Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!

Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!
We are extensively traveling around...working and having a blast...Life is Grand!

Sunday, October 13, 2019

BOA Week Four

Because of our errands that needed to be done, we only planned a short travel day with about 175 miles, but we ran into traffic several times, so it took longer than usual.

Hampton Inn in Stony Creek, Virginia – Room was spacious and so comfortable, the bed, the chair and the couch were all perfect. The shower head was amazing. Customer service was excellent and parking was great for our trailer.

Our next day drive took us to my happy place…on the water and this time the Atlantic. We found a deal for a King Bed Condo with a balcony and an ocean view at Oceans One Resort, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. What a fantastic view, spacious, a great seating area, plenty of parking for the trailer, a great shower with a jetted tub, (the only time the jetted tub is not so nice is at midnight when your neighbor above chooses to take a long bath…oh the noise). The bed was not extremely comfortable, has seen its better days, the springs popped several times throughout the night.

While there we splurged for a Seafood Buffet at Captain Benjamin’s and we certainly got our fill of crab legs and they were awesome. I tried several new items, like mussels and crawfish, neither were I impressed with at all. We both had a yummy drink, mine was a Bahama Mama and Jerry had a Blue Maraca Margarita and they were both delicious and strong!

Another almost 300 mile drive to the Best Western Plus in Richmond Hill, Georgia – it was spacious with all the amenities, the shower head was fantabulous and customer service was excellent. Always love a hotel that doesn’t look at the clock immediately when we arrive to check in early, instead they check to see if any rooms are ready and ours was ready.

There is an Arby’s within walking distance and we both agreed that Arby’s have come a long way, and they’ve got the meat. It has been awhile since we had one so we looked at the menu and what a new selection they have and chose the Beer Cheese Triple Stack and Beer Braised Beef, these sandwiches are part of their “Meatoberfest”, so try them while they last.

Our event hotel was Comfort Inn & Suites in Orlando, Florida. Not on our favorite list due to several reasons, we DO NOT like being on the 1St floor and they would not change it due to the type of our room we selected, we suggested changing the type but still they would not do it. Plumbing issues, not a great breakfast and parking was tighter than it looked.

Arrived at our destination for this event in Orlando under loads of stress due to our helper situation for this weekend. We ended up once again setting up ourselves and barely having enough helpers to work all day. Remind us again why we feel we love this work? But, we made it through and had Sunday to vent, to relax and to laugh it all off before our next adventure.

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Ali Workentin said...

Thanks for keeping us updated!!! Do you do this through Thanksgiving? I can't remember. If you get to San Antonio, TX give us a holler maybe we can make it work to connect in person for a change!!!