Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!

Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!
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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Where Has Our Daughter Gone?

"no mo pics of my son
o by the way kim u will not get any mo pics of my boy... and post on yo web page ha ha ha ha.... get yo info anotha way..... "

These are the sort of messages I have been receiving from my daughter. This is NOT the way she was raised but she has been receiving some very bad advice from the characters she has been "hanging" with and it is not very becoming of her. I raised a lovely young lady who has always had a problem choosing the right people to have in her life and since she has chosen to keep us out of her life it has been difficult to watch my daughter disappear and become this person that is so hateful, angry and destructive not only to herself but also to our grandson, Austin.

We have been advised that Austin is being ridiculed verbally from Chrissy and some of her chosen family and friends. They belittle him for being who he is and who we always allowed him to be because they want him to be who they think he should be, this tough little guy instead of being a very gentle soul who is unique. He is not allowed to show his real feelings and when we are mentioned, some of them are quite adamant about us being bad grandparents who are no longer in his life because we chose to “Go Traveling”. He is subjected daily to this abuse that she feels is normal...it is not and should not continue but it will just as long as she allows and participates in.

It is hard for a mother to see her child do this, not only to herself but to a very innocent boy, our grandson, Austin. I am no longer proud of my daughter. Christyna Godlaski (Muldoon) is not my daughter, she has become someone that I no longer choose to have in my life. She has made her choice now and we can no longer stand by and watch her destroy not only herself but Austin as well. She has gone beyond any hope and I am no longer able to reach her. She is lost and confused but I cannot subject myself to her destruction any longer.

On June 28, 1999 we were in the delivery room when Austin was born. We have loved him, helped raise him for the first 6 years of his life, and we have done everything to try to have him in our lives now but the pain it causes us now is unbearable that we have decided we will not subject ourselves to any longer. She has taken precious years from us that we could never ever replace and even though we have dug deep inside ourselves, we do not believe we could ever truly forgive her for that and we know that she would always hold it over our heads that if we ever say or do anything that would "piss" her off she would take him away from us again. All this time we have been waiting for her to forgive us but in reality what I said and done during that argument a few years ago does not even come close to the destruction she has put upon this entire situation. We will not stand by and watch her continue to go deeper into this black hole she is making for herself and taking her son with her.

We have to let go…this is the hardest decision we have ever made, but for us to be able to live any sort of healthy lifestyle, this is exactly what we must do. It will not always be easy since they continue contacting us and Austin’s 9th birthday is fast approaching but we will do our best to live our lives without our child and grandchild. We will continue to pray that when Austin gets older and truly knows the truth of what happened that he will contact us and we can repair all the damage that has been done but until then we will go on with our lives without our children.

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