Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!

Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!
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Friday, September 12, 2008

A Day At Camping World in Houghton Lake

We didn’t want to leave the Little River Casino Resort but we needed to move on to Houghton Lake where we had made an appointment at Camping World to fix the issues with our Even Brake system. It was a nice drive but we were a bit disappointed in the Houghton Lake area. In all the years I lived in Michigan, Houghton Lake was a place where many folks went on and on about how great of a place it was…I had never visited there myself so I just had my own thoughts. For some reason Lake Havasu in Arizona was how I imagined it to be… a plush resort area it definitely is not…very few campgrounds...pretty worn down town.

First campground we stopped at was a bit rundown for charging almost $40 so we went on to the next one which was just as rundown but they accepted the Camp Club USA card which only cost us $15...this we were willing to pay. At West Houghton Lake Campground, the hosts were marvelous…very accommodating…restrooms were clean but very old…the office area was…well…filthy…smelly…dogs were in the yard and continuously barked. We did not want to unhook the Jeep so we were not able to hook up our sewer but a day without a shower is not so bad every once in awhile. We walked across the street to a Restaurant that the host recommended…was good…reasonably priced and service was excellent.

Left early in the morning for our appointment at Camping World…We cannot say enough about this place. We had our Even Brake installed in New York last year and had not worked properly since the first day and it actually began blowing our lights on the rig and the Jeep every time we tried to use it again. They spent over 6 hours fixing what they had bungled in New York but we left with it all working properly and did not cost us anything…so we thought!

Once they completed the work we decided to leave the area because there was not anything left we wanted to see but did not want to drive all the way in the rain to Frankenmuth so we chose to drive to Mount Pleasant where the Soaring Eagle Casino was located. They did not have a RV Park but had an area where they allowed boon docking…again…something we do not care to do but will do it once in awhile. We played, had some fun, ate a good meal at the buffet and didn’t spend any money…actually came away with a few extra dollars. We didn’t stay too long since it was a Friday night and the place was jammed but we didn’t get much sleep due to the noise and lights throughout the night. Also, we noticed the interior lights of our Jeep would not turn off and it was raining…we unhooked the battery for the night and decided we would fix it in the morning.

Wanted to get an early start but first we needed to remove the fuse and then hook up the Jeep in the rain. It was a rainy…foggy…stressful drive but we wanted to get hooked up so we could take showers and just chill out for awhile in Frankenmuth.

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