Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!

Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!
Working at 3 Rivers Resort in Almont, Colorado until the end of August!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Reaching Out

Well things have just got worse then we could have ever imagined and we are so stuck and almost out of hope.  Things have been going so wrong in 2014 but we kept holding on but now we are almost out of hope and prospects. 

Our job was not all that it was told to us that it would be and now we have no job at all.  We are not sure we were fired but we were taken off the schedule.  We have had issues for weeks now and have been trying to get more hours as we were told we would have but then things got worse.  All the promises were not followed through with and schedules changed all the time and then on our last days off we left as we had done before several times and spent the night away from the campground we tried texting and calling our manager to find out when our next scheduled day was and he would not reply.  We called over a dozen times, left messages and sent texts but nothing.  So in the meantime while we were out we found other work and was going to start immediately so we picked up our last check and went to the new job.  That is once again when things got crazy and all screwed up.  Seems like this campground was just purchased by a company so the hiring process was long but they offered to have us stay at the campground until the process was completed.  We got to know the managers and were sure that we would have a great time finishing off the season there instead.  But then we were told that the corporate office told them that we were not qualified and even though the managers fought hard we were not able to be hired.  We are in shock, we have never been not qualified for any position, especially within a campground.

Anyway that is where we are left at this moment…

No job…no place to stay…less than $300 in our pockets…no credit cards…no line of credit…bills due (phone, insurance and DTV)…1/2 tank of gas…Maggie still in need of some TLC but might just make it to our next destination if she would only run on air instead of gas we could go a lot farther.

We have exhausted all of our efforts in finding work and we just want to go home…oh but wait we are home!  We have found other work out west and other areas but we do not have the means to get there right now, crossing country again would take a few thousand dollars and that is without any complications from Maggie and we just do not have it at this point.

We are currently in Southern Maine still in the Scarborough area and if anyone knows of anyone that might be able to give us some work we would truly appreciate it and if you can find it available to you please add to our travel fund…we are so desperate and promise to pay it forward once we are back on our feet again.

We are able to stay at a friend’s home for a few days and then use our Coast to Coast membership to stay at a park nearby for 5 additional days which we had some points already on our card but now they are gone.  The season is about to take off in this location and all campgrounds as of the first of July are highly over-priced if we could even get into any of them.  We are good for a week now and we are sure that things will happen for us, they usually do but we also know from late experience that those things can be bad as well.

Anyway if you can please help us out and keep us in your prayers that we get the funds to continue on this journey we would deeply appreciate it.  For the first time in a very long time we are scared that things will not turn out well for us and that has been a very hard thing for me since I tend to be the positive one but lately I do not see the light at the end of the tunnel and am really beginning to feel a hopelessness I have not felt in such a very long time.


Texas Yellow Rose said...

Hey guys, so sorry to hear about your situation. Don't know your experience or skills . . . but we were resident managers of self-storage facilities prior to full-timing, and knew one full-timing couple who came off the road for a year to do it - to make $$ and then hit the road again. Residence, utilities, salary and benefits are typically provided. You need customer service and office skills experience and able to pass a background check. Know you want to travel,but sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Sending good vibes for a positive outcome!

palamine said...

This sounds so silly but it's too bad you are American. We had two positions in our park here in BC but we have filled it now. Would have been perfect.

Anyhow, we aren't prayers but we will send good thoughts your way.


Janice L Evans said...

Kim and Jerry. . .I am somewhat concerned about the angst I can hear in this post. . .we too have had our backs against the wall, and felt as though there was nowhere to turn when we were much younger. . .I have made a donation, because I know that you guys are hard working people, not looking for a handout, but have just had a turn of unfortunate incidents all in a row. I know it's not much, but hopefully it will put groceries on the table for a few days.

I know that you are opposed to Gate Guarding, but they are begging for people, and it does pay $4000 per month.

I don't think it's near as horrendous as some folks make it out to be. . .we've had several friends do repeated stints.

I don't know. . .it might be something to consider for the short term. . .

Hugs and prayers. . .wishing you all the best!

Carol Krajcar said...

Kimberly and Jerry, I sincerely hope and pray that things will improve for you in the very near future.

Jodee Gravel said...

We are on the opposite side of the country (both west and south), but I will sure keep my eyes and ears open for anything that pops up within a few hundred miles of you. Having each other is the best defense against total despair (as you know) so hang in there together.

Moonfly13 said...

I am really sorry for all your hardships - Have you searched on coolworks.com ? search by state - looks like they are still hiring at Acadia Natl Park - also if you go to local churches and ask for help they might offer you some cash - also is there any way you could park your RV at an Elks lodge or anyplace and get jobs at Walmart or a restaurant or bakery ? If you could get to North Dakota they say "if you can turn a wrench you can earn $80K a year" - the problem up there is no housing - but you could live in your RV - Lots of options - I pray things work out for you - just don't be afraid to come in off the road for a year if necessary. Good Luck !!

Peter + Beatrix said...

I have almost a similar situation myself here in Alberta. My future employer is postponing the training and I am on my own. At least I have a free stay in a city which otherwise would be very expensive to be in. Have you tried Maine State Parks for hosting? Worst case you can start picking cans and bottles wayside. I know a guy who makes a decent income with it. You can try areas where many people go during the weekends and start picking Sunday evenings and Monday through. I could offer you a free stay on our property on Campobello Island, NB, but the ride up there would probably eat up your funds.
Wishing you the best of luck.

Sue O said...

I have followed you for several years and you are such hard workers I can't believe someone would say you are not qualified! Hope my small contribution helps just a little and wish I could do more. Unfortunately I don't know of any work available so can't help there.


John and Carol said...

You will be in our thoughts and prayers. Call Nancy at the Saco Maine KOA (207) 282-0502. They hire a lot of workampers and treat their people well.

Malcolm McNeill said...

Good luck.