Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!

Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!
Working at 3 Rivers Resort in Almont, Colorado until the end of August!

Thursday, October 01, 2015

Time Really Does Fly…

When you are having as much fun as we are having and we are having a blast.

Finished our 2nd event and this time we were solo…nobody onsite with us like the first week but they were all available via phone, text and messaging and we crushed it. We passed our goal by a bunch and have a little extra bonus on our paychecks…life is pretty darn grand!

We are now once again taking the roads less traveled since we are not pressed for time to get anywhere and these country roads filled with fields of corn and other crops make for some pretty spectacular views. Not to mention the cute little houses with their porches, basements and opened fences to your neighbors.

Our stay in Bowling Green, Ohio was better than words can describe. Bowling Green is a quant little town with the best people, food and lodging imaginable. It’s a college town that has a real small town flair to it that seems so friendly and safe.

Upon our early arrival our room was not ready yet so we went into the downtown area where we ate at SamB’s. It is located on Main Street where the parking is premium but we found a parking lot where we could park the truck, thank goodness we dropped the trailer or there would be no way we would have been able to hang out here and have lunch.

We started with the Black Bean Soup which was absolutely the best tasting soup we had both ever tasted, even better than mom’s chicken noodle. 

Jerry had a burger which tasted like steak with melted crumbled blue cheese and it was delicious. 

I had the Reuben which the corned beef was sweet and tender that melted in my mouth served on grilled marble rye to perfection.

We shared a Peanut Butter Chocolate desert which was really yummy.

The event went marvelously…we had great help especially because we were short staffed but the ones we had stepped up to the plate and helped us surpass our goal with flying colors.

We reluctantly left this marvelous area to head to our next destination. We stayed in Canal Winchester, Ohio area for a few days at a Best Western which once again was a great place with some really great workers who were very accommodating.

Our first day we stopped at the AMA (American Motorcycle Association) Hall of Fame where Jerry got to see all of his childhood heroes. Jerry and his dad many years ago shared this passion of motorcycle riding and racing and he was like a kid in a candy store exploring all the great stories inside the museum.

You can see many more photos at our Google + Web Albums.

On our 2nd day we called a cab which in itself was an adventure all of its own. It was like an amusement ride gone wrong, Jerry almost ended up upside down in my lap and it was NOT because of the wine we tasted. We are definitely going to check into Uber for any future cab rides since normal cabbies are getting crazier with each ride we take.  The ride was under a mile to the Hidden Lakes Winery, Ohio’s Newest Winery but since we never drink a drop and drive and it really was too far for us to walk, we opted to catch a cab, next time Uber.

We had such a great time at the winery, tasting all sorts of wines and noticing how much sweeter many of the wines here were, so much so that we were having a hard time deciding our favorites.

Tasting wines...

Sampling appetizers...

Meeting some wonderful people and having the best conversation between Jerry and myself made for such an enjoyable afternoon.

In the Ohio area they have a pizza place called Donatos that makes a great pizza, the wings have a slight tanginess to them and they also make a Brick Street Bread that is a pull-apart bread that is simply scrumptious.

We are now in Dayton, Ohio for our next event and thank goodness it is a roll-off which means we have to pull everything out of the trailer and into a building so the high prediction of rain will not sabotage our sales at all and we will not get wet like we did in Monroeville, Pennsylvania. Hopefully Joaquin will be long gone before we have to head to North Carolina and then Delaware in the next few weeks, but we will deal with that then, for now we plan to just hang out here until mid-next week and work this event.

We can honestly say, we have not enjoyed ourselves as much as we have in these past few weeks since we began traveling full time ten years ago, it is so refreshing to be driving good equipment, working hard for only one day, being able to travel so much and being paid so well.

Life most certainly is the grandest it has ever been for us and we continue to pray that this is our turning point and that life will continue to be this good for us for many years to come.

For more photos, check out our Google + Web Albums.


Yarntangler said...

I'm so happy this is working for you. You guys surely paid your dues over the past few years and you stuck with it. You deserve to have fun.

We Fulltime said...

Well good for you!

Maura and Pete Bedard said...

So glad to hear this is working out so well. It sure got a bit scary for you guys for a while there. Good luck!

Misha Gericke said...

I hope it does continue to go well for you. :-)