Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!

Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!
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Friday, July 15, 2011

Working at a Farm Technology Day Event

This was a first experience for us. Not only had we never worked one before, we had never even heard about this type of event prior to agreeing to work it with Scootaround. It is totally different then anything we had ever been involved with before.

What they do is choose a location, a farmer’s farm, they do it 3 years in advance so that the farmer can prepare the land for this “Tent City” to erect. They continue to harvest in those 3 years prior and soon after the event as long as it is taken care of during the event.

This was apparent when after some pretty heavy rain days prior to the show, on the day we were to unload our scooters, they shut down “Tent City” and we could not unload until the rain stopped and they surveyed the land. Luckily, we had 3 dry days for the show itself, but the first day it was still mushy from the previous rain days so we had some major issues. These are mobility scooters, not ATV’s as many of the riders assumed they were, as they continued to try to get them to move through the mush, which in turn ran down the batteries and they were dead in the mud…literally. Between the 2 booths, we rescued more than 30 scooters, some we had to replace and others we had run out of replacements and the issues continued. The good thing is…we made it through!

We seen the biggest machinery we had ever seen, they had cows, horses and all sorts of vendors that of course were geared towards the farming industry. Pretty neat stuff and luckily nothing that interested us so we did not make any purchases.

The people in this area were so nice and very accommodating to us. The campground we stayed, well let me back up a moment, it really is not a campground, but a Supper Club that got permits to allow camping. They provided port-a-potties, but no showers. No water hookup, but they did provide a white hose to fill up our tanks if needed. No dump station, but there was a local company that would pump us out if needed for an additional charge.

The Belvedere Supper Club’s food was good and the price was even better, so we did not have to cook at all the days we were there which was fabulous. The owner was so great, they offered a free shuttle service to the event located less than a mile away, but prior to the show beginning he allowed us to take his company truck back and forth since the shuttle was not yet running. This is just part of the total graciousness of the folks in this area.

Due to some circumstances beyond our control, we worked the hardest we ever have working with Scootaround, but we still enjoy doing this type of work. We just now need some extra days to give our mind and bodies some well needed rest.

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