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Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!
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Friday, July 02, 2010

Sony Style Online SUCKS!

We both love to read but carrying books has never been a good idea. When we first started out, we had so many books but in the past few years, we have donated all of them. Finally decided it was time to get a Reader, we did major research as we always do when making a purchase of this type.

After extensive research, we made our decision, we chose to purchase a Sony Reader Touch Edition PRS 600. Once we made that decision, we began pricing it online. We usually shop at Wal-Mart, especially online, but then we researched and found it on Sony Style Online for $22 less.

We began the transaction and during the process, something went wrong and I never received an order number. On further investigation, they claimed there was no order placed. But wait…what about the charges on my bank account.

Each time we spoke to a representative, they began to give me the script.

“We at Sony Style do not and never have taken money from an account until the order has been processed. It is quite clear that your order was never processed, so there was no transaction completed.”

All the time I was looking at my credit card statement as we spoke and seen that they not once but three times put through an amount of $177. How could that be since of course, they NEVER put through a transaction until the order has been processed? They kept insisting that an order had never been made, so no cancellation was necessary.

That was all fine and dandy but what about the three charges that they insisted was never charged.

Several representatives and/or supervisors and a week later…still no reversal of the charges and still the same script being told to me every time we placed a call. In the meantime, we ordered the Reader from Wal-Mart online, where we should have gone from the beginning but proceeded to make a call to Sony Style Online every other day and an email every day, with of course the same script being said and no reversal of our funds.

Customer service is the worse we have ever experienced and would advise anyone who considers ordering anything from their company to think twice about it. They have sent several surveys for our opinions from our experience, which we did complete them but have not received any response from the company regarding their error.

Finally, the day we received our Reader from Wal-Mart, our funds were returned from the fiasco at Sony Style. It took many calls and emails and 14 days to get this resolved and still no apologies or anything that might make it more tolerable.

It is so neat to be able to read books all in one location and not take up any weight at all. Plus, this Reader is so cool…

  • It has a touch screen or you can use the stylist (pen) to turn pages and so much more.
  • When reading and you come across an unfamiliar word, just double click on it and a definition appears.
  • For us who need our reading glasses, just click and voila the words get larger.
  • When you read a book and shut off the Reader, whenever you return to that book, it starts you where you last stopped. This can be good, unless of course more than one person is reading the same book, then you would need to keep track of what page you are on and then go to that page.
  • You can highlight words or write or type notes and then whenever you open the book, you can click on notes and read them.
  • Getting books are easy; PDF’s can be downloaded onto the Reader, local libraries offer many books that can also be downloaded for free, all you need is a library card. There are several other places online that you can purchase books at a lower cost than an actual book costs. This reader holds tons of books and a card can be purchased to load even more books.

I am thinking that quite possibly…books on our Reader can somehow be shared with others? If anyone else has a Reader, let me know if this is possible!

It is so nice to be reading once again…Life is Grand!


Happytrails said...

I am so sorry you had so much trouble with Sony Syle Online. There is NO excuse for any company to do business this way. I am glad you did finally get your Sony Reader and you are so happy with it. I have not bought one yet but have been giving it some thought. I love to read and in an RV you don't have the room or weight for many books. Great alternative!!

Take care!
Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

Kimberly and Jerry Peterson said...

We tossed the thought around and after so much research we decided that our reading was important and it was a great alternative.

We thought about the IPad, but since that is an AT&T exclusive, we didn't want to switch our Verizon carrier and plus, we just wanted a reader, not the entire gadget.

It is such a neat idea, taking up to 300 of your books everywhere in just a small case that can fit into a carrying bag. They even have some that will fit into your pocket, but we wanted the bigger size so it would be easier to read. We are very happy with our purchase.

Dennis and Donna said...

Isn't that always the way?? I swear all "customer service" reps are made to take "dumb it up" classes before they are hired. The secret is (and you did it) NEVER GIVE UP!! That is exactly what they want you to do...Glad everything worked out...and no, we don't have any kind of reader except books..My eyes are so rotten I don't know if I could focus long enought to get to the end of a book on a reader...

Joey said...

sony's website has always sucked and it still does. I am trying to shop for lcd tv and i am just going to buy another brand because researching on sony's website is a nightmare. it is slow and it sucks. it is always a pain with sony. bunch of meanies making it hard for everyone.