Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!

Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!
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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Has anybody ever encountered such a thing?

We enjoy going to websites that have forums, especially the ones referencing the RV lifestyle, they contain some very useful information and we enjoy sharing our experience as well.

Just this morning we had another encounter with someone else’s opinion of what types of advertisement we should or should not have on our personal websites. This person chose not to come directly to us instead they went through one of the forums that we visit regularly. They contacted one of the forum administrator and put in a complaint which then the administrator chose to revoke our link signature on their website until all of our advertisement is removed, especially our request for contributions.

Last year, we went through the same thing with this same forum and it was finally resolved with the conclusion that as long as our ads did not conflict with this websites advertisers that our signature link could be used, so we had been using it since.

Apparently, that all went out the window this morning when somebody complained about “the number of ads on our blog” and “the one that caused most people grief is this…If you find this website useful, please consider a small contribution to our fuel fund.”

Just by us having all these ads on our blog or this particular request for contributions, does it mean any of you have to purchase or contribute?

Does our advertisement conflict with the forum on Workamper News?

Should we have to change something on our website because some people find it offensive, even when it is not obscene or vulgar?

This is our blog and/or website and we do not force anybody to visit our sites so the answer to these questions are no, positively not. It is our right to advertise or ask for anything we choose and it is then the choice of the reader to either participate or decline. There have been times while surfing the web that we find objectionable content that we choose to just ignore, it is our choice to either partake or not, it is not our right to demand that they change it or else.

So once again, our signature on this forum will no longer carry a link to our webpage but we will continue to stand by our choice to advertise on our websites as we see fit. We would love to hear from others who might have had the same situation occur with them, either with this particular website or any others. The Workamper website has been the only website that we have encountered any issues with a link in our signature, all others allow ours without any problems.

If you would like to add your comments, you may either add them here on our blog or go to our column since this article is published there as well. Click on the title to take you there.


Serengeti said...

As a regular visitor to workamper we can understand how some might take offense. We see absolutly no reason why WK has any influence on your personal blog. As a matter of fact we would to put some on ours. Always thought we would ask you in time. Have a good day and be safe.

Russell said...

I seem to remember a few months ago seeing a post on the WK Forum about this. I am not sure why they would feel a need to do this, other than wanting advertising money in addition to subscription dues? But I do remember that someone else mentioned having to remove the link to their blog or website because of advertising. It is a shame, but not much we can do.