Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!

Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!
Working at 3 Rivers Resort in Almont, Colorado until the end of August!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Clean-Up Begins

Being out West wakes up certain areas in our minds, bodies and souls and this trip back is no exception. Maggie has endured so much abuse in the past 8 months since we first headed east, way back in January. The humidity was terrible, the bugs were nasty and of course the weather was dreadful which only made it worse on us so we found ourselves with no time, or no energy to do anything but the normal cleaning. We accumulated stuff again…how does that always occur? We thought we were rid of our accumulating things, but it seems to never end.

We have noticed a few areas on Maggie that need some attention…not sure how we will go about it. Possibly a complete overall or since there are some areas that the repairs will be quite costly…a new rig may be in our future. Something we have not considered since we love and have been so happy with how dependable and reliable Maggie has been. At this point, we are still just tossing this around.

We have gone through and reorganized things and the one thing that we finally were able to let go of was all the paperwork. Being writers, we found ourselves saving all the brochures, the information and our comments written down and filed. Well…no more…hundreds of pounds of papers in the dumpster!

We are letting go of all the things that keep us stuck…the old photos…the memories of long ago! We still had stuff from our grandson. It has been 6 years since we lost him and our daughter and we know we will never have them in our lives again, so it was time to let them go. Yes, there were tears, but they were cleansing tears. We are finally ready to move forward in our lives and not dwell on what was or what could have been. Life is too short for us to continue holding onto things that no longer fit into our lives.

Another area in our lives that we had a hard time letting go is our website; well we are finally ready to let it go. We will probably continue blogging but just for fun, no longer for profit. We made a decision to overhaul our blog…no more advertisement…no more writing what others want us to write…no more pressure of meeting deadlines…just sharing our thoughts and ideas of our true selves. Who we truly are, not who we want others to believe we are, but who we are deep inside ourselves. All the good, the bad and the ugly…just the way we are, take us or leave us…we will still survive and thrive with or without you, this much we have learned.

We have encountered way too many near death experiences this past year and with each one, we learned something more profound than the last. This along with the fact that we are not getting any younger and it is about time we begin living our lives the way we were meant to be living it, not for others but for ourselves. We have a tendency to always watch what we say, we do not want to hurt or offend anyone…well…rubbish!

There is a fine line and we do not intend to cross it and become rude, like some folks we encounter, but we plan to begin to speak our minds in kind but factual ways. Life is way too short for us to be anything but ourselves, enjoy who we are and have fun! We are not going to try to please everyone else, the important person to please is us! When we are happy, everyone around us is happy! We will live life to the fullest and give it all we got!

We are free spirited individuals who love who we are today. We are not survivors, we are not ex this or that, we are true to ourselves and thrive when we live our lives by living in this moment without any strings attached to our pasts or futures.

We have been affected by several things lately that has taken our lives into an entirely different direction, we accept that and we will continue living our lives the best we know how and when we learn more, we will most certainly live more!

Thank you to all of our readers who have contacted us and was concerned about us. This concern allowed us to take a look at what we are doing and we are now taking an entirely different approach on our blogging. We found ourselves in situations where we were not being ourselves, we were worried about what and how to write our blog so that we would not offend anyone, or say things that might lose our followers…it was all about the numbers, which in turn lost our mojo.

Well, we have it back and we are now looking at it as just a writing release and not our work, or our lifetime calling. We do not want to be professional writers or photographers, we want to continue doing it because it is fun for us and not turn into a forced issue for us. Being perfectionists, we found ourselves doing it out of feeling as if we must do it, but now it is back to doing it because it is something we love. So you may find that everything is not perfect…well…that will be because WE are not perfect. We are just two people, very much in love, traveling the country together, finding work to get us to our next adventure and somewhere in the meantime finding ourselves!


Carol K said...

I wish you well and I will continue to eagerly read your blog posts!

The Good Luck Duck said...

That sounds very liberating, the letting-go of others' expectations. I hope it will make blogging fun for you again. And, if it doesn't, there's no obligation to continue. As it should be.


Kate said...

So wonderful to read this, you sound so happy.

We also gave up paper some time ago, scanned everything that was essential and tossed all the other. Books have been a bit harder, but we've both moved over to ebooks, essentially freeing up tons of space and weight.

I'm looking forward to sharing your future thoughts, ideas and voadventures.

Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

Very good blog we both agree with what you said. Good luck and we will be reading your blog.

Carol and Johnny said...

Looking forward to reading more of your authentic adventures! We've been having a shredding marathon here. Witness 3 contractor bags full of shredded documents. Now to find a place to unload them...

squawmama said...

Well it sounds like you are taking care of thinkgs internally and externally... Good for you!! I will be here to read every word and love it!!! Glad you have found peace with yourselves...
Have fun & Travel safe

Ali said...

Love your blog post today. You have written what about what I have been struggling wit - h and what I tried to write about yesterday. You have also encouraged me to check into something to streamline the amount of paper we have - piles and piles, envelopes and books of papers, receipts and who knows what all else - but its paper and lots of it. Thank you for giving me a burst of encouragement!

Hope you have a great rest of the weekend!!!

Judy and Emma said...

A lot of deep thinking going on there. I hope you find your niche. I'll be listening.

Four Windows with a View said...

Great post...honest...thoughtful. I look forward to reading more, now that the shackles have been shed.

Jim and Sandie said...

Excited to join you on your journey of cleaning up and letting go. Every year I am ready to let go of more "things" like photos and paperwork. Sometimes its really hard but I tell myself they are just things. The memories are always there. So write when you want and what you want. We'll be here to read and enjoy.