Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!

Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!
Working at 3 Rivers Resort in Almont, Colorado until the end of August!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Our Experience at Bayley’s Camping Resort

NOTE:  This was written in June and it is now August and even though we had sent several more emails we have yet to receive any sort of communication from anyone at Bayley’s.  About a week after we left the other cook, Roy texted us that he had quit.  He had been there for 4 years and explained that he could no longer put up with all the chaos and thanked us for opening his eyes.  It's sad for us since we had such high hopes for spending the summer in Maine and enjoying the surrounding areas but instead we struggled and continue to try to understand what we could do different to avoid this from happening again.   Driving over 6,000 miles round trip is a huge learning experience when it turns out as wrong as it did.

Well as many of you know this turned out to be an impossible place for us to work for many reasons.  Just to name a few would be lack of communication, incompetent management and not fulfilling promises made.  We have called, texted and sent emails and have yet to receive any sort of reply from either the restaurant manager or the general manager of the resort, which just solidifies our position of leaving. 

We are not sure if we were even let go, we were taken off the schedule and all communication from them ceased, no replies at all from our several attempts to contact them regarding our schedule.  We have been full time traveling for over 10 years and have managed and worked at many campgrounds and restaurants during that time and have never worked for anyone who is so unqualified for a restaurant management position.  Most of the chaos which was almost all the time when he was in the restaurant was caused by him.  He knows nothing about hiring the right people and when he does get the right people he does not know how to treat them right.  He does not know how to put people in their correct jobs that would make things run smoother and he does not know how to schedule so that the busy times are covered correctly. 

We are highly trained professionals that know how to do all of these things and have run businesses that do a much higher volume than their café ever could and we did it without any of the chaos.  When hiring kids which we have many times, it is then your responsibility as a manager to assure they are trained properly and not allow them to dictate what, where and when they will work.  That is not doing our young generation any favors, it only proves how inadequate the management is.

These kids were scheduled and then they stood around doing nothing or the manager would play around with them all the while the 3 elders worked our butts off, that would be Jerry, myself and Roy.  Once the busy rush was over he would let them leave which would leave all the cleanup to us.

He promised us that we could run the new restaurant once it was completed.  We were thrilled because we knew we would not be inundated with his incompetence or the untrained kids but then at the last minute he changed his mind as he did from the moment we arrived.  What we were promised by him over and over again never surfaced over and over again and we do not work for people who do not say what they mean or mean what they say.  But, we were willing to fulfill our contract until he removed us from the schedule and never returned our calls to let us know what our new schedule for Father’s Day weekend would be.  We texted him several times and left messages but even up to now he has never returned any of our calls or texts so we assumed he let us go.  Our emails went unanswered by the general manager as well.

This has been a trying time for us as we drove over 3,000 miles to work for them and would then need our entire season paychecks to get us to make our return trip of over 3,000 miles.  We had to find other work which many of the other places in the area recognized good, professional workers when they met us but we lost weeks of work in between and the promised hours from the beginning was much less so we never quite got out from being behind.  We are still struggling to be able to make enough money for our 3,000 mile trip to our winter job.

We are not sure as a guest if we would be happy here either, the place is huge, they have over 700 sites, several pools, hot tubs, lakes, stores, restaurants and so much to do but the attitudes of management is so rude so often to the guests that we would not recommend it to others because to pay so much for a site and to be treated so rudely would not be something we would easily accept.

The area is fabulous and the campground is marvelous but for the most part the owners and staff are rude and just downright nasty.  Take them away and this would be a wonderful place to spend the entire summer while enjoying the fantastic area that it is in.

Please check out our photos and see what a beautiful place it really is if they had different management who knew how to hire the right people and treat them and all people with respect then we would highly recommend it to others.   Google + Web Albums.

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