Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!

Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!
Working at 3 Rivers Resort in Almont, Colorado until the end of August!

Saturday, March 26, 2016

The CRUD Got Us…

We made our way to Westlake Village, CA to do the event with PepWear the latter part of February...

Just as we arrived we caught the CRUD and it hung on tightly to us for several weeks. We made it to work the two days, how we have no idea, we were both running fevers, coughing so hard that our ribs hurt and holding anything down was not happening but we persevered. There were plenty of moments where we thought we were not going to make it but of course we did but the crud held on tightly.

Thank goodness we had a few weeks off before the next event so we took things very slowly as we headed to Sacramento for our next event. We both slept a lot and barely had enough energy to do much of anything and then it rained and was extremely cold for the event in Sacramento. We were not 100% and we both worried due to the weather that we would get the crud back again. 

We rested ourselves which meant work only, no other sort of activities just so we could make it through this and then the next event in Hayward which were back to back but at least the weather was a bit more agreeable in Hayward. It rained a few hours on Sunday but nothing like the all-day rain the week before in Sacramento.

In Hayward it was difficult to find any sort of decent RV Park near the event and when we did find some decent ones they were booked for the weekend so we opted to stay in at Kit Fox RV Park in Patterson which was over 60 miles from the event. We drove almost 600 miles in those 4 days but went nowhere.

We have been feeling better daily, our energy is almost all back to normal, the aches are gone but we both still have a cough, not consistently like at first but periodically we still have a cough attack but even those are getting farther in between one another.

Now that these events are over and we have 3 weeks until our next event in Mission Viejo we decided to go to the desert and dry out. We headed to Bullhead City where we have a Coast to Coast park that we will stay two weeks at $10 per night.

We just puddle jumped to get to the desert…

Our first stop was in Chowchilla which was under 100 miles. We stayed at a very exclusive The Lakes RV & Golf Resort…what a gem, check out our separate review. 

Due to some predicted heavy winds along our travels we opted to stay an extra night so we could avoid the wind so we took advantage and had breakfast at the Final Round Bar & Grill located at the Golf Course.

The next day we made it to Bakersfield and stayed at River Run RV Park, we had stayed there before and again we were not disappointed. Check out our separate review for more information.

Another puddle jump to Barstow the next day where we stayed at the KOA where prices are rising and no updates.

Finally the final day of traveling to Bullhead City and there was a section on I-40 for about 25 miles where some genius decided putting in grooved pavement, something we have noticed to be getting more frequent. It is the worse sort of road, even worse than potholes since those are at least avoidable and few and far between but with these grooved pavements it is a constant rumble. Everything inside was rattling and shaking uncontrollably and we were hearing noises we had never heard before but finally the road ended and we had a great rest of the ride. That is until we settled in our site in Bullhead City when we realized that the road had shook our overhead cabinets off the wall and were ready to fall, only hanging on by a small thread. But at the same time we felt blessed that they did not fall so we did a quick fix and plan to take a ride to Home Depot for the parts we need to secure them.

Our walls are getting weaker due to the dry-rotting and when we are in rain and moisture as long as we had been it makes those walls weaker so we can see how the road rattled the cabinets off of it. Eventually we will figure out what we will do about Maggie but for now we are just living our lives and doing all we can to have the time of our lives. Life is too short to worry so much about those things, so we patch and move forward.

We will be in Bullhead City for over a week this vacation visit and will be able to dry out before we have to head back to California for another PepWear Event in Mission Viejo. Then we have a few 11 day shows lined up with Lt. Blender at the Sam’s Club in Palm Desert then back to Bullhead City. If it ends up being a great adventure for us then we will be able to line up even more work with them. Something we are looking forward to since it’s the type of work we enjoy and we get to hang out in areas we love.

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