Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!

Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!
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Friday, January 01, 2010

A New Year…A New Attitude!

Coming to the realization that we are now 52 years old and have reached a stage in our lives where our number one goal is to be true to ourselves at all times. The plan is to do this without hurting others but it also means that we will no longer hold back our true feelings because it may hurt someone’s feelings. We will be tactful, but we will not be the ones that are inconvenienced, just so others are not.

It is long overdue for us to stop making excuses and begin living our lives the way we want to and stop worrying about what others think, say or do. We will not be intimidated or bullied by others. Not that others have intimidated us, but instead, our own perception of them being intimidating. Our own inner tracks, replaying over and over again about us not being worthy or all those old tapes that still play the same old tunes. We will no longer be permissive to those tunes, instead we are creating new ones. Ones that continuously allow us to head down the roads that lead to our dreams.

Another thing we have learned and are living is that when things come easy and fall into place, then that is the road we need to be on. We will no longer struggle on decisions, we will go with the one that eases us down the right road, not the one we have to manipulate to fit into our lives. It may not be the one we think is right but from our experiences, it always is the one that turns out to be the best one for us.

We will be looking for our true passion this year, the one that sets us apart from all others, the one that truly is why we are here. Listening to the things that we find frustrating and learning that it will no longer be a setback for us, instead we will take them and learn from each one of them. We know that the things that upset us the most are the things we should look into further since those feelings usually will lead us to our passion. There have been a few things lately that makes our blood boil or our skin crawl. Things that have no rhyme or reason, they just light a fire inside our souls and make us want to do something to change it.

Life teaches us something new and different every moment and this is the time for us to take each new experience and go further then we ever imagined we could have gone, allowing nothing or nobody to stand in our way, especially ourselves.


Kate said...

I cam upon your blog and had to ask, the picture for this post is Roosevelt Lake in Arizona? If not, where.

Nice blog, and I love your positive attitude.


Kimberly and Jerry Peterson said...

You are exactly right...it was taken several years ago while we were there.

Without a positive attitude, we would still be stuck in a rut...instead we are living our dream!