent a letter via email and dropped off a copy at the desk since our few times we have been in the office for ice and things she continues to be rude with us and we needed to bring it to management’s attention…WRONG again!

A few hours after emailing the letter and after being told that the manager was on a two-week vacation all of the sudden he was available and showed up at our door waving the letter we sent. He abruptly and in a very direct tone informed us that his vacation was disrupted by our letter and he had not had a vacation in the 5 years all the time working hard improving the place and making the owner millions of dollars. He went on to inform us that he was military and that his crew was in charge and that he would not change our site either, stating that he was booked. Again, we watched our entire stay and the site we requested stayed open and many others stayed open our entire visit. We knew immediately that we would not get anywhere because every time we tried to speak he interrupted us. When I showed my frustration with this, he immediately told us he did not need our business and that we could leave and he would refund us our balance. We told him that was not our intention and he almost insisted we leave but Jerry and I smiled and said that we would leave on our scheduled day and thank you for coming by and we came back inside. OMG…what a strange man he was and not once did he even try to listen to us, instead he continued to give us reasons and excuses why he would not allow us to move to any other site, which turned out to all be just a bunch of made up misrepresentations. We will not be returning to this establishment unless we hear that it is under new management. 

We paid $54 for the first two nights using our Passport America 50% discount membership and since we stayed three more nights we paid $108 using the special stay two nights and get the third free. We had electric, water, sewer on a concrete pad with a patio and picnic table (which was old and unsafe) with free DirecTV Satellite (with hardly any clear channels) and WiFi (if you are even able to get on). Our site was level and had enough room between the sites to where we did not feel smothered.

The laundry room does not use quarters, you have to buy a card and put money on it to do your laundry but the balance will be returned when you return the card.

The area was kept very clean and well maintained.

On all of our visits we were checked in by the assistant manager who was friendly and after a few extra key strokes was able to give us a good price. We wish she could have been the only one we ever dealt with in this park, oh and a special kudo out to the maintenance guy who fixed our electric issue the best he could but we still had power issues the entire time we were there. When the air conditioner was on we could not use our microwave, printer, ice machine and any fans that we always use at any other resort for our entire visit and the temps were well into the hundreds most days. Thank goodness the nights and early mornings were in the 60’s and we planned our other usages during those times the a/c was off. Not the best situation but we tried to look for other accommodations but in this area it was hard to find so we just worked with what we had for the time we had reserved, even though management refused to make it any easier for us.

When in the area do plan to stop by and check out the wineries...we did and we wrote a separate review of the winery.

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Tammy Worley said...

Wow wow thanks for the info if we are ever in that area we will not stop there either. People don't understand what a powerful RV Network there is the word can get out very quickly and their business could suffer.