Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!

Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!
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Thursday, April 12, 2012

J & K – Jerry & Kimberly

There is no way that we could do this challenge without doing one blog for J&K, they fit together as we do in our marriage and since you are traveling “Along the Way With J&K” we felt it was a perfect fit.

When Jerry and I first met, we hung out together all the time but just as friends.  There were times for both of us that we thought maybe we should turn it into something more but when we approached one another the other was involved in a relationship so we just maintained our friendship.

Then the time came when we were both available at the same time and Jerry asked me to go to the lake with him as a date.  From that day forward, we both knew that we were meant to be.

We both come from families of many divorces and we could see the effect it can have on innocent lives and we did not want that to be us.  Jerry had a first marriage and did not want to make the same mistakes.  I made a decision at a very young age that I would only marry once, so I waited for the right one to come along, we were 39.

Our love is unconditional, we bring out the best in one another, we have a friendship that keeps us together in those trying times, and our love is strong.  Together we keep one another focused on what we want to do, and we believe in one another which help us to continue growing and becoming all we can possibly be together and as individuals. 

We know each other’s deepest secrets and we keep them safe, never using them against one another.  We pick up where the other drops the ball at times without losing a step.  We finish one another’s sentences because we know what is in each other’s hearts.  There is nothing that we cannot tell the other, the silly things we think about, the way out there ideas we come up with and of course our deepest dreams and desires in our lives.

Our love grows daily, even when we feel we could not love each other any deeper, the next day surprises us with an even deeper love for one another.  We continue to be grateful every moment of our lives and thank the Universe for bringing us together.

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hobopals said...

How beautiful to read, and how beautiful that you love and understand each other as soul mates.

I wish you happiness, always. I never forget how Rich and I loved one another, and how empty my life is without him.

Don't ever waste a second.

Carol K said...

Beautiful post, Kimberly!

Sonia Lal said...

oh that's so sweet!

Sonia Lal, A to Z challenge

Judy and Emma said...

You both are lucky to have found each other.

Wanderin' said...

Very nicely said! And, having met both of you I can say we saw the love you share!!

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

Ain't love grand? :c)

You are the poster children for what real happiness is!

Rhonda Parrish said...

I love reading about happy couples and finding out how they ended up together :) It's funny how many of those relationships start out being far from romantic and then grow into something more.

Thank you for sharing your story :)

~ Rhonda Parrish

Gina said...

Beautiful ode to love. Isn't it wonderful to be in love? Thanks for sharing.

From Diary of a Writer in Progress