Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!

Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!
We are extensively traveling around...working and having a blast...Life is Grand!

Friday, April 09, 2021

Change of Plans

We were done with work with PepWear and planned to hangout in Lake Havasu, one of our favorite Arizona cities, but the weather turned hot, just about reaching triple digits already, so we chose to head north where the temperatures are more to our likings.

We landed in Payson, Arizona for the Easter weekend at the Ox Bow RV Park, there is a separate blog entry of the review. We just hung out and baked a ham with all the other goodies, like fresh potato salad, deviled eggs and our famous 15 bean soup, we made enough for our travels for a few days.


Usually when we prepare our travels, we don’t do reservations, but this time we decided to call our stops and many of them were full, so we readjusted our travels and made reservations along the way. Not how we like to travel, but right now with states opening up, there are plenty of people escaping their homes, we will do what needs to be done. In most instances in the past, we budgeted our gas by $3 per gallon and $30 per night for camping, but this time we not only had to up our gas to $4, but we also had to up our nightly rate to $50, and in many places that was not enough. We have noticed since our last travels in May and September, resorts have raised their prices by $20 per night. Probably attempting to recoup some of their lost revenue due to the Scamdemic.


An easy drive to Holbrook, Arizona where we stayed at the OK RV Park and as usual it was a great stop, you can read the entire review on our separate blog.

Our next day drive was a longer one, just over 200 miles and normally that would be enough, but we also had wind and a terrible road drive to Bluff, Utah where we stayed at Cadillac Ranch RV. We took a shortcut off of AZ-77 which was a wonderful road and got on Indian Road 15 which was the worse road we have ever been on. We had holes as big as craters to try to miss, wavey roads that made us feel as if we were on a rocky roller coaster ride and the wind gusts were intense, but we made it.

Just around 100 miles to Moab, Utah and what SPECTACULAR VIEWS we were blessed with on this drive and the roads were great, but there were a few miles where the wind was pounding us, but it didn’t last too long. We stayed at Canyonlands RV Resort, where we were crammed into our site,  check out our separate blog for the review.

Leaving Moab there was big construction, but the rest of the drive to Helper, Utah was good, no wind and great roads with a Walmart stop a few miles from our stop at the Castle Gate RV Park which is without a doubt the best RV Park on this trip thus far that we reviewed on a separate blog. It was very windy throughout the evening, huge gusts almost knocking us out of bed but we survived.

Our last day was climbing a few mountains where we seen lots of snow, none on the roads, but still all around us. About 150 miles and we reached our destination where we will be staying a few weeks to do some cleaning, honey do’s, some rest and maybe if we can find any sights to see around here, we may take a drive or two.

Our ultimate destination will be West Yellowstone on May 1st, with a work starting date of May 4th, so we do have less than a month to get there, so we’re planning a few longer stops to check out some things.


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