Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!

Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!
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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Our Coastal Drive Begins…

Back on the road again…but this time no more freeways. Heading north on 101, all the way to the coast, then following it all the way into Washington. This is a great road, a few places with little winding areas but for the most part it was fabulous. Finally arriving on the coast after waiting all these years was very disappointing. The fog was so thick, the kind where we could not see any part of the ocean, there were times we could hardly see the front of the rig. To make matters worse, the weather forecast is not very promising…for the next 10 days they are forecasting either fog or rain all the way up the coast. Time to make the best of this situation.

Since it had been a very nail-biting drive thus far, we decided to stay in Eureka to get our laundry and a bit more cleaning of the rig completed. In addition, all the batteries for all of our cameras were in need of charging. Usually we put them on their chargers the night before getting back on the road, but we were so excited this time we forgot to charge them.

It was the perfect opportunity to stop for the night, just in case there was a clearing in the fog, we wanted to be ready for photos. We found a KOA, just north of Eureka and even though they were slightly over what we budgeted to camp, we found they were reasonable for being on the coast in California. See our separate RV Park Review for this location on our blog or at RV Parking.

Taking this drive has given us a new perspective on life and there has been much soul searching, not always a good thing but it has us thinking a lot about our purpose in life. Searching for our true calling has always been something we want to achieve but never seem to get there. There has not been a time when we get that aha moment as we did with living this lifestyle. Yes, we know we are exactly where we should be, but there is more, it is not just about us living this lifestyle, there is more, we just can’t put our fingers on it yet. In time that too will surface and we will know what it is, in the meantime we will enjoy each and every moment as we continue to search for our passionate purpose.

The passing of Bruce and Margie has hit us very hard which stirred around some other thoughts. If something happens to us both at the same time as it did with them, who would take care of our arrangements? We know each others wishes upon our deaths, but if we both go at the same time, we have no family left to take care of things. We both have living wills and do not want to be kept alive by machinery. We don’t have any insurance money to fuss about, and we don’t have a huge nest egg but what we would have at the time we would love to donate to a fine charity that helps children or battered families and we both wish to be cremated and scattered in the ocean.

Not sure how this would all be taken care of but we imagine it would be done. Enough said and it’s time to begin thinking about less morbid things…living every moment to the fullest.

For all of our photos, please click here to go to our Picasa Web Albums.


Janie and John said...

I think part of your purpose is sharing your travels with the rest of us. Thank you.

~~Mike~~ said...

Deep topics! Reflection is good for the soul though. Your purpose will be revealed to you at the right time I am sure, always seems to work out that way for us at least. Great pics too! I love the PNW, can't wait to get back up there this spring!

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