Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!

Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!
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Saturday, January 07, 2012

Some of Our RV Remodeling Projects

When we first got Maggie, she had shades on her windows and we immediately took them down and replaced with blinds and curtains. The curtains were actually NASCAR towels that were the perfect size and they really wore well.

But, as life goes, we have wanted a change for some time…plus, we really let things get out of hand as far as dust, dirt and especially mold buildup from the moist air we have been in for a long time. So besides a remodel, she needed some desperate spring cleaning.

A few months ago we talked about which direction to take the window coverings and after some research we decided on day/night shades. We found a company that made them and then measured our openings. It was a no brainer on the color, they were going to be white/black. The cost was a little over $600 including all six windows with delivery. But, then that is when it became difficult. It would take them a few weeks to make them and then delivery would be a week or so after that. We needed to know where we would be so that we could have them delivered. We knew we would be at the Pumpkin lot for 30+ days so that was the choice.

Yep, we had them delivered way back in October…knowing we would not be able to begin this project until January. This has been the hardest part of doing things, the timing of getting things done that are out of our control. We need some repair work done to the outside of the rig, major work on the cap and painting it’s body and the biggest problem is finding a place where they do not insist on having our home for 4 weeks or longer and us not able to live in it. We are still researching getting Maggie repaired and repainted, we hope we get some sort of solution before we begin traveling again.

This part of the remodel has been interesting. The more we do the more I want to do and Jerry is just about done with me.

We removed all the window treatments and replaced them with our day/night shades...

We removed the carpet squares and replaced with indoor/outdoor carpeting...

We washed all the walls and ceiling, we painted the walls, every object we touched needed to be cleaned or tossed away, the latter happened more than we expected. It seems life has taught us that we are getting better at letting go of things.

Working as if I were possessed, it seemed all that exorcism stirred up some feelings that if that bug even thought about coming back it would have to live through all the bleach and cleaners we were using.

Our rig has been in shambles for days but we are almost there. We decided we are at a place where we can take a break. We need a few items from Wal-Mart and Home Depot tomorrow to continue with the new remodel projects I found, so we will take a day off and shop, then on Monday we will take a play day. We are both feeling better and Jerry has been so great through all of this that we deserve to take some time and just let loose and have some fun.

For more photos, check out our Picasa Web Albums.


Carol K said...

Let the day of fun begin!

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

Jerry sure looks like a man on a mission in that picture! ;c)

squawmama said...

WOW what a difference all that work has made ~ Looking GREAT!
Have fun & Travel safe

Pennie said...

hope your happy with your day/night shades .. i am not a fan of them .. i have one that is broken and needs restrung. From what i understand it's a common thing with the day/night shades

I'm wanting to get rid of mine but not sure what i want to put up in their place.