Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!

Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!
Working at 3 Rivers Resort in Almont, Colorado until the end of August!

Sunday, July 03, 2011

When Is Enough…Enough?

We are usually at a job on the holiday weekends but due to the work we are doing, not being at a set place for months at a time, we had to decide where to stay on holiday weekends. Usually our discounts clubs do not allow us to stay at their parks. Yes, we got lucky for Memorial Weekend, but not for the Fourth of July. We carefully charted our course and made our choice by knowing, we do not like campgrounds during holiday weekends and would much prefer a RV Park or Resort, price was definitely a factor as well. We chose to stay at a RV Resort connected to a Casino, always been a good choice. We will blog our review once we leave.

Now, for my question about enough being enough. Our neighbors have a RV, 2 big SUV’s, 1 van and a huge tent on their site and lots of people, so many screaming kids and plenty of visitors coming and going at all hours. This family could easily get 3 sites and still be crowded. They are walking all over our hoses, sewer and water, our cords and our dish was bumped during the Nationwide race, they even plugged into our electrical box. We explained to them and they apologized, but it continues. We called the office and they are not going to do anything about it since they explained it is a holiday weekend and it is crowded. This tent is inches away from our rig and nowhere else can we see this sort of thing going on. All the other sites have their space between, but this group continues to expand and it is so aggravating for us. We asked if we could get moved, and were told they were booked and did not have another site for us. I can’t do this all weekend, the weather is going to be great and we want to spend some time outdoors relaxing, but with all this going on it won’t be easy.

We know why many campgrounds make the rule of only one camping unit per site, they actually have the rule here but is not enforced. They are allowed an additional tent as many other campgrounds allow, but this family is definitely one of those families that take full advantage of the rules and why addendum rules are put into place.

We are both so tired of thinking that there is something we need to learn from all of this. If so, what we need to learn is to speak up for ourselves and then do something to take us out of the situation. All we ask is that we have a site where we do not have dogs or kids wandering into our site. Finally, after another call this morning they said we could move. We checked into our new site and have been quite comfortable all day. Yes, we have neighbors, some with kids, others with dogs, but these people are not on top of us, they each have their own site.

Before leaving our last site, a wicked storm came through in Hinckley, Minnesota. It was a long, long storm with lots of rain, wind and lightening. We took some photos of the beautiful RED sky that the storm left behind. These photos were not touched up at all, we had never before seen such beautiful skies in this color!

We read that there was a tornado that was hidden within the clouds, rain and wind that came through but they were unable at this time to confirm that it was actually a tornado even though the winds were clocked at 110 mph in the area. If it wasn’t a tornado, it was a very windy storm with lots of rain, hail, lightening and even some thunder. We created a video and placed it on our Picasa Web Albums. We shortened it of course since this storm went on for just about an hour. There were several times the storm became very intense while we were sitting in the drivers seat, but for me, I handled it very well. There was a lot of praying and swearing, but believe it or not I was calmer than I had ever been during a storm this intense!


Teri said...

Good for you that you persisted and were able to move to another site. The resort owners should be handling things better. I saw on the weather channel that the storm moved into Wisconsin and caused a lot of damage and people were injured and there was one death, very sad. Mother Nature is mad at us.

Kimberly and Jerry Peterson said...

Yep, she is pissed and if we have done anything to upset her, we apologize with a totally heartfelt apology!

Carol K said...

That was quite a storm you experienced, but you got some good pictures! I think you were wise to speak up about the crowded camping site. People are never going to learn how to properly treat their neighbor's campsite unless someone speaks up and most of all, unless the management actually chooses to manage the situation.

Wanderin' said...

That's exactly why we hate being out over a holiday. It's party time for some folks and they don't care about anyone but themselves. I'm glad you got moved and glad you stayed out of the storm. Just think .. most of them will start going home tomorrow. That's what we're looking forward to too.

Me and My Dog said...

I had the same, but much smaller, problem at Santee Lakes. Then it was gone, I don't know who did what, but all was wonderful after an initial issue. I was told by one of their volunteers that they have a "zero tolerance policy," No complaints are ignored - no garbage in the campsites, no cigarette butts on the round, no noise after hours, etc. He thought they were too strict, but I thought it was good. There will always be someone to break the rules and think they can get away with it. You shouldn't have to tolerate it, I'm glad they moved you. Otherwise, you should have gotten your site free. Bummer - :(

Kevin and Ruth said...

Please don't take this the wrong way, but what is the difference between a campground and an RV Resort/Park? To us they are all the same. And wouldn't they all be busy on a holiday weekend?

We really hate when people are like that, ones that don't care how they disrupt other people near them. Glad you spoke up and that the owners finally moved you.

Beautiful pictures of the evening sky, love the colour.

Kevin and Ruth