Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!

Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!
Working at 3 Rivers Resort in Almont, Colorado until the end of August!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Will this Vicious Cycle Ever End?

It seems there are always excuses for me not to write and complete our series of books.  These excuses are getting almost as old as we are but they are not as good as they use to be.

If there was a way we could travel, take photos and write about it and have that all pay our way it would be our dream come true but so far we have to find jobs in between and that is when the excuses start.  The work we find pays well but takes up most of our time which leads to no writing, no photos and no traveling.  Will this vicious cycle ever end?  We continue to look for work that is not so time consuming or taxing on our bodies but those jobs do not pay as well and there goes the beginning of yet another vicious cycle. 

Our days are much easier at this stand then at the other but the hours are still long and being on our feet all day is taking a toll on our bodies, but we will find the strength to finish this adventure so we can move onto the next…

Overcoming our fears has always been something we tackle so often and this time was a big one for Jerry.  When he was 6 he was traumatized by a clown and every time he sees one he runs for the hills.  So funny to see a 6’4” big man run off like a scared little child but I have witnessed it so many times in our life together that I know the fear he has for them is strong.  While at work the other day the clowns came by and made many of the kids cry and then it happened…just as Jerry was going to run to the back of our stand they cornered him and he had no choice.  He faced another fear!  Check out the tight firm grip she has on Jerry, she was not letting go!

We have just a few more weeks left at the Orange County Fair and then before our next adventure begins we have 40 days in between.  We are so excited to be able to once again take a drive up along the Pacific Coast, but this time all the way up to and hopefully into Canada.  The Canada crossing may not happen since we are having a difficult time finding Jerry’s birth certificate to get our Passport Cards and apparently we are opening up some skeletons by even trying to accomplish it.  He’s always known he was adopted but for some reason the hospital where he was told he was born has no record of his birth and neither does the county where he was told his birth certificate should be located.  Hmmmm…more research needs to be done.  Hopefully we will find it so we can get those Passport Cards and head into Canada so we can cross off more from our Life List, something we have been neglecting lately but plan to rectify soon!


Carol K said...

Good to read your update!

Teri said...

I needed a birth certificate to get a drivers license in Texas, so hopefully he can get a copy of his. Have you tried working for any of the concessionaire companies at the National Parks?

acheapguy said...

Been there done that with the adoption thing. Hospitals will be of no help as the records are sealed 99 % of the time. If he know his correct adoptive name and birth date and has the right county , should be able to get a copy. The filing date on the certificate will be up to a month after the birth, a giveaway that the person was adopted. If no luck here is a site of California link that will get the job done, but it's a 7 week time frame. Good luck !

kevinrvfourseasons said...

Congratulations on confronting the clowns! It's about time someone put those crazy fake nose wearers in their place!