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Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!
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Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Wine Tasting

It has been almost a year since we have posted any of our wine tastings...we think it is long over due...enjoy!

We usually pick up our wines at local grocery stores, Walmart and we have also found a few new places to purchase them.  We have been shopping at BevMo for a few years while in California and Arizona.  They have a wide variety ranging in prices but mostly mid to high dollar wines.

Our favorite new place is Total Wine...it has the best wines and they range low to high dollar with many in our budget range.  Unfortunately they too are limited to certain areas in Arizona.  We will keep looking for more like these in different areas.

This first one might not fall into a wine category, more like a beer but will probably not be something we try again so we included it here with the wines.

Bud Light Lime-A-Rita – We paid about $1 per 8oz, has an 8% alcohol and we gave it an 8 rating.  Produced at Anheuser Busch in St Louis, Missouri, we could taste the Margarita with a twist.    It is a malt beverage ale with natural flavors, including caramel coloring and is very refreshing.  We salted our rims as we would with a margarita, but the beer taste stood out and for that reason we would not purchase it again but it was good!

Yellow Tail 2010 Riesling – We paid $6 per bottle, has an alcohol percentage of 12.5 and we gave it a 7.8 rating.  Produced in Yenda, Australia region, we tasted a slight fresh fruit flavoring.  This wine has a little after bite and not as sweet as other Rieslings we have tasted.  The colder it got the smoother it got and we might purchase it again.  

Gascon Malbec – We tasted our first Malbec but did not take any notes, only this less than perfect photo.  We recall that it was a more stout wine than we anticipated it to be.  We do not have a price since it was a gift, nor do we have any of the other information to share with you.

Mirassou Moscato 2011 – Another California Moscato produced by Moscato Bella with such a clean, clear, light, refreshing and sweetest taste that would be great with any dessert.  It has 7.5% alcohol content and we paid $5.99 and would absolutely purchase again and again.

Macaron 2011 Moscato – Produced by Underdog Wine Merchants in Ripon/Livermore, California that has a 9.5% alcohol that we paid $5.99 a bottle.  The sweet honey, nectarines and wild flowered smelled dry but instead was very sweet.  It would pair well with bacon wrapped scallops that leaves your mouth watering for more.  A very clear fresh taste that we have on our list to purchase again. 

Ooh La La 2011 Riesling – From the vineyards in Modesto, this wine has 9% alcohol and priced at $6.99 per bottle.  We bought it for the name and the grapefruit and peach combination gave it a zingy flavor with an almost champagne feeling to it.  It is not at the top of our list to purchase but we would not refuse to drink it again.

Inglenook Sangria – A terrible bitter tasting wine from Ripon, California that has 9% alcohol that we paid $5.99 a bottle.  The citrus flavor had no sweetness, it was closer to a deep dark red, very dry wine that will not be on our list to purchase ever again!

Sutter Home Bubbly Moscato – A sparkling champagne taste with a lingering moist aftertaste, this one we rated a 9.8 and has 10% alcohol that we paid $4.99 a bottle.  With its honeydew melon and peach flavoring giving it a very sweet taste produced in Ceres, California we will be purchasing it in the future for celebrations.

Bodegas Sarviver, SL Lolailo Sangria – This wine is from Madrid, Spain with a 6% alcohol that we paid $4.99 per bottle.  We gave a rating of 9.7 because of its rich, smooth and delightfully fruity taste that is at the top of our list to purchase again.

Cavit 2010 Collection Moscato – This wine from Trento, Italy with its apricot and peach flavoring, 7% alcohol that we rated a 9.3 and paid $5.49 a bottle has a smooth, clean, crisp and bubbly taste that we really enjoyed the sweetness that left us wanting more and more.

Conte Priola Puglia Moscato – An Italian White Wine from Fossalta Di Piave with 8% alcohol that we rated 7.3 and paid $6.49 per bottle has an effervescence flavoring with a champagne touch.  With apple, lychee, peach and pear flavoring, not a true tasting Moscato but more like a sweet white wine.  It has a good clean flavor with a fresh ending that we would purchase again.

Double Dog Dare Cellars Moscato – From the Chile region, with 11% alcohol that we paid $5.99 a bottle and gave it a 9.4 rating.  It is a sweet, smooth wine with a silky finish that is on the top of our list to purchase again and again.

Black Swan 2010 Riesling – A citrus and lime flavored wine from South Eastern Australia with 12% alcohol that we paid $4.99 per bottle is not on our list to purchase again.  We gave a low rating of 6.3 because it is not as sweet or flavorful as some of the other Rieslings we have tasted.  We have noticed there is a wide spectrum of sweetness when it comes to Riesling wines and we prefer the sweeter side.

Beringer Red Moscato – From the Napa Valley region, this oldest grape variety imported from Chile has a very unique flavoring for this Red Moscato.  Having 11.5% alcohol that we paid $4.99 per bottle, we gave it a high rating of 9.5 because of it fresh fruit sweet flavor bursting with a clean ending.  It is a wine we would share with our friends for a night of entertainment and enjoyment.

Beringer 2011 Chenin Blanc – Seems as if we can’t go wrong with Beringer from the Napa Valley region.  Having 11.5% alcohol that we paid $4.99 a bottle, we rated this one 8.7 for its burst of fruitiness and a brisk ending.  This wine could be served with any meal because it is so clean and we will definitely purchase it again.

Beaujolais Nouveau – A red wine made from Gamay grapes that is produced in the Beaujolais region of France is one of those heavy, bold wines that is dry that we do not like and would not purchase again.


Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Love Total Wine, but since we have joined a wine club, have not made many runs there:)

Wanderin' said...

Since I'm on a nasty diet I can't even try any of this stuff. It's amazing to me how so many of the same kind of wine can taste so totally different.

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

Wow, that was a lot of research. Bet you had fun doing it! ;c)