Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!

Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!
We are extensively traveling around...working and having a blast...Life is Grand!

Friday, May 24, 2019

Our SASR Experience

We worked back in February for SASR (Set and Service Resources), but the jobs were either cancelled at the last minute or when we showed up there was not a lead, so we didn’t work. We wanted to give it a fair chance, so we chose to give it another try…

This was a total remodel of a Family Dollar in Gallup, New Mexico and was told that in all likelihood it would not be canceled.

It was not canceled but there was constant strife between our team lead and the lead from Family Dollar after the second day…they spent most of their time pointing fingers at each other or complaining about the other that in turn made it such a terrible environment. Our team lead was gone most of the time, so it was hard to get confirmation for the correct project.

Most of our time was spent redoing things that were not done right the first time due to the disorganization of the leads. Nothing worse than spending an entire day remodeling to the blueprint that was given to us with our high standards and then to come in the next day to hear that the wrong information was given to us…ugh!

Without the appropriate guidance, we were all barely holding on, but we did the best we could do, and at the end of the day we are proud of our efforts with all the work we did.

The pay was excellent, since not only was the hourly pay at a nice rate, but they also paid us for our travel and our camping.

Once we are done in November with PepWear and if we don’t get the other opportunity that is on the table, we might reconsider giving them one more chance, but if the disorganization is always there, then it’s not for us. It makes for a long, grueling day listening to all the strife and having to redo all the hard work that went into it.

For now, we are on travel vacation, heading to Cedar Hill to start our new adventure. We are traveling much lighter having sold most of the items we needed to sell and we can take a little bit of time getting there, no need for more than 200 mile driving days. Life is Grand!

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Carol K said...

Glad to hear that things are looking up for you!