Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!

Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!
Working at 3 Rivers Resort in Almont, Colorado until the end of August!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bucket List…Do You Have One?

We were contacted the other day by author, freelance writer, travel columnist, adventurer extraordinaire, Pam Grout, about our Bucket List. She was quite interested in how it all began and she had so many more questions. She is gathering the information for an upcoming article in Highway Magazine and once she gives us all the information, we will pass it along.

But for now, this has once again raised my interest in writing an article regarding our list and all the information about it. I think about interesting things but for reasons uncertain to me, feel that it would not be interesting to others, but then within a few weeks find an article about the exact subject I was contemplating, life is funny that way.

Anyway, back to the Bucket List. Being a writer, it has always been natural to me to put my thoughts, my desires, my dreams in writing, but only recently began calling it a Bucket List, probably due to the movie. Soon after we married we began our own Life List, as we called it, one that included our personal lists then through the years we have blended them all as one list. Our list changes daily, we add, we complete or we change it. Here are a few items we have as of today,

Cross every State line as a couple - take a photo of sign
Visit all NASCAR Race Tracks - photo of us in front of track
Swim with the dolphins
Be a contestant on Wheel of Fortune
Be a guest on Oprah
Travel the Pacific Coast Line
Eat lobster in Maine
Visit the Keys
Ride all the Roller Coasters at Cedar Point
White Water Rafting
Horseback Riding
Alaskan Cruise
Win the lottery or a huge jackpot
See the Redwoods
Sing the Star Spangled Banner at a NASCAR event
Visit the Statue of Liberty
Visit Washington DC
Visit Disney World
Visit Universal Studios in Orlando

The list goes on and on…some so bizarre we may never get to them but you never know, there are so many we have crossed off that we never thought we would either but we did.

Have you started yours yet? Don’t you think it’s time you began living your life to the fullest and stop making excuses why you can’t? Life will not wait for you, you have to grab it and take it as far as you can without giving yourself permission not to fulfill all of your own dreams. Make that list, put it on paper and watch it become real for you.


Marcia said...

I've never made one, it would be so long, for the most part because I love making lists!

Would love to see a list of some that you two already did - fun to see how one person's list differs from another - and what dreams were already met.

We did accomplish one on our mental list, a year early. We bought our first RV in December.

Here's to your list growing and shrinking - in a good way.

Kimberly and Jerry Peterson said...

Thanks for the toast and the suggestion...coming soon our completed list, if I can find it, if not we should be able to remember most of them.

Jan and Al Schwartz said...

OK I just added 2 more after seeing the Olmpics in Vancouver.
Zip wire and riding in a sea plane or sea taxi. I wanted to work a spring training and NASCAR race which I thought I would cross off this spring but not gonna happen. Next year it will. Every year I seem to be able to cross off some little ones. Most of my Bucket List is small things. I would like to go to Hollywood and maybe go behind the scenes of making a movie. One I added after leaving NC was seeing you guys again. Was that to sappy? Miss you guys!

Kimberly and Jerry Peterson said...

Sorry you guys aren't working the NASCAR event. Are you still going to do the spring training? Not sappy at all...we miss you guys too!

TwoIndustriousFerrets said...

So I've been following your blog for a little while, but never really chime in. I must say I love this one, I have no idea what my bucket list is or where I shall start, but I think I need to. Oh and this one made me smile: "See the Redwoods" I've wanted to see them since I was a kid... Anyways Hi *waves* and have an awesome day!