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Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!
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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Outcome of Direct TV

These past few months have been a nightmare when it came to the customer service at Direct TV and we had all but given up when that letter came from a collection agency threatening us to pay or else. We had been trying to get some resolution with them with no avail but we had to give it one more try and with the additional simmering of being sued for something we do not owe, we were not going to accept this without a fight.

Another letter with all the facts came pouring out on paper and a copy was not only sent to Direct TV’s Customer Service (if you can call it that) but we sent a copy to the collection agency and then went online and by some miracle found an email we had not sent anything to before and off they went. Within a FEW hours, we received a reply from the online email sent to directvcustomercare@directv.com stating they would contact us within 48 hours. Where had we heard that before and decided not to hold our breath waiting.

But, that very afternoon the call came and she listened. She did not try to out talk me, or try to explain, or say the only way to get reinstated would be to pay the balance off in full. She instead listened and understood that there was a mistake made and even though we did not feel we owed anything, we were willing to pay for the first month of March since they claim they did not receive our request to put it on hold. We had stated this several other times before but this time she listened. By the time the conversation was over, we had a credit on our account and all matters regarding our account had been wiped clean. Then to make things even brighter, an account activity email for each transaction she took care of was received in our email box right after the call. By receiving those emails, we could confirm that everything we said was heard and that it was complete.

This has been my biggest complaint, not only with this company but with many nationwide. Customer service is lacking and needs to be addressed within each company, large and small. When you have representatives not responding with a smile and respect then these people need to find another line of work. It takes a certain breed to work with the public and believe me, the customer is NOT always right but the trick is to make them think they are. It is not always easy but if you choose to work with the public, you will need to learn a little finesse.


Yarntangler said...

Congratulations! Sometimes it really pays to hang in there and fight for your rights. Too many give up after the 23rd voice mail and let them take advantage of the situation.

Bob and Sharon....Rving Millers said...

Kimberly, glad you were able to finally get the situation resolved. You handled it very well! What patience you have.