Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!

Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!
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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Was This A Scam?

Dealing with people that say what they mean and mean what they say, has always been something we always look for, especially when it comes to work. Unfortunately, that was not the case with the folks at azcarsandtrucks.com, as a matter of fact, just the opposite. We are now seeing it as more than just somebody not living up to their word, but more as a planned scam.

We answered an employment ad that was posted in a “Work for RVers” website that we have used several times before. Of course, it was a great fit for us, we could continue our travels while working virtually and the pay was really enticing. In the years we have been out here the opportunity of virtual work has always been appealing. Looking back I see that the red flags began early on with this company and we did not feel comfortable giving them our personal information, at least until we could get a better understanding of who they were but we did begin working for them.

My project was to assist redesigning and then maintaining their website. I worked about 20 hours before the red flags really took a turn for the worse and the owner began showing some very noticeable signs of unstableness. At this time I felt it best to cease any further work with her and then in reply to my invoice requesting payment of hours worked, she sent a very nasty, threatening email, stating she will be contacting the local authorities to possibly have me prosecuted. I still don’t understand how she feels that she can have me prosecuted where it is the total opposite, they most definitely can be prosecuted for not paying me for my work performed. We checked into the laws and are following the steps to take action against them and according to the laws, they will have to pay us three times what they owe because they have not paid us in the time allowed, it may take a few months but we are willing to take it all the way.

Hindsight…I know…after the fact…I checked out the BBB and their rating is an F, A being the highest and F the lowest. They also had several complaints from folks accusing them of not returning calls, emails and not refunding when it was warranted, they also refused to reply to the BBB on all accounts.

We are so grateful that we were only associated with her for a few days, since her actions continue to become more bizarre, more threatening and even more malice as the days pass. And, we are even more grateful that we never gave her our personal information where it now looks as if it could have been some sort of identity theft scam or worse.

Life is full of different types of people and for us we choose not to create bad karma. If they are in that much financial troubles that they can’t afford to pay me for the work that I clearly did, then they will be the ones who have to deal with the bad karma. As for us, we are clear of any misgivings on our part and will not carry this on with us, but we have learned to always pay attention to our guts, always follow our hearts and learn to let it go.


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