Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!

Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!
Working at 3 Rivers Resort in Almont, Colorado until the end of August!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Getting Too Old For Some Places

Never thought we would ever feel this way…

Maggie has always passed the 10 year rule whenever they have enforced it because she always looked good even though she is much older but that has all changed now that our quick, cheap fixes of her dry rot expansions are now showing her age.

We were having a really hard time making reservations for our upcoming commitment with Scootaround and were getting really concerned about things falling into place but as usual we persevered.  Even though we live by the saying that if it don’t come easy let it go, there is always those exceptions.  Also, we were not sure exactly what we needed to let go of but we now know it was not the entire event but just the place we should stay.  Not sure exactly why we were not intended to stay there but we have learned we do not argue too much with the Universe when it is clearly making a statement. Unfortunately many times as we are being pig headed and do not listen and continue to force the issue, we eventually get it.  This time took way too much time for us to finally get it and understand that we were not meant to stay at Surf and Turf RV Park in Del Mar, California while we worked the event.

About a month ago, we began attempting to make reservations there and thought that we were in even though my calls and emails were no longer being answered I just assumed it would be all right.  The week prior to us arriving I needed to give them the company credit card information to be charged and when she finally got back to me the day before we were leaving she said she was out of town for a family funeral and her assistant messed up the reservations and she no longer had a spot available at the weekly price but would set us up paying the daily rate which had doubled since she now said we would need to pay for two sites…OMG we are only 28’ long.  Anyway we agreed and then began to look elsewhere and everything else by then was booked except one which was further away in the opposite direction so we just decided we would just suck it up and allow her to swindle us.

We pulled into the RV Park which was just a gravel parking lot with water and electric, no sewer, no clubhouse, no facilities and were immediately approached by an elderly lady with broken English who asked very curtly what we were doing there.  I explained we were the Peterson’s and had a reservation which she immediately stated that she could not, would not allow us to stay because of the condition of our rig.  While coming into the parking lot we drove by several older and rugged looking trailers and she had the nerve to state this and then we noticed all the sites were filled.  She was rude and snooty and even though we were upset knowing we may not have a place to stay, I had this calming about me that I could not explain but now know that it was the Universe telling me that this is NOT where we are supposed to stay.  So I said to her, “Karma will come back and bite you in the ass because you were so nasty to us, have a nice day.” And we drove away!

We called the park that was further away from the event in the opposite direction and they had a vacancy so we drove there and hooked up.  Then what happened was exactly why I was calmed the day before…

As it turned out the bike trail from this park to the event was excellent and to top it off it ended up being 2 miles closer since where our booth was located was actually at a different location then the front gate. 

We are learning that if you just allow things to come a bit easier to you that it will all work out instead of constantly forcing things that are not falling into place.

We have also learned that we really do not want to be anywhere that is not receptive to our appearances.  We are who we are and even though Maggie is looking a bit tattered and torn we are still the same people and to be treated as if we are old and worn out is just wrong.  We may not have the funds to replace her and a total repair is not in our budget either, but if people look down on us because of it then we now understand, it is their issue not ours.


Carol K said...

Well said, Kimberly!

Jaimie Hall-Bruzenak said...

Everything is always working out for you! (even when that does not seem to be the case)

Wanderin' said...

Sure glad everything worked out for you.