Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!

Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!
Working at 3 Rivers Resort in Almont, Colorado until the end of August!

Friday, January 09, 2015

Do Not Blink in Borrego Springs

After working 10 long days straight we didn’t want to drive too far so we decided to take a 23 mile short ride and hang out in Borrego Springs.  

We spent the night at Palm Canyon Hotel & RV Resort (check out the full review on our blog).

We had lunch at Carmelita’s Mexican Grill & Cantina (check out our separate review on our blog).

We rode our bikes into town to check out the Mall and the other neat shops around the neighborhood, but in just a few hours we had seen it all.  As cute and quaint as we found the town to be, we were both a bit disappointed.  Not exactly sure what we expected but it was not as we had imagined it.

We notice how life works that way for us at times, the things we look forward to, just end up fizzling out and not at all as we expected.  Could it be that we expect too much?  Or is it just that the planning is more exciting than the actual event?  Not sure but it’s something we will think about…maybe we think too much!  That has occurred to us several times in the past few months…we always think and talk and then think some more and then talk some more about things before we decide if we will do it or not.  I like it better when we fly by the seat of our pants, throw caution to the wind, adventure out of our comfort zones and just do it.

Once again something is missing in our lives and even though we are doing what we love, we have both lost our passion and our adventurous ways of living our lives.  We play it safe a lot more often than we ever had before and it just feels wrong.  Life is too frigging short to play it safe!

After 2014 being such a total drain on us, we had such high hopes and prospects for 2015 and they have all been squished and we are only a little over a week into the New Year.  We were finally going to hook up with a company that pays well and allows us to travel all the time.  My writing and photography was taking off with several companies and I would find other work to do online from our RV as we travel.  One by one all of these opportunities are dissipating and now none of them are even a small flicker of flame in my vision.  How does that always seem to happen?  Do I dream too quickly and expect good things to come our way?  I know I work hard at it, maybe I push too hard and not allow it to just flow to us.  I am not sure why life always has a different outcome to our dreams but it is getting so tiring that I may just give up dreaming all together.  But then what do I have?  Without hopes and dreams the future is bleak and life is just not worth living. 
I need more…but how and where do we go from here?  As I said, there are times when we just think too much…

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Janice L Evans said...

We contemplated workamping at an RV Park in Borrego Springs one winter. . .friends talked us out of it. . .perhaps they were right.

Ali Workentin said...

First off, big hugs coming your way. Much of what you wrote today are things we have said as well: do we think things out way too much? are our expectations to big? why aren't we where the passion is...the questions go on and on...I wish I had answers for you both...in many ways we are in turmoil or at least our situation is -- the motor home is having major issues, the money is running very tight, its too dang cold out there and yet this time, that peace that passes all understanding is running strong with in...for me I think it is because I have just let it go...took my hands off of it and just go with what I can, do what I can and look for something positive about each day...my new daytimer this year has a spot at the bottom for Blessings from today: that needs to be filled in. Yesterday among all the mess of the motor home...I was able to write...so thankful that Ron got only a slight burn on his arm when the outcome could have been devastating..am I disappointed that we haven't moved on, you bet but it won't do be any good to get all bent out of shape...I just need to keep trusting and moving one foot in front of the other even if the wheels on our home aren't going anywhere.

Sorry for preaching...just know that I do understand. Will say a prayer of peace and guidance for you tonight. Love, Ali