Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!

Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!
Working at 3 Rivers Resort in Almont, Colorado until the end of August!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Change of Plans

Who would have thought that we could actually be living this way? Sure, we are the rare exception to the rules, which we usually are anyway, but we were told so many times that we would never make it happen, but we continue to amaze our readers. We struggle financially and we do not recommend this lifestyle for the meek unless you have some other steady source of income. It is tough but for us, very doable.

We are very adaptable and that is exactly what makes it work for us. There are times, like now, that our plans get totally blown out of any sense of the original dream at all but instead of coming unglued, we go with the flow. Even with the help of the Director of Business Communications from NASCAR, we have been once again unsuccessful in confirming work at every track we needed. Sure we know, as it has happened in the past, just as soon as we accept another position which will keep us grounded, that is when all the tracks that we had been waiting for confirmation will come through but we have chosen not to wait.

We had been struggling for awhile now, because all of our sending out emails, making phone calls and sending snail mail to all the tracks had not received the responses we had anticipated, even using the Director’s contacts we didn‘t get any further in the tracks.

We wondered how we were going to make it to the next track, since we have not worked since Daytona, by the way this was a miracle making it this far on such a tight budget but we did it. We had a decision to make and it was a very difficult one, we could continue to hope for confirmations from the tracks and take our last dollars and head in that direction, or we could find work in the immediate area and be able to eat for the next month. Seriously, our funds were that low and we could not do both, we could either travel or eat. We had been lucky enough to find work on the Outer Banks of North Carolina but it was for site only, so we still had no cash coming in and that work was coming to an end soon. We asked if he could use us for the summer and he said that he would love to keep us but his staff was full.

Neither one of us wanted to give up again but that afternoon, an email came that would change the course of our travels. We were offered a position in the area for the summer, we have made the choice to settle in until Labor Day, then once again get back on the tracks for the fall on our way back to the west.

To some it may sound as if we gave up again, but we know we will never give up on our dream of one day being able to visit every race track on the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series circuit, we just need to postpone it every once in awhile. We did everything we could think of to do and even though we made it a little further this year, there is no way we could continue without more confirmed work that would give us the funds to go to the next track. Our plans can and will change and we continue to go with the flow and try to understand that even though we can’t see it at times, things are going as they should.


Yarntangler said...

Hey Kids, We learned our first summer out that the most important thing to pack in your RV if you want to live this lifestyle is a ton of flexibility.

We left home to tell stories, while we've told quite a few we haven't gotten paid for them in 4 years. But we are sure finding lots to talk about.

Like you we are on the tightest budget and have been "at leisure" now for 3 1/2 months. But we won't give up either.

Email me.

ourbusandus said...

Hey there, been following your blog since you left the Christmas tree lot. You know, us fulltimers always use the old adage, "our plans are made in Jello", because you never know what might happen around the next bend. You HAVE to eat, so getting a job for money is not a bad thing. Not only that, but, you can sightsee right where you are at and still have a great summer. Glad to see you are enjoying yourselves. We are currently in Las Vegas, but, will soon head north via Utah, Idaho, eastern Washington, Idaho, Wyoming and Montana, before heading east towards Wisconsin. Hope you have a great summer!

Hugs, Sharon & Ron Mead