Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!

Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!
We are extensively traveling around...working and having a blast...Life is Grand!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

From Our Table to Yours

We are so far behind once again in updating our blog but we will…I promise…but for now we just want to say that we are back on a tree lot and getting ready for our next adventure to begin…but for today I wanted to share a few things with you all.

We have a Facebook friend, just as with many of our blogger friends, we have not met them but still consider them friends.  They are in a deep funk and are reaching out and it touches my heart to the core since Jerry and I can totally relate to them…we were there and it took every ounce of our beings to pull ourselves out and begin living our lives.  If we ended our lives as they continue to share then look at all the precious moments we would have missed.

Jerry and I have gone through some pretty rough times, not just financially, but emotionally with our family dysfunctional chaos that we are now happy to say has ended.  They finally got it that we are who we are and we do not choose to live in the chaos ever again and they have accepted it and do not contact us any longer.  At times that could be a negative, but we see it as a positive because after all these years without them in our lives we now choose to keep it that way.  We are no longer the same people and neither are they and to try to ever reconcile would not be beneficial to us or to them.

To get back to our Facebook friend, they are in that deep black hole that we were in so many years ago when we lost it all and thought we would never recover and there were moments in our lives that we have both contemplated ending it all but we were lucky enough to never fulfill that request.  If we had we would have missed out on the best years of our lives.

No, we do not have the finest things in life, even though there are times we dream about them.  But, what we do have are grand moments in our lives that would have never happened if we had followed through during those dark times in our lives and we hope that with our words we can help them or anyone else who is going down that black slippery slope of despair.

Do not concentrate on the negative, the things you do not have, the bad times.  Instead focus on all the good and believe me there is so many good things if you choose to look in that direction.

We are grateful for one another, there is not a morning that upon wakening that I do not thank the Universe for allowing both of us to have awoken and are able to share another day together.  We are grateful for our home and that our home has wheels.  We are so thankful for all the wonderful job opportunities that continue to come into our lives since we do need to work to continue living.  We are grateful for our health, even though at times the aches and pains are severe, we do know that we are both very healthy and are just getting a little older and some of those aches are inevitable. 

The list could go on and on of all the great things in our lives but you all get the road we are traveling.  If you are depressed and are contemplating ending it all, please reconsider and start looking at all the wonderful things you have going for you.  If you do not see all your good, then just take a trip and open your eyes to the many other people who have it so much worse than you do.  The folks who do not have any shelter at all, or are not healthy and have lost limbs, their hearing, their eyesight, or those who have lost all of their hopes and dreams.  We are surrounded by them daily on many street corners, or in the news, or walking past us in a daze because they no longer care. 

Take a moment in your day and understand that they are you…only they gave up… realize that by just looking into their eyes and acknowledging them or extending a hand that you can give them the hope and encouragement they need to make it through one more day.

Happy Thanksgiving and to all of our readers, we hope you all have everything you dream about and more!


Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Some good thoughts, have a great day!

Teri said...

I hope your friends read this and that it helps them. An attitude of gratitude is the best way to live.

Wanderin' said...

Here's hoping their dark clouds soon open to a beautiful sunny day.

Carol K said...

Well said, Kimberly. Happy Thanksgiving!

Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

Very well said thank you for posting it..

Pennie said...

I've been there before as well and it's no fun. Praying for your friend. Have fun at the Tree lot