Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!

Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!
Working at 3 Rivers Resort in Almont, Colorado until the end of August!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Our Experience at Fountain of Youth (FOY)

We left a few weeks earlier than we planned but we had some fun while it lasted. There was no one reason we left early, just a combination of many including some great work opportunities presented to us.

Things we loved about our experience…

Working only part time, 4 nights a week and only 5 hours per night.

Most all of our coworkers were wonderful to work with and we had some good nights just hanging out and conversing.

Weather was wonderful, not much wind and rain this season, a bit cooler than normal in this area but we were able to enjoy many sunny days and comfortable nights.

Whenever we work at places that we get tips we always keep them in a separate pile and watch them add up…this time they added up quite nicely…a big ending bonus for us!

The mineral springs were wonderful to soak and we took advantage of them once the weather was warmer.

Things we didn’t love about our experience…

The internet sucked…our first week here we used more than half of our monthly allowance of data since we were constantly searching for service…using their free WiFi was even worse but the first month here we paid an additional $50 in data overages. A completed phone conversation was nonexistent which made it difficult to make future plans.

The disorganization in the Café was horrific which left us working harder on our shifts to find things we needed to fulfill the menu items. Usually we were out of many products on a daily basis that we could not complete many items on the menu. That made it difficult to handle the customers in front of us who were irate and wanted what was on the menu and blamed us for the incompetence. We did not do the ordering and we had to make do with what we had daily which also included our till, we had no place to go to get change most of the time and the times we went to get change was like an act of congress.

Management had absolutely NO knowledge of putting people in the right places so that things would flow easier. We were all allowed to just do whatever we wanted and at times this just created more chaos, especially among the very inexperienced workers.

WAY too many people up the ladder that influenced our immediate manager who was always undermined by someone else at the higher level which made things constantly confusing. One particular day we were reprimanded for a few complaints about the presentation of the pizza…not taking into consideration that particular day it was just Jerry and myself since people were out sick and our helpers had to fill in for them which left us with nobody to help us on a busy night of pizza and Karaoke. Little things like that which just showed us very bad management skills on many of the people in those higher positions. There was a time when they did see the good we were doing and they did make a point of letting us know but it never really made up for the complaining times.

Even though we only worked 5 hours per day it was hard work for those hours since the moment we came in we had to get the dinner special ready while cleaning, organizing and fixing lunch for the late comers. Then dinner began at 4pm and ended about 6pm so for two hours we were cranking it out…just a strange situation that kicked our butts many nights. Part of that was 100% our fault since we had a helper but she was so incompetent that she only caused us more work so we asked that she not be on our shift so we did it alone.

As far as returning…probably not! Even though it was really not that bad the major things for us is the internet, or lack of and the usual season is October through March which is a LONG time for us. Being asked to fill in for 2 ½ months was long enough for us.

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