Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!

Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!
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Monday, March 21, 2011

Bee’s RV Resort

20260 US Highway 27
Clermont, FL 34715

We stayed here on two separate occasions while we were in Florida and we paid $10 per night using our Coast to Coast membership for a pull-thru FHU including WiFi but we used our MiFi. Cable can be included for an additional cost but we used our DirecTV dish, so we can’t comment on what they had available.

If you want to make sure each site is full every day, then treat your customers the way this resort does, especially not charging any additional “Resort Fees” as many of the other resorts throughout Florida do.

What they lack in manicured maintained lawns, they well make up for it in customer services. This is a people park, once you are here, you feel like family. They have a pool, shuffleboard, horseshoes, and loads of activities that we participated in and felt welcomed at all times.

They only have one laundry room and it is usually in use, but the dryers work so well, it takes no time to finish the task at hand. The restrooms and laundry areas are not in the best of shape and not kept as clean as they could, but they are not filthy.

One of the strangest things about this place is the trash area is way out of the way and they do not pick up at your site. It was nice to take a walk or bike ride through the park to the trash area, but it would be difficult if we had heavy trash to take out since we do not have a vehicle with us. In that instance, the very friendly staff or other guests would be more than willing to give us a hand.

Each time we began our walk to the laundry room with our clothes, somebody always stopped and offered us a ride. It is the friendliest place we have ever been.

We did not see any instances with any pets while we were there, so they must adhere to their rules. Pet Policy - Pets must be on a 6’ leash (or shorter) at all times and must be picked up after. No aggressive pets!

On Tuesdays, they offer an all-you-can-eat Fried Chicken Dinner and on Fridays, they offer an all-you-can-eat Fish Dinner for under $10. We took advantage for both offers and both were really tasty.

If we are ever in the area again, we would definitely stay here. For all of our photos, check out our Picasa Web Albums.


I.M. Vayne said...

Glad to have found yer sight from a link on a blog, got you on my goggle reader list. Like the way you wright yer reviews in a way that regular folks like me and Nilda can know what the campground is reely like, and if'n its a place we mite like too stay someday.

Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

Sounds like my kind of place and the price is right.

squawmama said...

First I want to say thanks for comming by and I have added you to my favorites and joined your followers. Plus I requested you as a friend on FB. My picture of the moon was taken right as it rose in the east... Thanks for liking it! We love Bees too... we stay there when we come over to the Thousand Trails park and have to be out for a week. Love their restaurant!!! YUM! Have a great day and maybe sometime we can hook up!
Have fun & travel safe

Donna K said...

That sounds like a real homey type place. Thanks for the report.

pidge said...

Sounds like a wonderul park. The fried chicken really sound great. Stay safe.