Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!

Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!
We are extensively traveling around...working and having a blast...Life is Grand!

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Still in Relaxation Mode

Heading out with Maggie, MayB and now Dolly is nice once again. We have been in Yuma for a few weeks and with 99% of the honey do’s complete, we are bored and need to find some work, so since we have been unsuccessful in finding anything else, we decided to work a few shows with Lt Blender. It may not pay much, but at least we will keep ourselves busy and have some income coming in.

They all traveled well and even though I-8 is a picturesque drive, many parts are extremely rough, weather was great with just a tad of wind…couldn’t ask for a better driving day. The only issue with Dolly were the straps, so we have replaced them. The ones that came with it had a few shred marks on them, but they are also a different type and were a pain in the butt, so we got the standard ones that will work out much better.

We have several offers for summer work, and at this time we are not sure which direction to go, but we will figure it out. We are leaning towards the Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota area, but we are still very open to all options.

We so wanted to do Spring Training in Surprise, Arizona for 6 weeks in February and March but life has a way of telling us NO. We knew we would not make a lot of money because even though we will be working full time, our rent is not included, and that area is pricey, if we could even get in somewhere. But it has been on our radar for many years and wanted to give it a try this year, but it just does not seem to be coming together. We have been hired but finding a place for those weeks are just not happening.

We are all decorated for Christmas and are now just patiently waiting for it all to be over with and begin a new year. There was a time this was our favorite time of the year, now it’s just a time we pray we get through without too much pain...

This time of the year is rough on us and we usually sink into our pity party, but we decided that this year we will pull up our big kid panties and stop the madness. Sure, there are things that make us sad, but there are also many things in our lives that we are so grateful for and need to hold on to those, instead of sinking into that dark hole of despair just because we do not have certain things. We are choosing to dwell on all the great things in our lives and STOP exhausting ourselves with the things we do not have.

We are so grateful for one another, not everyone gets that chance to marry their best friend and live happily ever after as we are…We are so grateful for our health, sure the years have added aches and pains but no major illnesses or broken things as many others have to deal with…We are so grateful for the ability to live this lifestyle with a beast like Maggie, that keeps on moving through all the miles we travel and for never leaving us stranded on the roadside. She is our home, our safe haven, and the best traveling companion anybody could ever have, she gets the job done.

Now those are just the major things we are grateful for, then there are thousands of little things every moment that we smile and are thankful for too. Life is grand, and we are grateful that we have been blessed with smiles, laughter, love, allowing us to live this life that is full. Thank you…Thank you…Thank you!

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