Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!

Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!
Working at 3 Rivers Resort in Almont, Colorado until the end of August!

Monday, May 07, 2018

1501 Goldrush Road (GPS)
Bullhead City, AZ 86442
12/20/2016-1/3/2017, 3/15-3/20/2017, 1/30/2018, 4/24-5/8/2018

2018 Update - Giving them another try, they put us on the bluff with a great view and where we were located there were not any undesireables, dogs or humans...it was a nice but very hot stay.

2018 UPDATE: WARNING: UNTIL THEY GET THE VICIOUS DOG ISSUE UNDER CONTROL WE WILL NOT BE BACK. But, are very grateful they gave us a full refund after we went to the office the next day and explained what happened.

We were sitting out on our patio and noticed the neighbors dog was tethered on a tiny little chain, it was a huge German Shepard that made its way to our site just enough to stare and growl at us. I was not comfortable, so we went inside and called the office, they were closed with no mention of any emergency number, only the Deli who took no responsibility to resolve our issue but told us to call the office and leave our complaint on the answering machine…REALLY? We would have told our neighbor ourselves, but we could not get to their door. A short time later our neighbor took their 2 dogs to the dog park, so we went back out and planned to ask him not to tether his dogs outside when they are not out with them as stated in the rules. Instead what happened was enough to send us packing. As the neighbor was returning with his 2 big dogs, another vicious dog (it was huge and mean looking) came out from the permanent residents chasing him and his dogs into their RV and as the neighbor slammed the door, the vicious dog took his sights on us, we barely made it into our RV.

The next morning, we went to the office and they had yet to retrieve our message, so we explained what happened and she claimed that it was a neighbor’s dog that they had called the police and dog catcher on almost a dozen times but have not been able to find the dog. So, at that point since it was apparent we would not be comfortable we asked for a refund and without any hesitation she gave us a full refund. That is really a shame because we did like the place but with all the trashy permanents getting worse and now the vicious dogs we will not be returning.

We have been invited to stay here many times throughout our years of coming to this area but we just never did, but now that they offer Coast to Coast, we are taking full advantage.

We paid in points with our Coast to Coast membership for a wide and long gravel site that included water, 50/30 electric, sewer, and cable. They also offered WiFi for a price. They did not add any resort fees, taxes or anything else to our total so all we paid was with our points which has become a rare find but a welcoming practice. 2018 UPDATE: They now add on an additional $5 daily fee.

This resort is huge and has a spectacular view from high atop this hill. Where our site was located, we did not have any views but we were nestled in so we hardly felt the wind that is very usual for this area and had been frightful many of those days, and the temperatures were frigid most of our stay so even the pool and spa were not inviting at all.

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