Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!

Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!
We are extensively traveling around...working and having a blast...Life is Grand!

Monday, August 15, 2016

We Are SO Blessed!

Our lifestyle is truly becoming all about traveling and not sitting for long periods of time and even though this summer has been just that we have to continue to tweak it. We are still looking for work that will allow us to travel BUT there were moments in between our jobs this summer that we began to get short of cash but we did not panic we just moved on and it all worked out, as it always does.

We are still on the fence about where to go from here regarding Maggie, we now realize that she is killing us and needs to be dealt with quickly. She has been taking on water for years causing dry rot and expansion in many areas which in itself is bad but now we are realizing that the water has turned several areas into mold gathering spaces and us breathing it has caused some respiratory issues for both of us. We continue to clean up the mold we see but we know there are areas inside her walls that we cannot get into to clean but we smell it.

There is a light at the end of our tunnel…there always is…in just a few weeks we will be storing her while we drive the truck and trailer to the Marching Band Events and staying in hotels. All we have to do is get through these next few weeks and then we will have a few months to figure it all out. The money we make on this adventure could pay for something else but the question that still remains is the “something else”. Still not sure which direction to go with our new traveling home. Something smaller and with much better gas mileage is where we are leaning towards. We need to replace our mode of transportation as well since our bikes have taken a dreaded turn to destruction and we are sure we want to get a vehicle, no more bikes. The vehicle will either be towed by WHAT we still do not have a clue or one that we could tow a trailer…still not sure which way we want to go. Of course, the huge decision to be made depends on what we can possibly afford which sends us in directions we do not really want to take but it may be all we can do. Oh, if our lives did not always have to be led by our finances what a lovely world it would be…

Without our financial issues in our lives it would be perfect so we really can’t complain. With or without the money, our lives have been a dream and we are more and more grateful every day. We look at our photos, we look at our map with all the pins of places we have been, and our magnets on our fridge, as well as our tickets into many events we have attended and we are overwhelmed with appreciation. Life has really been good for us, especially these past 12 years of traveling.

The drama is gone, the stress has disappeared and we live our lives from a much simpler place that we both agree has made us love ourselves and each other deeper than we ever could have imagined.

Now we just have to trust that whatever we need for the next phase of our journey is there, we just need to see it and then claim it. Life is always what you make of it, you can choose to wallow, you can choose to hate, you can choose to feel like a victim, or you can dust off your big person panties and jump back into life and make the best of it with what you have at this moment…we choose the latter.

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print2paint said...

SHi there my name is Deb I am in Illinois. I just ran across your blog while searching through work camping or camp workers or something like that. I just recently (3 wks ago) bought an old small camper however while visiting a RV dealer to get parts to fix the leaky roof I ended up buying a used Rv a 2011. This is all new to me and I am blessed to be able to work from home and have been for the last nine years. In the last 6 yrs I was forced by circumstances to moves around ten times.😣
NO M O R E... after exploring many options tiny house, convert a bus, buy a mobile home that I can never move I met some folks staying in a campground near where I was helping with an Estate Sale my niece was hired to do. I believe all these turn of events are God's doing.
They told me of a small camper for sale that I should look at so after much to do I did and got it.
However last weekend had the first big rain and although the seller lied about many thing the leaking was a problem which led me to the closest RV dealer.
I am now living full-time in a yr round campground anxiously awaiting delivery of the new one.
Just wanted to give you curls for your choice to just jump in, your attitude about it all and your faith in what you two are doing it is awesome!Would love to hear from you !!!
My websites www.tailtoons.com, www.debdonnelly.com if you care to take a ! look!

Take care safe travels Deb