Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!

Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!
Working at 3 Rivers Resort in Almont, Colorado until the end of August!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

January / February Wine Tastings

SnoQualmie 2012 Winemakers Select Riesling – This bottle was a gift but we would pay $12.99 per bottle for it because it is a clear, crisp taste that accentuates the taste buds.  One of the sweeter and best tasting Rieslings we have tasted.  A Columbia Valley wine with an alcohol percentage of 10.5 that we rated a 9.8.

Oak Leaf Vineyards Moscato – An Australian rare find wine that has 10% alcohol and we rated an 8.6 in which we paid only $2.97 per bottle.  We were so surprised that such an inexpensive wine could taste so good.  The floral, peach and pineapple flavors makes it a very sweet and light taste.  Moscato in this brand is hard to find, so whenever we do find it we will purchase it.

Chateau Ste Michelle 2012 Harvest Select Riesling – Another nice wine from the Columbia Valley that we gave a rating of 8.9 with 10.5% alcohol that we paid $4.97 per bottle.  The apricot and peach flavors burst in our mouths but were not overbearing, it was as if we were tasting clear fresh water.  The brisk taste was refreshing without being too dry or too sweet.  We would definitely purchase it again.

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