Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!

Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!
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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What Can We Do When We Are Ripped-Off?

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Never take a taxi from Laughlin, Nevada to Bullhead City, Arizona, instead call an Arizona cab to take you across the border. We are staying at a resort in Bullhead City and took a cab, which is less than a mile to the Laughlin side, the charge was $3.30 plus a $2 tip, totaled $5.30. Later that day, we hailed a cab from the exact location but it was a Nevada taxi and the total was $8.90. While we were waiting…yes, waiting at a light the meter ran over $1.20 additionally. We were appalled and tried to explain this to the driver, but he became belligerent instead. Needless to say, no tip for this taxi driver.

Why is it that he felt it was okay to double charge us? He felt justified and how is that so? How is it that he then became angry at us when he was leaving? He continued to sit there as we began to walk to our site, we were approached by a guest and asked about our cab ride and we began to advise them not to use this particular cab company and he felt it was okay to come and try to stop what we were saying. He became very rude, saying some very nasty things. Of course as much as I feel I have grown, there are times when I haven’t grown at all. As he became more and more irate, screaming out of his taxi some really outrageous words, I lost it and flipped him off. Something I have not done in so many years and can’t justify that reaction but will let it go and move forward.

Then…I received an email today regarding the biggest rip-off that happened a few months ago to us. Someone who was working for that same company has come into some real problems with them. The couple that owned the website business had undergone some major issues. They lost their home and had not been paying the employees that were hired around the time we began work with them. These employees also learned that even though they had been taking out taxes on their paychecks they did receive, they did not pay IRS. Also, they apparently stole a RV, the story is that they were offered to drive a RV to a location and was to arrive on March 4th, but has not been heard from since.

For sure they are in deeper trouble then we could have ever imagined and we are very grateful for only losing out on 20 hours of pay but it just irks me that they can and do continue to screw with people and get away with it. I really tried to warn people, I wrote so many letters and plastered them on the internet anywhere I could but some folks just think that it won’t happen to them…but it does. I know that people can change and I always try to give a person the benefit of the doubt but really now, if they won’t even admit they have a problem, do you really think someone can change?

Again, let me reiterate this company, it is azcarsandtrucks.com, the owners are Jim Scarmozzino & Kim Harper-Scarmozzino. They are not to be trusted and do not say what they mean nor mean what they say. Please…please…please…be very careful when dealing with these people, they are very shady characters and it will cost you.

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