Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!

Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!
Working at 3 Rivers Resort in Almont, Colorado until the end of August!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Where Do Your Choices Take You?

Everything you do is based on the choices you make.  It’s not your parents, your past relationships, your job, the economy, the weather, an argument or your age that is to blame.  You and only you are responsible for every decision and choice you make.  PERIOD!

After reading this the other day I knew we were once again on the right track.  Whenever something someone says, or does, or writes or reads hits a core deep within, we have learned to pay attention.

Life is about choices, not blame, but your own damn choices that only you can make.  Sure others can influence those choices if you allow them to, but nobody or nothing can make your choices for you and there IS always a choice.  It may not be the one you want but there are always choices.

We choose many times to travel the roads less traveled because we are never in any hurry, or at least try to plan it that way.  This time as we traveled to the resorts in the Desert Hot Springs area we chose to get off I-10 and take Dillon Road.  Even though it was much more scenic, it was also very wavy.  Those types of roads do not appeal to me but we would never have known if we did not get out of our box and try it.

We have been doing that a lot lately, trying new things.  Something we never would have done before adventuring out into this lifestyle.  New doors are opening all the time for us and we are learning to step in and see what it is all about.

How about you, do you tend to go with the normal, safe choices?  Or, do you tend to step out of your comfort zone and see what the other choices could bring you?  A few of you, we already know the answer since we keep in touch and read your blogs.  It is so nice to see the choices we all make every moment of our lives!


The Bright's said...

Good Post! We took Dillon Rd last year when going to our RV Park, and lost our ladder and bicycles on one of those DIPS! A car pulled up to us hollering "there are sparks flying back there... you're dragging your ladder!" (something like that).
As for choices... we tend to stay safe perhaps more than we should. Like last year when we were heading East but got freaked out by all the storms up ahead, so we turned around. We're working on that comfort/fear factor.

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

That is a good question:) I suppose how we see ourselves for a response would depend a little on what is normal for us. I think we tend to be conservative in many things.

Some people we know think we are a little nuts. We have lived in many places and traveled much of the world.

My first big hobby was flying small planes all over the country and then teaching others how to do the same thing. Then for years we had sailboats that we took on long journeys both in the USA and Europe. Lastly we have spent five years living in a moving box:)

We think these things are normal, but we have been told that may not be so. As you noted, we all have to make decisions and live with them for better or worse.

Wanderin' said...

I think for us it's been a little bit of both in our life. Sometimes we like being in the box. Other times we want to jump out of it.