Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!

Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!
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Thursday, May 15, 2008

If You Do Not Like What We Are Writing About…

Then stop reading our blogs…stop calling us…stop commenting about what we write.

The calls and emails from my daughter, her friends and my sister continue even though we have moved on…they will not. Yet another photo sent to us from an anonymous person, now telling us where many more of these photos had been put on the Internet…not by us but by my daughter. She, her friends and my sister all accused me of lying and putting photos on the Internet of my grandson when the truth was revealed tells an entirely different story then their version.

They claim that they do not say anything bad about us in front of our grandson…a person close to the family has informed us that they have witnessed otherwise. It’s not hard to believe since many times we have witnessed many harsh words spoken when any particular family member is not at the gathering, especially when alcohol is consumed which is always plentiful at every gathering.

My sister once again is threatening to do us physical harm if we do not leave who she is claiming is HER grandson alone. There were several times during our many heated arguments that she actually boasted that she, “got away with murder once it would not be hard to do again”. We don’t believe that she would actually do us any physical harm…but her anger has always been very destructive and got the best of her several years ago during an argument with a then boyfriend that led to his death.

They continue to put all the blame on me but I am taking responsibility for my part in the argument that happened over 2 years ago that they continue to make into this huge mountain. It was an argument and a few things were said by both my daughter and myself that I have apologized for and forgiven her for and am ready to put it past us and move forward. But now that my sister has decided is “her chance to get even with me“ as she said in her most recent email by, “taking my daughter and grandson away from me it will show me that she is and always has been in control of my life.”

Control and anger is an issue that truly ruins many lives and we continue to struggle with our part in this entire situation and pray that we will be able to get through this one day and be able to be a part of our grandson’s life since we have done nothing wrong as grandparents and he should not be punished for something that in all reality was not a big deal.

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