Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!

Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!
Working at 3 Rivers Resort in Almont, Colorado until the end of August!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Propane Issues

As many of you know, we are in the San Francisco Bay area in California working a Christmas tree lot. The weather has been damp and cold which has forced us several times to use our main heater more often. Because we have such a small space and a great new electric heater, we can usually get by with it alone.

But, when it reaches freezing or close to it, we have to use our propane heater, at least for a few minutes to take the initial chill out.

Usually we can get by with filling our 9 gallon propane tank every other month or so but when we use out heater it can use it up in just a few days.

We began calling around so we could get one of the companies to come and fill our tank if we run out. We have done this several times before in other areas and we know that it is more expensive but it is worth it so we do not have to unhook and drive to get this accomplished.

Weren’t we surprised to find out that in the state of California, they do not have mobile propane trucks for RV’s, we would have to unhook and go to them. Then this morning while reading the Roadrunner Chronicles blog, they had the same issue in Virginia.

We are certain that Arizona allows this convenience of mobile propane service.
California does not.
As for any other state we have not had to use the convenience so we are not sure which others ones might allow.

So the question for today is,

Which states allow this convenience of propane trucks coming to your site and pumping propane into your rig and which ones do not?

While commenting, please give us the reasoning behind these decisions if you know them.


Kate said...

We're also here in the Bay Area (and freezing).

I just posted about our propane extend a stay, with pics of the installation. We also didn't want to have to move the rig and this has been working well for us.

You might want to take a look, it's the blog entry for Dec 8.

And if you'd like, email me and maybe we can finally meet up, we're in the Santa Cruz area.


Carol K said...

We've never used a mobile propane service, so I wasn't aware that each state had different rules about it. It is a problem in the winter and we use electric heaters, too, when it gets really cold. Electricity is a must for us in the winter, even though we have a generator.

Ali said...

Hope you are able to get propane. We did find water at a little Lutheran church around the corner from us.

I meant to ask, when are you done selling trees? We are done on Christmas Eve at 5:00 p.m.

Hope you get more warm weather or at least drier weather. It is cold here in WA too and lots of raining.

Take care and wishing you both a great evening.

Susan said...

In Florida, the 2 parks we were in around the Chiefland area, a propane truck came through the park about twice a week to fill tanks. We have two 30# tanks on our travel trailer which are easily removable so we take them to town ourselves and get them filled for $22.95 each. Don't know what the mobile guy charged. We have friends in Homasassa Fl who have a motor home and they also have a mobile truck fill their tank.
Apparently it is legal in Florida.

Janie and John said...

It is nice when they can bring the propane to you. We can take our tanks out to be filled but here we don't have to because we can sign up to have the propane truck stop by every week if we needed it. We are in Utah.

debbieo said...

We live in the oklahoma panhandle and are here for an extended period so we rent a large tank from the propane company. Otherwise we have to unhook our tanks and take them in to be filled, because they have to be done on a scale. By renting the big tank at $6.00 a month plus propane we save loads because they check on the level when they are in the area and top off the tank and just debit our bank account and send us a recipt.
I just found your blog and am enjoying looking aroud.